How to Unlock Solar Subclass Destiny 2

Guardian, welcome to the thrilling world of Destiny 2. You’ll have the chance to discover strong subclasses that enhance your powers and provide you fresh approaches to defeating evil as you travel the cosmos, perfecting your Light, and fighting tough adversaries.

The Solar subclass is one such subclass, imbued with the sun’s luminous vitality. You may use the power of fire to destroy your adversaries with flaming missiles and scorching explosions thanks to this dynamic class. However, in order to unlock the Solar subclass, you must complete a number of unique activities and challenges that call for skill, tenacity, and perseverance.

We’ll walk you through the process in this tutorial to enable the Solar subclass in Destiny 2. We’ll guide you through every step of achieving this fearsome subclass, from starting missions to taking down challenging foes. Here is our guide on How to unlock Solar subclass Destiny 2.

How to unlock Solar subclass Destiny 2?

How to unlock Solar subclass Destiny 2

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Guardian, as you explore Destiny 2’s expansive galaxy, you’ll realize the immense power of your Light. The Solar subclass stands as a flaming tribute to the might of the sun among the many subclasses that form your fighting skill. Unlocking the Solar subclass may take your gaming to scorching new levels with its flamboyant talents and pyromantic prowess.

This thorough tutorial will lead you through the procedures for obtaining the Solar subclass in Destiny 2. We’ll provide you with the skills and knowledge required to harness the sun’s radiance, from comprehending the requirements to undertaking crucial tasks and defeating dangerous foes.

STEP 1: Prerequisites: Leveling up and Gaining Experience

It’s important to make sure your Guardian has attained the required level and experience before getting into the technicalities of obtaining the Solar subclass. At level 7 or higher, Solar subclass unlocks often become accessible. You may level up and unlock the subclass slot by completing activities, the game’s story objectives, and killing opponents to earn experience points (XP).

STEP 2: Attain the ‘Spark of Light’: Jumpstart Your Journey

The ‘Spark of Light,’ an item that quickly raises a character’s level, is given to new players as part of Destiny 2’s expansions and upgrades. Use the “Spark of Light” to fast attain the necessary level for subclass unlocks if you’re starting again or if your character is below level 7.

Instead, enjoy the game’s narrative and activities to level up naturally before concentrating on the subclass if you prefer a more natural development.

STEP 3: Locating the Subclass NPC: Find Your Guide

When you attain the necessary level, you can access the Solar subclass by going to the Tower, the central location for Guardians. Find the subclass NPC for your class—for hunters, Arcite 99-40; for warlocks, Ikora Rey; and for titans, Commander Zavala. They will direct you through the remaining procedures to get access to the Solar subclass and provide crucial details about your new abilities.

STEP 4: Complete a Subclass Quest: Path of the Gunslinger, Dawnblade, or Sunbreaker

You will be given a mission that is particular to your class’s NPC and your Guardian’s Solar subclass after speaking with it. Warlocks choose the “Path of the Dawnblade,” Hunters start on the “Path of the Gunslinger,” and Titans start on the “Path of the Sunbreaker.”

As you embrace the Solar Road, each questline is customized to your class’s special skills and mythology, giving you an immersive experience.

STEP 5: Master the Quest Objectives: Trials and Challenges

The subclass questlines are complex, requiring you to complete a variety of activities and prevail in battle. Expect difficulties such as eliminating a set number of foes, performing accurate kills with a set of skills, and finishing mission goals in a set amount of time. Accept the challenge and hone your abilities as you advance through each stage of the journey.

STEP 6: Seek Valor in Crucible Combat

The Crucible is a crucial component of Destiny 2 for Guardians that like player versus player (PvP) warfare. You will be expected to demonstrate your ability in the Crucible and obtain a particular amount of kills or accomplish certain goals against other players as part of the subclass questline. Accept the ferocity of Crucible fights and let your Solar abilities show throughout the fray.

STEP 7: Conquer Challenging Strikes and Nightfalls

You must demonstrate your mettle in difficult PvE tasks if you want to fully harness the power of the Solar subclass. Strikes and Nightfalls are important activities for the subclass questlines, therefore take part in them both alone and with Fireteams. You’ll face a battle against powerful enemies and bosses as your subclass powers will be put to the test.

STEP 8: Invoke the Power of the Sun

You will finally succeed in the last quest challenge and finish your Solar subclass questline with perseverance and skill. Best wishes, Guardian! You now have control of the sun’s dazzling flames. Put on your newly acquired Solar subtype equipment and wreak havoc on the forces of evil with solar skills.

STEP 9: Upgrade Your Solar Abilities: Explore the Skill Tree

You’ve only just started your quest after unlocking the Solar subclass. As you collect experience and level up your subclass, you may unlock and improve a variety of skills and passives found on the skill tree. To best fit your playstyle and increase your effectiveness in various activities, experiment with different combinations.


The Solar subclass in Destiny 2 is unlocked via perseverance, bravery, and mastery as a Guardian. You will strengthen your bond with the radiance of the sun by leveling up, accumulating experience, and completing difficult missions, Crucible fights, and PvE activities.

Accept the challenges that lie ahead, Guardian, for the Solar subclass will give you the ability to control the ferocious fires of fate. Go forth and face the night with a blazing that can never be put out as you have the sun at your back and the Light in your heart. As you go out on grand excursions across the heavens, let the Solar subclass serve as your north star.

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