Top 20 Best Games like Dead by Daylight Mobile on Android/ iOS

It is an asymmetric survival horror video game established by Behaviour Interactive. The game will be played as a one versus four online multiplayer games wherein a player assumes the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as victims, attempt to flee the predator and avoid getting caught and compromised to a demonic creature.

A group of up to 4 survivors must elude 1, modestly strong killer, tilted on sacrificing them on hooks to “The Entity”. The survivors’ points of view are third-person, whereas the killer’s point of view is first-person.  The survivors cannot battle against the murderer unless using special perks, objects, or hurdles used across the map to immobilize the killer.

In this article, we will be talking about the top 20 best games which are similar to Dead by Daylight. So, let’s jump right in.

Top 20 Best Games like Dead by Daylight Mobile on Android/ iOS

  • 20. Deceit

deceitDeceit is a game that has its unique selling proposition right there in the name. Play as one of the numerous human dweebs trying to run around in an environment. About a third of the doofuses are contaminated with an incredibly creepy infection.

When the lights go out in the arena, the infected get an opportunity to frighten the terrified uninfected after they initiate a disturbing metamorphosis into a monstrosity known as a “terror”.

  • 19. Knock Knock

There is an unusual cabin deep in the woods. It had previously featured as a laboratory and a dwelling for three generations of Lodgers. But as of late the latest Lodger has been discovering mysterious changes in familiar surroundings; things are missing, noises and rattle heard. Something odd is coming out of the woods.

This game surely can get you wondering about what lurks in the darkness. It is quite an enjoyable game for the adrenaline junkies.

  • 18. Hide or Die

16 teams are subjected to one another with their own sinister temptations in this asymmetrical title of horror. Everyone begins out in an unfamiliar place with the objective of staying alive the night.

A mysterious figure recognized only as “the Darkness” offers players tremendous power at the expense of becoming a crazed, murderous psycho. Should a player seek out this power or be otherwise overtaken by the Darkness, their aim becomes to slaughter as many other gamers as they can.

  • 17. Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Pick sides in a fight between a cadre of camp counselors and, the unwavering emblem himself, Jason. One team symbolizes anything repulsive and evil about the human psyche, the other one is comprised of rather a quiet guy in a ski mask.

The counselor characters represent a range of slasher movie stereotypes; preppy, slutty, athletic, geeky. A Breakfast Club buffet ripe for the slashing; soak dozens of letterman vests in blood. Spend a few sessions trying to run and tripping via the woods then throw on that iconic ski mask and assume the role of Jason.

  • 16. Last Year

Last Year intends to carry us to that simpler time when all you needed to start a mass killing was a community of cliched teens on a Halloween night.

Killers trying to play Last Year have direct exposure to a type of omnipresent mode in that they can move around the map at high speeds while completely hidden from view.

  • 15. White Noise 2

white noise 2A group of detectives pursues to patch up the rift among universes whereas an infernal otherworld-creature aims to rip both the team and the astral barriers off from each other.

White Noise 2 utilizes dark and light very efficiently; blackness camouflages the monster stalking the team while the light is the investigators’ only tool against the creature.

Work with a satisfactory diverse array of team members, each with their very own weaknesses and strengths, to discover 8 clues that will banish the monster forever while the paranormal interloper stalks the dark and picks the player off.

  • 14. Identity V

An investigator breezes away a windy night in an abandoned building. There he encounters clues that paint a disturbing picture of past events that took place on the grounds – presumably. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Here, the tale is not relevant. What is essential is that you do have a long commute on the train, or an undetermined period of time to wait at the parole office, or a Thanksgiving dinner at great aunt Pattie’s house

  • 13. Depth

Humans and nature fight it out in this little game about just a bunch of friends with dreams of hitting it big in the wonderful world of underwater treasure scavenging.

The only thing between our team of would-be archaeologists is indeed a set of fins and a maw of teeth. It’s swimmer vs shark! Armed with a spear gun, plumb the bowls of the ocean for gold and knickknacks as a diver and synchronize with your team to survive

  • 12. Crawl

In this 3v1 game, one player is an ambitious young hero prowling the depth of some nondescript dungeon for some elemental power or another.

The other three players will be every ghost, goblin, gorgon, and snare that stand guarding said non-specified prize.

  • 11. Left 4 Dead 2

The game showcases a versus mode that, such as the title, includes two completely balanced teams. Even so, according to the title, the teams are split as per their infected status; zombie virus survivors and those already infected.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a quintessential title that most gamers have probably played once.

