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The absence of ideology gives players a fascinating challenge as well as a significant opportunity in the rich and varied universe of RimWorld. The fight between opposing ideologies is a fundamental component of the sci-fi colony simulation RimWorld, which frequently results in conflict, drama, and intriguing plot developments.

Nevertheless, the idea of eliminating ideology from this virtual environment prompts fascinating queries about the nature of government, social cohesiveness, and human behavior. Players must manage the complexities of their colonies in order to set out on the mission of eradicating ideology from RimWorld.

They must aim to create a neutral, peaceful society where the battle of ideologies is replaced by a shared goal. Here is our guide on how to remove Ideology from the world.

How to remove Ideology from the world?

How to remove Ideology from the world
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The colonists of RimWorld struggle with a wide range of ideological differences that frequently result in violence and unrest. The game’s dynamic plot and intricate interactions make it an engaging setting for investigating the idea of eliminating ideology from society.

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We shall examine the exciting task of forging an inclusive RimWorld community that bridges differences in ideology in this post. In order to shed light on how these teachings might be applied to our own society, we will examine methods, tactics, and philosophical concerns that can help players promote harmony and cooperation among their colonists.

Understanding the Role of Ideology in RimWorld

The depth and intricacy of RimWorld are well known, and a big portion of this complexity comes from the colonists’ ideologies. These ideologies, which range from individualistic anarchism to fervent support for authoritarianism, are numerous and frequently conflicting, and they have a significant impact on the colonists’ interactions and behavior.

Each colonist in RimWorld has a unique set of characteristics that represent their upbringing, morals, and political views. These characteristics influence their preferences, aptitudes, and responses to diverse situations.

In later iterations of the game, colonists could be members of distinct ideological groups, each with its own set of demands and views. Within your colony, these factions may lead to ideological conflict. Ideological disagreements can cause disputes, controversies, and even violent revolutions within your colony, making it difficult to preserve order and stability.

Ideological conflicts might complicate RimWorld’s narrative, but they can also enrich it by producing interesting storylines and character arcs.

You will need to tweak or deactivate specific game components and files in order to eliminate ideology from the game. Bear in mind that modifying the game in such a way may throw off the game’s intended experience as well as its general balance, so give great consideration to these procedures.

Method 1: Modifying the Game Files

It is possible to begin the process of removing ideology from RimWorld by altering the game files. When adding modifications to game files, use extreme caution because doing so might have an impact on the consistency of the game as well as its compatibility with other mods. Proceed in the following manner:

Discover where on your PC the RimWorld installation directory is stored. RimWorld may be found under the Steam directory, namely in the “Steamsteamappscommon” folder by default. Within the installation directory, locate the “Defs” folder, and then browse to “IdeologyDefs.”

Find the XML file titled “BaseIdeologies.xml” located inside the “IdeologyDefs” folder on your computer. This document provides explanations for each of the philosophies that may be chosen during gameplay. Launch a text editor such as Notepad and open the “BaseIdeologies.xml” file.

The whole contents of this file should be deleted or commented out by surrounding it with “!–” at the beginning and “–>” at the conclusion. This has the effect of rendering all of the game’s philosophies inoperable. Save the “BaseIdeologies.xml” file when it has been edited.

Launch RimWorld and begin a fresh game to ensure that ideology has been eradicated from the game. It is imperative that you establish a backup of the game’s original files before making any modifications, as changing game files might compromise the game’s integrity.

Please be aware of this before you begin. Additionally, it is possible that the next upgrades to RimWorld will overwrite your customizations; thus, you should be ready to reapply them as required.

Method 2: Using a Mod

Utilizing a mod that is specifically designed to do away with ideology is an additional method that may be utilized when playing RimWorld. The members of the RimWorld community known as “modders” construct a variety of add-ons known as “mods” to modify or expand upon the game’s functionality.

Some modifications are designed to eliminate ideology entirely, while others provide the player with the choice to do so. To eliminate ideology through the use of a mod:

Launch RimWorld, and from the main menu, click “Mods” to bring up the in-game menu for configuring mods. Explore the several modifications that are available or use the search option to choose one that can eliminate ideology or turn them off. Simply click the “Subscribe” button to begin receiving updates on the selected mod.

After subscribing, navigate back to the mod menu and activate the mod by selecting the checkbox that is located next to its name. To effect the changes, you will need to restart RimWorld.

Using a mod can be a more user-friendly technique since it gives an easy way to remove ideology without directly modifying the game files. Mods can be found on a wide variety of platforms, including desktop, mobile, and console.

However, bear in mind that different modifications may cause incompatibilities or conflicts with one another, so make sure to pick wisely and read the mod descriptions and comments for extra information.

Method 3: Adjusting Game Settings

Although there is no official option in RimWorld to disable ideologies, you may alter various in-game settings to lessen the influence that they have on your colony. These settings are as follows:

To adjust how the game is played, select the “Gameplay” tab from the menu of game options. Position the slider for “Cultural Adulthood Impact” so that it is as far to the left as it can go. Ideologies have less of an effect on your colonists as a result of this, and as a result, they are less inclined to participate in ideological activities.

Change the “Starting Ideology” option so that it says “None.” This stops your colony from beginning with an ideology that has already been decided upon. To effect the changes, you will need to restart RimWorld.

These changes won’t eliminate ideology entirely from the game, but they will considerably lessen its impact on the manner in which your colony behaves and interacts with other colonies.

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