How to Remove Hunger in RimWorld

One of the most basic difficulties colonists in the harsh and cruel world of RimWorld, where they must deal with the elements, violent species, and other groups, encounter is their ongoing battle with hunger. Not only is securing a steady and secure food source important for life, but it also forms the basis of a successful colony.

The crucial methods and tactics covered in this book will let you stop worrying about hunger in RimWorld. We’ll cover everything, whether you’re a novice searching for fundamental advice or an experienced player looking for cutting-edge insights. You’ll learn the best techniques for ensuring a reliable source of food, from successful farming and animal management to foraging and hunting.

Here is our guide on how to Remove Hunger in RimWorld.

How to disable Hunger in RimWorld?

How to Remove Hunger in RimWorld
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Although it can be difficult, the game’s hunger mechanism, which is inherent in the design of RimWorld, also provides a depth of realism and intricacy. If you completely disable hunger, it can ruin the gaming experience you were going for, so think about why you want to do it and how you want to play.

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Method 1: Utilise mods

The robust and active RimWorld modding community provides a wide range of modifications so you may customize the game to your tastes. The simplest method to stop feeling hungry is via modifications if you’re set on doing so. Here are several well-liked modifications that disable hunger:

The No Hunger mod completely eliminates the colonists’ need for food by removing their hunger. Your colonists won’t need to eat anymore, and hunger won’t affect how they feel.

The God Mode mod gives you omnipotent abilities, enabling you to influence the game in a variety of ways, including instantaneously satiating your colonists’ hunger needs, despite not being particularly made to deactivate hunger.

The Vegetarian Mode mod might be useful if you’re searching for a more moderate approach. It lessens the likelihood of hunger-related incidents, which lessens the punishment associated with the game’s dietary requirements.

Read the modules’ descriptions and compatibility notes before installing them to make sure they are compatible with the RimWorld version you are currently using. Additionally, keep in mind that modding could make accomplishments inaccessible, so bear that in mind if you’re aiming for in-game honors.

Method 2: Modify the settings for difficulty

You may alter the difficulty settings in RimWorld to decrease the effects of hunger without totally eliminating it. From gentle to ruthless, the game’s difficulty levels are varied. Reducing the difficulty level will ease the management of the food supply by lowering the frequency and severity of hunger-related incidents.

Additionally, while beginning a new colony, you can modify particular gameplay features. You may change the “Food” section under the “Edit Mode” button to lower the hunger rate or raise food production. You may adjust the hunger mechanism in this way to make it more difficult when you want it to be.

Method 3: Prepare Carefully

The Prepare Carefully mode in RimWorld lets you carefully tailor the colonists, resources, and gear you start with. While technically this doesn’t eliminate hunger, it does allow you to begin with a colony that is well-rounded and has a variety of survival skills.

You may considerably reduce the difficulties caused by hunger by carefully choosing your first colonists and making sure they have the proper abilities and attributes.

It is essential to have a solid understanding of the hunger mechanism in RimWorld before delving into the various ways that hunger may be alleviated. Hunger is a fundamental component of the game that has an effect on the colonists’ dispositions, levels of work, and general well-being.

In order to keep their health and spirits in check, colonists need to eat on a consistent basis.

Method 4: Place an emphasis on agriculture and achieving self-sufficiency

Even if hunger is eliminated, it may still be satisfying to govern a colony that is well-organized and has a robust agricultural sector. Agriculture, animal husbandry, and self-sufficiency should all receive significant thought during the design stage of your colony.

You will be able to construct a more realistic and self-sufficient colony with the help of this tactic, as well as generate additional food, engage in trade with other factions for vital resources, and more.

Method 5: Give the Nutrient Paste Dispensers top priority.

In RimWorld, dispensers for nutrition paste are a helpful piece of technology that can do away with the necessity of preparing individualized meals. Instead of preparing and consuming the meals that they would normally eat, colonists may just take nourishment paste directly from the dispensers.

This not only helps save time but also makes it simpler to arrange the schedules of several cooks and accommodate their individual dietary preferences.

Method 6: Investigate the practice of cannibalism

Cannibalism is an option for individuals who prefer to err on the side of RimWorld ethics in order to put an end to their hunger. Colonists have the ability to slaughter defeated opponents or raiders and consume their flesh as a source of nutrition.

However, this tactic has major ethical and social ramifications, including the risk that your colonists could suffer mental breakdowns and low mood debuffs as a result of their actions. It is not a choice that should be taken lightly and should only be utilized on a very infrequent basis, if at all.


Although RimWorld doesn’t offer a way to completely turn off hunger, there are a number of tactics and mods you can use to make the game more lenient in this area. You have the freedom to customize your RimWorld experience to your liking, from applying modifications that remove hunger to changing difficulty levels and placing an emphasis on self-sufficiency.

Remember that changing the hunger mechanic too much might affect the game’s overall balance and difficulty. It’s essential to give your decisions significant thought if you want to have a gratifying and fun colony management experience. RimWorld offers a multitude of opportunities for imaginative and engrossing gameplay, whether you decide to completely eradicate hunger or just decrease its effects.

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