COD Mobile Movement Nerf coming in Season 2

Call of Duty Mobile has been one of the best FPS games on the mobile platforms which players across the globe have ever witnessed. Mostly because of its relentless gameplay, console-like graphics, and a wide assortment of maps and modes.

Currently COD Mobile is in its 14th Season so to speak. The Season count has been reset, so technically it is called Season 1 New Order. And, it has been an absolute joy so far.

Players seem really impressed by the season’s Battle Pass rewards and other Seasonal Events. However, even though players are engrossed in the current season, we have some news regarding the next season which is ought to bamboozle you.

Let’s get straight into the details of Season 2 of COD Mobile without any further ado.

COD Mobile Movement Nerf:

For those who have tried out Ranked Matches in COD Mobile, we are sure you must have found the match very happening. By that we mean to say that you can find players sliding, jumping, crouching, and proning across the map.

The variety of movements has always been an integral part of COD Mobile. However, we may have some bad news for you guys. Season 2 will be bringing along with it a nerf to certain movements.

Players could heretofore aim down their scopes while sliding to shoot down opponents and make it more difficult for an adversary to return fire. This maneuver was beneficial for killing campers attempting to hide behind walls or other structures.

Season 2 has nerfed the sliding movement. To be more specific, players will no longer be able to ADS whilst sliding. Instead, players will now be able to only hip-fire while sliding.

Not only this, the Drop – shot maneuver has also been nerfed once again. In Season 2 of COD Mobile players will be required to equip an additional perk if they wish to drop shot gracefully like before.

Because in Season 2 of COD Mobile the weapon will ADS out every time the player presses the prone button. To continue shooting, they will have to manually ADS the weapon.

cod mobile season 2 skillful dropshot
Source: ItzDru

In order to drop shot whilst ADSing players will have to equip a perk – Skillful Dropshot to be able to do that maneuver. It is going to be a Blue Perk, so, most of the players will now be facing a tough spot in deciding whether to go for the Skilful Dropshot or the High Alert.

This has been getting some severe backlash from the fans and the players. Guess we have to wait and see what exactly Activision will be implementing in Season 2 of COD Mobile.

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