Top 10 Best Brawlers for Lone Star ‘Shore Shot’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has just been soaring in popularity ever since its release. This action-filled, online competitive game has really appealed to players all across the world.

To keep things interesting and the players entertained, the Devs have made it a point to go above and beyond to introduce new modes, brawlers, maps, skins, and abilities with every passing season.

However, the sheer number of brawlers in the game can sometimes become quite overwhelming, so we are here again to continue with our list of some of the best brawlers for Lone Star Shore Shot in Brawl Stars.

Top 10 Best Brawlers for Lone Star ‘Shore Shot’ in Brawl Stars:

In the Lone Star Event, there are 10 players who commence with 2 stars each. The aim is to completely eradicate opponent teams and have the largest number of stars at the end of the 2 minutes.

Whenever a Brawler is vanquished, their bounty will get added to the Brawler that destroyed them (which would be stated above their heads) and raises their bounty by 1 star, up to 7.

When a Brawler drops dead, their bounty is restored to 2 stars. There’s also a single star in the center of the map for participants to scoop up. The star has been excluded when it was re-added into the game.

The Shore Shot  map does have walls molded into an arc on the edges with shrubbery sprouting towards the middle. The middle is fairly open with four 2×2 walls operating as cover. The map is diagonally balanced excluding the middle star. The map itself is quite encased in bushes and walls.

  • 10. GENE

geneHis Super enables him to conveniently pick up other Brawlers and eradicate them off once they are low on health. Gene really does have good chip damage and his Supercharges fairly quickly. His broad spectrum can indeed be beneficial for piercing other Brawlers, but be cautious of getting your knock-outs snatched.

  • 9. DARRYL

Image Source: brawlstars. fandom

His Super enables him to effortlessly narrow the separation and break down squishy targets. Since his Super charges up automatically, Darryl can start fights on his terms (ideally against low-health targets walking near shrubbery) without requiring to inflict damage to prepare himself up

  • 8. PIPER

piperPiper inflicts high damage for every shot and therefore can easily knock down most Brawlers with 2 or 3 shots. Coupled with her extremely long-range, she could really conveniently grab other players’ knock-outs without threat to herself. But even so, she struggles to contend with Brawlers close range so always try to reconfigure with her Super.

  • 7. BO

boLong-range and high damage if all 3 shots hit. Bo will snatch knockouts from a distance and is still not afraid to compete in close proximity. His Circling Eagle gives him a significant advantage on great bush locations while Snare a Bear gives him sufficient time to take out unlucky Brawlers.

  • 6. LEON

top 10 best brawlers for big gameLeon inflicts decent damage up close but also has a better range that can fully charge his Super reasonably quickly. Leon does particularly so when Supers can be shackled. After vanquishing a Brawler, Leon could use his Super to creep up on some other Brawler and completely charge up his Super.

Leon’s Smoke Trails would give him an extra pace all through his Super which can be advantageous for discovering other Brawlers and inching closer on them.

  • 5. SANDY

top 10 best brawlers for big gameSandy’s Super has amazing range and is prepared to encompass a great deal of surface in an attempt to creep up on opponents on more open maps, trying to shut the marksmen with low health down.

His main attack does have moderate range and damage, enabling him to knock-out pilfer extremely effortlessly and recharge his Super very rapidly. At last, benefit from the fact that Sandy can generate numerous sandstorms.

  • 4. BULL

Image Source: brawl stars wiki

Bull really could eliminate low-health oppressor brawlers with his enhanced annihilation in proximity. Seeing as keeping intact and alive is urgent in the game, his enhanced health and T-Bone Injector Gadget appear to be worthwhile.

Bull can conveniently two-shot an opponent in close range (as long as they’re not a tank). His Tough Guy Star Power can safeguard Bull from dropping dead and having lost pretty much his entire bounty. Also, his Berserker can finish Brawlers in close quarters way quicker.

  • 3. BEA

beaBea’s attack could be used at dealing with one adversary at a moment, if she strikes her attack, her attack would then recharge and inflict at least 2200 damage, and therefore can deal immense damage to the adversary.

If indeed the shot hits an opponent, her next attack will become supercharged and will mow inflict 175% additional damage, along with a yellow ammo bar

  • 2. BELLE

belleBelle strikes a long-ranged attack that will ricochet off of numerous opponents that are within 3 tiles of each other, till the targets are just too far away from each other or one of them drops dead. Opponents could only ricochet one assault of each other at a time irrespective of if they get hit various times from different incidents or not.

The bolts have a one-second delay of sticking to the target before they bounce, with consequent shots dealing half the damage of the original attack and no Super charge. There is an attack cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

  • 1. BROCK


Brock could really fully charge his Super fairly rapidly if you do have better aim, so after you’ve powered up Brock’s super, use it at clustered opponents. His second Gadget, Rocket Fuel, makes Brock’s next attack a more catastrophic mega-rocket.

His first Star Power, Incendiary, lets his rockets to end up leaving a small patch of flames that also inflict injury over time in the area where it was deployed. His second Star Power, Rocket No. Four increases Brock’s ammo capacity to 4.

That was our compilation of some of the most efficient brawlers for Lone Star ‘Shore Shot’. Be sure to give these brawlers a try and we sure hope you aren’t disappointed and give yourselves an edge over other opponents on the battlefield.

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