How to Turn Off Cave Sounds in Minecraft

Since its initial introduction in 2011, Minecraft has captivated the gaming industry. More than 150 million copies of Minecraft have been sold globally since its launch.

The extraordinary success of Minecraft may be attributed to the game’s developer, Mojang. This game has withstood the test of time due to the constant flow of new features from the developers.

Because Minecraft places such an emphasis on survival, almost everything you do is motivated by the need to remain alive. You have complete freedom in this Sandbox game. You’ll never get tired of the new things you can do in Minecraft.

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An in-game store, established by the game’s developers, allows players to customize their avatars even more by adding new skins to their inventory.

Recently, though, the servers have started acting up, resulting in problems for users like the Minecraft Store not working.

Because of the lack of limitations in Minecraft, players are free to do anything they want.

To begin, players are dropped into the game’s Blocky World and randomly selected from there.

After that, the players are free to do anything they want in order to survive. Players in Minecraft are spawned all over the area each time they start a new game, making spawns completely unpredictable.

We are sure most of the Minecraft players must have encountered the scary noises which come from the caves in Minecraft.

So, in this article, we will be talking about how you can turn off the cave sounds in Minecraft. Let’s get right into it.

How to Turn Off Cave Sounds in Minecraft

On beta testing version for, Minecraft has introduced the cave ambiance. This is nothing but the creepy cave sounds which you hear occasionally.

Now, we will be talking about how you can disable these noises.

Players have often found the eerie noises from the caves to be distracting and occasionally frightening at times.

So, a lot of players want to get rid of these cave sounds once and for all. Don’t worry we have got you covered in this aspect. We will tell you how you can turn off cave sounds in Minecraft.

All of the ambient noises may be adjusted under the Options

  • Step 1: Go to Options

  • Step 2: Go to General

  • Step 3: Select the Audio tab

  • Step 4: Go to Ambient/Environment settings

  • Step 5: Alter the sound levels

The sound of fireworks and water entering/exiting will be altered as a result, though.

The removal of the cave ambient noises has been suggested on the Minecraft comments website but has yet to be approved.

In order to avoid disturbing the “fireworks” sounds, you may start by creating a lot of torches, going about your environment, and lighting up every dark spot.

If you’re not concerned about fireworks and would rather hear the noise than see any of it, you may enter the settings menu as follows:

  • Step 1: Click on “Music & Sounds…”

Click on “Music & Sounds…” or any other button to bring up sound choices.

  • Step 2: Reduce “Ambient/Environment” to 0%.

What are these Cave Sounds?

Cave ambiance (also called cave sounds or spooky noises according to the subtitles) are sounds that play on occasion while the player is underground or in a dark location, depending on the mood algorithm.

As long as a cave or a dark enough region is available, cave ambient sounds may be played in all biomes save the Nether.

Ambient.cave is the code name for the cave’s ambiance. The total number of cave ambiance sounds is 19.


1. What is Ambience?

Ambience (also known as ambiance noises or ambient sounds) are sounds that may be heard under certain circumstances. C418 and Samuel berg were the minds behind them. There are 167 distinct ambient noises to choose from right now.

Groups of ambient noises that play under the same circumstances are referred to as ambiances. There are three types of settings available for now: cave, underwater, and nether.

2. How to alter Ambient sounds?

In the Options menu, under “Music & Sounds,” go to the “Ambient/Environment” bar and adjust the level there. However, this has an effect on the noises of fireworks rockets, and the like.

The /playsound minecraft:code name> command plays all ambient sounds. The codenames for all ambiences begin with ambient.<unique code name>.

3. What is Underwater Ambience?

While the player’s head is submerged, underwater ambience is playing. There are a total of 22 distinct underwater ambient sounds included in this set.

They are audible in any size or shape of a body of water.

“Loop” and “Loop Additions,” two categories of underwater ambiance, are used to categorize the sounds.

While the player is submerged, both of these games operate independently of one another.

There are also three more “Loop Additions” categories. Its code name is ambient.underwater.<group code name>

4. What is Mood Algorithm?

When a “mood” percent value is set between 0 and 100, mood ambience sounds are generated depending on that value.

A rise in mood occurs when the player is in a cave or other gloomy location; otherwise, the mood drops.

In order to reset the mood to zero, one of the sounds must play at random when the mood has reached 100%. The faster the mood rises, the darker and opaquer the environment becomes.

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