  • 10. Hunt Showdown

Hunt Showdown takes people throughout the character of a paranormal bounty hunter. Prowl the swamps for abnormal atrocities and take them out.

However, be patient. This swamp might not be large enough for all of you, you’re not the only hunter around the areas in the region.

  • 9. Monstrum

Marooned on a derelict cargo ship, you discover yourself being hunted by one of Monstrums terrifying predators as you frantically look for a way out. As each of them has its very own strategy, abilities and weaknesses, you have to use your wits and come up with strategies to outsmart your chaser in the ship’s procedurally generated environment.

  • 8. Five Nights at Freddy’s

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a sequence of puzzle horror games with jump scares instead of violence and gore. You play the night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and will have to make it through the night when in your office, verifying the cameras and shutting the door, or make repairs, all the while being chased by killer robot animatronics.

The games have a wacky wicked sense of humor, that can significantly lower the suspense. While the concept may make it feel quirky, beneath the surface is a riddle concerning abductions, child murders, and vengeance. It’s “a twisted tale that not only involves homicide and deception but also a broken home that wants to represent itself as standard with disappointingly limited success

  • 7. Don’t Starve

This is an open-world survival game. Here it’s the landscape and adversaries, instead of other teams, that people work with. You ought to find and create food, guns, and sanctuary to stay alive. It’s pleasurable since it is hard, so repeat-plays to enhance performance are prevalent.

There are a number of versions and all play exactly the same way. Of note, Don’t Starve Together is a version of the game that contributes the option to play with some other player in the same place.

  • 6. Hogwash

hogwishHogwash is an action fight game in which you play as the farmer or as one of 3 pigs. The farmer’s purpose is to catch the pigs whereas the pigs aim to create chaos and get three specific areas on the farm coated with dirt.

You can play single-player or multiplayer. It’s playing with other people that you know that the game truly comes alive, especially if you opt to play locally in the very same room. Here, the pigs can interact to try and make their numbers count.

  • 5. ENKI

ENKI is a repeatable horror experience about fleeting from the atrocious environment, featuring multiple endings that will ensure you that each and every playthrough will be a bit different and unique from the preceding one. In only 30 minutes discover your way to freedom through occult symbolism, mysteries, and discoverable secrets

Your survival depends on the choices you make.

  • 4. Granny


Granny is a free-to-play indie horror game with ghastly art, blood, and twist endings that are likely too severe for young children. The gameplay is going to be difficult as well, even on its easiest configuration, which could infuriate a few other players. Its stealth gameplay showcases a corpse-like granny who hunts the player through a house with a blood-soaked bat.

Players who get captured are assaulted, and blood spatter encompasses the screen. It implies cannibalism, with blood baths and a little raw beef, but the grains of visual and artistic form restrict the reality of Gory imagery. Players are also frequently subjected to ads during gameplay

  • 3. Corpse Party

Corpse Party is a horror monster adventure game with some role-playing elements. It is played in a third-person view, top-down perspective. Players are given the task of discovering the haunted school premises as a way of escape. In order to do this, players have to communicate with the world and the background, including collecting items, chatting to other protagonists, and examining records, while escaping enemy entities.

The game’s narrative is divided into five chapters, everyone focusing on different characters and showcasing multiple endings that are achieved based on the player’s in-game decisions: a “True Ending” needed for the game’s progression; and several “Wrong Endings” which are unlocked when the player performs events unimportant to the main narrative.

  • 2. Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbour

Hello Neighbor is a stealth surviving game with a tinge of horror. You try and make your way into the basement of their neighbor’s house to uncover a “horrible secret”. The game responds to your strategy by setting traps along paths the player followed in previous attempts.

As you investigate the neighbor’s house from the first-person point of view, you have to prevent getting discovered or be mowed down and be taken, prisoner. Creeping around like this leads to high suspense and jump scares. You can stun them and throw things.

  • 1. Among Us

among usAmong Us is a puzzle game where crew-mates start preparing their spacecraft for liftoff by completing the tasks. Regrettably, one of the players is an impostor intent on destroying the ship and murdering the crew. As the match continues in real-time the impostor cautiously picks off participants, who could then pause the game for an emergency meeting to debate and vote liars off the ship.

The innovation here is that you don’t know who the traitor is so it becomes a game of wits as much as intervention. Like a parlor game, you must involve other players in any killing or subvert to deflect skepticism from oneself. The crew will vote to throw out suspects.

If you are thirsty for some really good horror, thriller, and mystery games, then the above-mentioned compilation contains one of the best games of those genres. So, be sure to try them out and get the scares of your life.

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