How to Unlock Void Subclass Destiny 2

Guardian, welcome to the exciting realm of Destiny 2. You’ll learn the immense power of your Light via many subclasses as you travel the galaxy and face the powers of evil. The Void subtype stands out among them as a mystical and enigmatic power that is capable of influencing the fundamental nature of space and time.

But in order to fully fulfill the potential of the Void subclass, a number of particular jobs and difficulties must be overcome. This article will walk you through the process of obtaining the Destiny 2 subclass Void.

We will provide you with the knowledge and techniques required to harness the fearsome power of the Void, from levelling up to completing specialised quests and difficult missions. Guardian, embrace the darkness and let the power of the Void flow through you. Here is our guide on How to unlock Void subclass Destiny 2.

How to unlock Void subclass Destiny 2

How to unlock Void subclass Destiny 2

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Guardian, you’ll quickly discover that controlling the power of the Light is the key to conquering the darkness that threatens mankind as you set out on your epic quest across the Destiny 2 universe. The Void subclass is one of the several you may choose from, and it has magic and power of its own.

This subclass has special skills that can tip the balance of combat in your favor since it has the ability to control the essence of the Void.

This thorough tutorial will lead you through the procedures necessary to enable the Void subtype in Destiny 2. We will provide you with the knowledge and tactics required to control the mighty force of the Void, from leveling up your Guardian to taking on specialized tasks and overcoming daunting obstacles.

STEP 1: Prerequisites: Leveling Up and Gaining Experience

It is essential to confirm that your Guardian has attained the required level and accumulated sufficient experience before digging into the mechanics of obtaining the Void subclass. Normally, Void subclass unlocks appear if you’ve attained level 7 or above.

You may level up and unlock the subclass slot by doing different tasks, including story objectives, and taking down foes. Experience points (XP) are earned by doing these things.

STEP 2: Attain the ‘Spark of Light’

The “Spark of Light” is a useful item that Destiny 2 offers to new players or those creating new characters. By immediately raising your Guardian’s level using this item, you might be able to access the Void subclass earlier. The game’s material may, however, be explored at the player’s own speed by those who want a more natural progression.

STEP 3: Finding the Subclass NPC

Go to the Tower, the center for Guardians, after your Guardian reaches the necessary level to unlock the Void subtype. Look for the subclass NPC that belongs to your class, such as Commander Zavala for Titans, Arcite 99-40 for Hunters, and Ikora Rey for Warlocks.

These knowledgeable mentors will lead you through the procedures required to unlock the Void subclass and provide an understanding of your new abilities.

STEP 4: Complete a Subclass Quest

You will start a customized questline tailored to your Guardian’s Void subclass after speaking with the NPC for your class. Warlocks travel the “Path of the Voidwalker,” Hunters follow the “Path of the Nightstalker,” and Titans follow the “Path of the Sentinel.”

Each questline explores the special skills and mythology of your class, giving you an immersive experience as you harness the energies of the Void.

STEP 5: Master the Quest Objectives

The questlines for the Void subclass are complex, requiring you to accomplish a variety of activities and win battles. Expect difficulties including eliminating particular foes, getting accurate kills with Void powers, and finishing mission goals within a certain amount of time. Accept the challenges put forth and hone your abilities as you advance through each stage of the journey.

STEP 6: Seek Dominance in The Crucible

The Crucible is a crucial component of Destiny 2 for Guardians that like player-against-player (PvP) warfare. You will need to prove your skill in The Crucible by getting a specified amount of kills or completing a set of tasks against other players as part of the subclass questline. Accept the ferocity of Crucible fights and use it to display the might of the Void.

STEP 7: Conquer Formidable Strikes and Nightfalls

You must demonstrate your mettle in difficult PvE actions if you want to truly embrace the power of the Void subtype. Strikes and Nightfalls are important activities for the subclass questlines, therefore take part in them both alone and with Fireteams. You will encounter challenging enemies and monsters as you put your subclass talents to the test.

STEP 8: Embrace the Void’s Power

You will ultimately succeed in the last quest challenge and finish the questline for your Void subtype with perseverance and skill. Best wishes, Guardian! You now have access to the power of the Void. Put on your freshly obtained Void subtype equipment and unleash the ethereal light on the forces of evil.

STEP 9: Upgrade Your Void Abilities

You have only just started your quest after unlocking the Void subtype. As you collect experience and level up your subclass, you may unlock and improve a variety of skills and passives found on the skill tree. To best fit your playstyle and increase your effectiveness in various activities, experiment with different combinations.


Unlocking the Void subtype in Destiny 2 as a Guardian is a sign of your bravery, talent, and commitment. You have developed a link with the elusive forces of the Void via completing specialized tasks, leveling up to the necessary level, dominating Crucible fights, and overcoming PvE obstacles.

Guardian, embrace the darkness and let the power of the Void to flow through you. You are prepared to take on the darkness that the cosmos harbors thanks to the Void subtype. Your path to becoming a real master of the Light has just begun as you harness the essence of the Void. As you continue your explorations of the stars, may the Void direct your course and make your light shine even brighter.

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