How to Reset Spawn Point in Minecraft

Cooperative play and individual expression are both highlighted in the PC game Minecraft.

Home computer users aren’t abandoning the old-school game of digging up 8-bit blocky stones as everyone thought they would.

Even a seemingly simple premise may be developed into a game with an almost endless number of permutations.

To get to where it is now, this blocky universe has developed and matured over the last decade. There are various chances for customizing the appearance, feel, and functionality of this game.

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Aside from constructing teaching players how to think creatively and logically, the renowned computer game Minecraft also teaches them a little bit about geology.

Maybe your lone opponent when playing with pals, a single server or even on your own planet.

New features were being added on a regular basis to the game. The game’s environment may be interacted with in a number of ways by players.

This game may be done on a variety of mobile devices and operating systems. Your problem may be solved by using popular gaming consoles like PlayStation 3 and Wii, as well as popular PCs such as Apple’s iPhone or Android-powered tablets like Samsung’s Galaxy and iPad.

Minecraft has almost a terabyte of world-building and adventure content waiting for you. As you can see, nature is rife with these kinds of scenarios.

If sandbox games are your thing, you’ll appreciate this. For your pleasure, we’ve produced a list of the best 15 amazing games like Minecraft.

How to Reset Spawn Point in Minecraft

The /spawnpoint instruction does not really have reset usability built-in, however, there seem to be numerous different methods of doing this.

Method 1: sleep down on a bed.

Your spawn point would be reset each night if you rest in a bed. Users may rest in various beds but the final bed that they slept in before they die is where they will resurrect.

The easiest way is to lay on a bed to set your spawnpoint to the bed, then demolish it and end oneself.

Users would receive the “Your home bed was missing or obstructed” warning, and your individual spawnpoint would be totally reset.

  • Step 1: Install a Bed

 reset spawnpoint minecraft It is quite normal for people to sleep on their bed at night throughout their game. Put the bed to the Hotbar and ensure it is the chosen item in your Hotbar.

Place the plus symbol on the block wherever you wish to place your bed after that. To put your bed down, you’ll need at least two blocks.

On the block you picked, your bed should appear.

  • Step 2: Sleep in the Bed

 reset spawnpoint minecraft 2When you are asleep, you should notice a Leave Bed button emerge. If you press this button, this should send you to your universe whilst it’s still night.

If you wait long enough, the night will transition today, and you’ll find yourself standing next to your bed, wide awake.

Your spawn point has been reset now that you’ve slept in your own bed.

Method 2: Utilize the /spawnpoint command.

This function enables users to easily set their spawnpoint with a game command (i.e.: cheat).

Using /spawnpoint would create 4 separate NBT tags for the player: SpawnX, SpawnY, SpawnZ saves the coordinates.

SpawnForced is set to 1, which indicates the game will not search for a bed in the neighborhood of your spawnpoint.

Sleeping on a bed eliminates the SpawnForced tag and fixes the coordinates. In the event that you die again, the game will try to find a bed for you to sleep in.

If it is blocked or damaged, this should fail, during which moment the game also eliminates the other three tags on your character. Single-player data may be found in dat (or level.dat/player).


How do I reset my spawn point in Minecraft?

There are 2 methods to alter your spawn point:

  1. Sleep in a bed. Your spawn point will be reset each night if you sleep in a bed.
  2. Use the /spawnpoint command. This function enables you to easily establish your spawnpoint with a game command.

Does spawn point overrule beds?

The resurrection anchor supersedes your bed. If you’re utilizing a respawn anchor, that’s your new respawn point.

If users die in the Overworld or the End, they’ll resurrect here instead of a bed. To move your respawn point back someplace else, you’ll merely need to sleep in a bed there.

In Minecraft, why don’t I spawn near my bed?

It does not matter whether the bed alone has blocks above it. The bed never spawns the person on or immediately below itself even if all other spots are obstructed.

If a bed is blocked, the player’s birth point is restored once they respawn.

What happens if two players share a bed as their spawn point?

In Java Edition, many players may set their spawn point on a single bed. A bed in Bedrock Edition can only be used by the last person who used it, and anybody who has previously slept there will respawn at the game’s global spawn point instead.

Why can’t I choose my Respawn point in Minecraft?

You would have to entrust the game to spawn yourself next to your bed once you rested in it at least once before relocating it thereafter.

Make sure there are spawn able blocks adjacent to it (i.e. no stairs or bottom slabs), since else it qualifies as obstructed, and then you would respawn at world spawn.

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