How to Turn Off Cheats in Minecraft

Minecraft first came out in 2011 and since then has taken over the gaming world. Since its release, Minecraft has sold over 150 million copies all around the world. The reason behind this amazing success of Minecraft is its developer Mojang. The constant new additions made by its developers have made this game timeless.

Minecraft is a game that rotates around survival, most of the things that you will do will be for your survival. You can literally do anything in this SandBox game. You will always be amazed by the features that Minecraft offers. If you really enjoy Minecraft you should also try these 15  amazing games like Minecraft for Android and ios.

The developers of Minecraft have also made an in-game store for the players where they can buy various skins for their characters. Recently though the servers are not working well as players face problems like the Minecraft Store not working.

In Minecraft’s Survival mode you will have to work for everything, you will have to gather your own resources, get your own food, make your own shelter and get your own tools and weapons. You can also make buildings and monuments in your Minecraft World.

Some new players may find the Survival Mode of Minecraft a little difficult as there are a lot of things to know in Minecraft. So the developers made cheats and commands that help new players in various ways.

But using cheats and commands in Minecraft is not the best idea as you might not enjoy the game. Using cheats and commands really strips off the purpose of a game and makes the game easy. You can turn off your Minecraft Cheats using these steps.

How to Turn Off Cheats in Minecraft

These are the steps to turn off cheats in Minecraft singleplayer and multiplayer worlds

  • Step 1: Download NBT Explorer

If you want to disable cheats and commands in your Minecraft World you will first have to download NBT Explorer. NBT Explorer is a data editor and can easily be downloaded from its official website. Make sure to download it from its legitimate website.

  • Step 2: Save and Quit your World

After you have successfully downloaded NBT Explorer you will have to quit your game. So you should first save your progress and then quit your World.

  • Step 3: Run the NBT Explorer

After saving and quitting your game open your newly downloaded NBT Explorer file. Open the “NBTExplorer.exe” file next and give it permission to Run.

  • Step 4: Select your World

The new page will show all of your saved worlds. You will have to select the World in which you have to disable cheats and commands.

  • Step 5: Select level.dat

After clicking on your desired world, many folders will show up on your screen. You can ignore them all and locate the one that is named “level.dat”. It is generally located towards the bottom of the list and has a different folder image which makes it easier to loacte it.

  • Step 6: Find Data Entries

After you have successfully located the “level.dat” folder, look for a folder named “Data Entries” under it. Click on it and it will now show a list of different commands.

  • Step 7: Locate allowCommands

From that list of commands try to find the one that says “allowCommands“. You will need this to play your game without cheats. The allowCommands folder is generally shown as “allowCommands : 1”.

  • Step 8: Edit “allowCommands : 1”

After successfully locating the folder click on it, after clicking on it a small box will pop up that will ask you to Edit Value. Simply change the  “1” to a “0” in the edit value box. This will disable all cheats in your selected Minecraft World and not on all of your worlds.

  • Step 9: Open your game

After following every step mentioned above you will be able to disable cheats and commands in your Minecraft World. Open your edited world and check if you have done it right.

To disable cheats and commands in all of your worlds you will have to follow these steps again and disable them manually for every world. Playing without cheats will be difficult at first if you are accustomed to using them but it will be more fun and challenging.

If you are a new player and are finding it difficult to play Minecraft you can also enable them. Minecraft cheats and commands will help you a lot during your adventure. Cheats can help a player to do many things, some of them include

  • Switch game modes easily
  • Change the difficulty level of the game
  • Choose the weather of your choice
  • Teleport to various locations
  • Summon various creatures
  • Can switch off damages caused by fire and water

The list goes on as there are many cheats in Minecraft. If you also want to use some of these cheats you can learn how to enable cheats for your Minecraft World.

How to Turn on Cheats in Minecraft

These are the steps to follow if you want to enable cheats  in your Minecraft World

  • Step  1: Use NBTExplorer

In order to enable cheats in your Minecraft World, you will have to use NBTExplorer. You can simply download NBTExplorer from its website. NBTExplorer allows you to edit the game files and is very easy to download.

  • Step 2: Exit your game

After the download of NBTExplorer is done you can start the process to enable cheats. For that, you will have to exit your world. It will be better if you save your game before exiting it as this way you will not lose your progress.

  • Step 3: Open the NBTExplorer

For the next step, you will have to open your NBTExplorer and locate the “NBTExplorer.exe” file and open it.

  • Step 4: Select your desired world

Select the World in which you want to use cheats from the list of Saved Worlds. You can only select one world at a time and will have to repeat the process for a different world.

  • Step 5: Locate Level.dat folder

Now you will see many folders on your screen. You will have to locate the one called “level.dat” folder which is generally at the end of the list. After locating the “level.dat” folder click on it.

  • Step 6: Open Data Entries and then allowCommands

Now you will have to click on the Data Entries folder and open it, this will further show a set of commands. Find the allowCommands folder and click on it. It will be displayed as “allowCommands: 0” on your screen.

  • Step 7: Edit the “allowCommands : 0”

Now you will have to edit the “allowCommands : 0” folder. Click on it and an Edit Value box will pop up, you will have to change the “0” to a “1” in the pop-up box. Your allowCommands  should now look like “allowCommands: 1”.

  • Step 8: Save your Changes

After you have completed the step above you can save your changes and open your game. Now you will be able to use cheats in your Minecraft World.

Repeat the same steps if you want to Enable Cheats for your other Minecraft Worlds too. Have fun playing Minecraft and using all the cheats.


1- How to disable cheats in Minecraft?

To disable cheats in Minecraft you will have to install NBTExplorer. Then you will have to edit some files of Minecraft using NBTExplorer. You can do it by opening NBTExplorer then selecting your saved world by clicking on level.dat folder. From there you must select Data Entries and then select allowCommands. Change the 1 to a 0 and you will disable cheats in Minecraft.

2- Are there cheats in Minecraft?

Yes, there are many cheats in Minecraft and they are very easy to use. They can be really helpful for new players as they offer a lot of things in the game.

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