Top 10 Best Brawlers for Knockout ‘Zip Zap’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a very popular mobile game that is a hero action-shooter game that supports the top-down perspective in the game. The game is about to enter its new season, Season 6: Gold Arm Gang, reportedly to be launched on April 12. The game is developed by Supercell, who has also created other popular games like Clash Royale, Hay Day, Clash of Clans, etc.

Even though the current season is coming to an end, Brawl Stars brought in a new update that saw a new game mode being introduced to us. The Trophy Event, Knockout Mode. The new mode has received positive feedback from the players and currently is the hottest mode people are jumping in to try out.

Brawl Stars has a lot of playable characters called Brawlers that you can choose to play from. Choosing the correct brawler for a game mode can prove to be a decisive point as each Brawler is unique and has special features that make them useful in different modes. Similarly, Knockout mode also supports certain kinds of brawlers that will have the upper hand on their enemy team.

This article shall discuss the top 10 best brawlers for Knockout ‘Zip Zap’ in Brawl Stars.

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Top 10 Best Brawlers for Knockout ‘Zip Zap’ in Brawl Stars

The Knockout Event consists of two teams with three players each with the objective of the teams to eliminate players from the enemy teams and the last team/player standing wins the Event while following a best out of 3 formats of matches. Once eliminated, the player cannot respawn until the start of the next round.

Zip Zap is an official map for the Knockout Event that is currently live. Zip Zap has two red and yellow teleporters in the middle along with bushes, water, and fences, there are also green and blue teleporters on the sides with fences, and also some cactuses.

Now, let us look at the top 10 best brawlers for the Knockout ‘Zip Zap’ Event.

  • 1. BEA –bea

Bea’s supercharged shot is very dangerous to tank against, as it deals a considerable amount of damage that can quickly weaken enemies. Bea’s Super can be used to slow down the enemy for her and her allies to heavily damage or defeat the enemies. However, with her low base health, she needs to be protected or she will be bursted down or killed by assassins.

  • 2. BELLE –belle

Belle’s attacks have a very long range which chains on nearby enemies, and her Super allows her to mark a target which allies deal more damage against permanently until placed on another target. Her gadget allows her to slow down enemies who step on it, allowing allies to burst the enemy. Her Star Power, Positive Feedback, will give Belle some damage reduction for better survivability. She is prone to get killed by assassins however.

  • 3. BYRON –byron

Byron’s Stacking Chip damage and his healing make him a great overall support in Knockout. Byron can heal his allies with stacking heals, and his attacks can deal high damage and can finish off squishy brawlers. His Super can be used to counter assassins or heal him and his allies by a large amount, greatly boosting their survival. Malaise can be used to counter other healing teams, and Injection can be used to pierce a large number of enemies or support your allies and damage your enemies at the same time.

  • 4. COLETTE –colette

Colette’s HP-scaling attacks make her deadly to all types of enemies, squishy or not. Colette can finish off any brawler with two normal attacks and a Super that hits twice. Her Star Power Push It also allows her to either push enemies into her allies who can burst them down or push them away from allies who need to heal. Her second Star Power, Mass Tax, can give you up to a 40% shield for five seconds, greatly increasing her survivability.

  • 5. EDGAR –edgar

Edgar’s Super allows him to jump onto enemies for a quick kill, and his Let’s Fly Gadget allows him to charge his Super quickly without having to face combat. However, Edgar is prone to get killed by powerful sharpshooters when he does not have his Super. His Star Powers, Hard Landing and Fisticuffs also work well in this mode. Hard Landing will add an extra 1000 damage to finish off enemies faster, and Fisticuffs can help him survive longer when fighting an enemy.

  • 6. PIPER –piper

Piper’s starting damage is already quite a lot, and her Super allows an easy escape from assassins and heavyweights. Piper’s Star Powers and Gadgets boost her damage potential and her survival. Using her Ambush Star Power will increase your damage by a lot, crippling enemies when hit, and her Snappy Sniping Star Power can also allow Piper to deliver four powerful shots in rapid succession, dealing over 8000 damage to enemies. Her Auto Aimer Gadget can be used to escape from assassins like Edgar, and Piper’s Homemade Recipe Gadget can be sued to finish off an enemy with low health.

  • 7. STU –Stu

Stu’s quick burst attacks and his insanely fast Super charge allow him to be a deadly and hard-to-hit target in Knockout. His Gadget boosts his and his allies’ speed permanently as long as the turret is alive, and his Star Powers boost his survival and damage potential. His Star Power, Zero Drag, increases his Super’s distance by 71%, making him extremely hard to attack when dashing around. His Second Star Power, Gaso-Heal, will allow him to stay alive as he dashes around and attacks the enemy.

  • 8. TICK –tick

Tick’s high damage and area control is extremely beneficial in Knockout, being extremely annoying to the enemy and beneficial to your team. His Star Powers and his Gadgets also help out too. Well Oiled will allow Tick to recover from the damage he takes quickly, and Automa-Tick Reload allows him to attack even faster. His Super allows him to finish off enemies at low health and is a counter to assassins and heavyweights. Mine Mania can deal even more damage, finishing off enemies even faster, and the Last Hurrah allows him to survive assassins even without his Super and allows Tick to move safely.

  • 9. GENE –gene

Gene can do quick damage at closer range, or charge his Super at far range. His Super can give a huge advantage to your teammates as it makes brawlers easy to kill and extremely vulnerable. His Lamp Blowout Gadget helps him deal with close-range threats such as Darryl, Edgar, El Primo, etc. His Spirit Slap Star Power will let him do a bit more damage and his Magic Puffs Star Power helps him keep teammates alive.

  • 10. BULL –bull

Bull can take out low-HP enemy brawlers with his high damage too. Since surviving is important in the game, his high health and T-Bone Injector Gadget are useful. He can also use his Super to escape.

Well, here is the list of the top 10 best brawlers that you can use for the Knockout ‘Zip Zap’ event in Brawl Stars. Make sure to read the description for each brawler carefully before choosing them for the event.

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