How to Report Warzone Bugs (Report Officially)

The action packed first-person shooter online multiplayer Battle Royale Call of Duty Warzone has been one of the most successful games for some time now, which also supports cross-platform gaming with players from all over the world swarming in to play the game and win hard-fought battles.

The game has been a fan favorite for a while now because of its Gunsmith Feature, Graphics, huge arsenal of weapons to choose from, which has intrigued the players to try out the game, and since then, players have been madly in love with the game.

Although in 2021, it has been a bit difficult for the players to enjoy the game because of the constant bugs and glitches that are ruining their gaming experience and some of these bugs are game-breaking leaving the players infuriated with the game.

There have been a lot of bugs since the initial release of the game, some of them which have not yet been rectified by the Activision team are, The Invisible Ghillie Suit where if you are wearing the Bugged Forest Spirit Skin for the operator Grinch, your body will disappear at various instances and your enemies can only see a free-floating head from a long distance and extremely glitched gun. Then there is the Loadout Freeze Bug where your character will freeze just at the moment you are about to acquire your loadout from the Loadout Box which is one of the most Heartbreaking moments a player can experience in the game. The players can’t seem to regain control of their character in this bug. This bug is most prominent for console gamers. Other bugs include the Going Under the Map Bug and the Infinite Stim Glitch.

Today, this article will focus on how to report such bugs in Warzone in an official manner, that is, to the official Support Team of Warzone that looks into such bugs.

Reporting Bugs Officially:

For reporting a bug in the game Warzone, players need to report it in an official manner which will imply the seriousness of the bug and will prompt a quick response from the Activision Team.

Players need to open the official site of the Activision Support Team and after doing so, they can see a tab on the site stating “Report a Bug in Call of Duty: Warzone”. Click on that tab and then you will be directed to a new page that will include a form that is needed to be filled out by the players. The form includes questions regarding the platform, region, category of bug, and error code, and then asks you to elaborate on the issue that you have been facing while playing Warzone. After filling up the details, click on the Finish tab, and Voila! it’s done. Your report is officially submitted to the Activision Support Team and they will soon reply back to you with some fix for the bug.

Make sure that your details are accurate in order for the Support Team to take the right step in fixing the bugs.

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