How to plant Corn in Farming Simulator 23 | Guide

Welcome to Farming Simulator 23, an immersive environment where you can experience the rewards and hardships of managing your very own virtual farm. One of the various crops that may be grown is corn, which is a favorite of many people who enjoy farming. We shall examine the technique of planting corn in this manual because it is a crucial skill for any aspiring virtual farmer.

Every step is crucial for increasing your corn output, from picking the appropriate machinery, such as tractors and planters, to getting the land ready.

We’ll look at several planting methods, the ideal time to plant your corn,  and the crucial upkeep required during its growth. In order to assist you in overcoming potential barriers and fostering a prosperous corn crop, we will also address typical difficulties like insect control and weather conditions. Here is our guide on How to plant Corn in Farming Simulator 23 | Guide.

Where to Buy Corn in Farming Simulator 23

In this thorough tutorial, we’ll go over all the options for buying corn in Farming Simulator 23 as well as the things you should think about before buying.

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The In-Game Marketplace

The in-game market in Farming Simulator 23 is one of the main places to purchase corn. You may find a number of online merchants selling various crops, like corn, here. Players wishing to diversify their crop selection have an accessible choice in the marketplace thanks to the game’s user interface.

Keep a watch out for corn’s changing pricing when perusing the in-game market because they might vary depending on market demand, the environment, and other in-game elements. To increase your income when you harvest and sell the corn later, benefit from purchasing it while the price is low.

Silos and Grain Storage

Farming Simulator 23 players frequently purchase corn through silos and grain storage facilities. You can preserve the harvest from your corn crops in these facilities for later use or sale. You may keep more corn if you own your own silos, which will help you avoid price volatility and sell at a profit.

You may store additional corn by upgrading your silos and grain storage facilities, which will increase their capacity. This may be a huge benefit during the height of harvest when prices tend to be lower since there is an oversupply of food.

Contract Work and Missions

Players in Farming Simulator 23 can accept a range of assignments and contracts from other virtual farms or organizations. Some of these tasks can entail procuring and distributing corn to certain areas.

In addition to receiving financial recompense for successfully completing these tasks, you will also have the chance to sell your corn at a predetermined price, which may be advantageous if the mission’s reward is less than the market price.

To take advantage of such chances, keep an eye out for contracts that contain corn that are now accessible. You may increase your agricultural income and extend your farm by completing these assignments.

Corn Seed Purchases

Purchasing corn seeds is a crucial part of farming, even if it is not immediately connected to purchasing corn for consumption or sale. You must first acquire corn seeds from particular in-game merchants in order to begin cultivating corn on your virtual farm. These seeds are available on the open market or at specialized stores that serve the requirements of farmers.

To improve yields and disease resistance and increase your overall profitability while harvesting, make sure you purchase high-quality corn seeds.

Farm-to-Farm Transactions

You are not acting in isolation in Farming Simulator 23’s expansive virtual universe. You may create trade networks and carry out farm-to-farm transactions by interacting with other virtual farms. This entails trading directly with other players for corn or purchasing corn from them when you urgently want it or when market prices are unfavorable.

Participating in online forums or multiplayer games can provide access to such exchanges, fostering a vibrant game economy and improving the farming experience as a whole.

How to buy Corn seeds in Farming Simulator 23

This thorough tutorial will walk you through every step of the process of purchasing corn seeds in Farming Simulator 23 so you can effectively begin your corn farming endeavors.

STEP 1: Accessing the In-Game Marketplace

Accessing the in-game market is the first step toward getting corn seeds. When you open the game’s UI, you’ll see a section just for buying things, such as seeds. You may browse the various seed alternatives by selecting the “Market” or “Shop” tab.

STEP 2: Selecting the Corn Seeds

Look for the corn seeds category once you’re in the game’s marketplace. You can easily find corn seeds since the seeds are often organized according to the type of crop. To discover more information about the v seed of your choice, including its price, quantity per purchase, and any other facts about its qualities or traits, click on it.

STEP 3: Reviewing Seed Information

It’s crucial to read the details of the corn seeds before making a purchase. Pay attention to the unit pricing because it will have an impact on your entire spending plan and profitability. Additionally, take into account the characteristics of the seed, such as its potential for yield, its resistance to illnesses, and its rate of growth, since these aspects will affect your crop’s long-term performance.

STEP 4: Checking Your Budget

Make sure you have the money to buy what you want. If you don’t have enough money, think about additional ways to get money, including finishing missions, selling animals or crops you already have, or working on contracts. To get corn seeds and run your virtual farm effectively, you need enough money.

STEP 5: Making the final payment

Proceed to make the transaction after deciding on the corn seeds and ensuring that you have adequate cash. To purchase the seeds, click on the “Buy” or “Purchase” button. The corn seeds will be added to your inventory when the transaction is finished, and you can then start planting.

How to Plant Corn in Farming Simulator 23

Farming Simulator 23 provides users with a realistic simulation of farming, enabling them to grow a diverse selection of plants on their virtual farms. Corn, a crop that is both adaptable and necessary in the world of agriculture, is consistently ranked as one of the most popular options.

It is essential to have a firm grasp on the skill of planting corn seeds in order to have a fruitful corn crop. In this in-depth tutorial, we will teach you how to plant corn seeds in Farming Simulator 23 by walking you through the process step-by-step.

By the end of the tutorial, you will be armed with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful virtual farmer and get the most out of your corn harvest.

STEP 1: Getting the Field Ready

To achieve ideal growth conditions, the field must be ready before planting corn. The land should be cleared of any obstructions or trash, and a smooth and fruitful bed should be made for the seeds using cultivating and plowing tools.

STEP 2: Planting Corn Seeds

Pick your corn seeds from your stock once the field is ready. Choose the appropriate field where you wish to plant the corn if you have numerous fields available. Utilize an appropriate planter or seeder, fasten it to your tractor, and go across the field while scattering corn seeds.

STEP 3: Giving Adequate Care

The work you must still do as a virtual farmer after sowing the corn seeds. To achieve a plentiful harvest, corn has to be properly cared for and attended to throughout its growth cycle. To prevent under or overwatering and nutritional shortages, keep an eye on the weather as well as the levels of water and nutrients.

STEP 4: Controlling Weeds and Pests

It’s essential to keep your corn free of weeds and pests to promote good development. Watch for indications of infestations or weed development and take immediate action if necessary. To protect your crop, think about applying the necessary pesticides or organic practices.

STEP 5: Harvesting the corn

When your corn is fully grown, it’s time to gather the golden crop. To gather the harvested corn, use an appropriate harvester and get a trailer ready. To avoid spoiling and increase your revenues, properly store the harvested corn in silos or other grain storage facilities.


When starting a successful virtual farm in Farming Simulator 23, one of the most important steps to do is to purchase corn seeds. If you follow this step-by-step instruction, you will get the information necessary to enter the in-game marketplace, choose the best corn seeds, and get started with your corn farming endeavor.

If you want a bountiful harvest of corn, you need to make sure that your field is properly prepared, that it receives the appropriate care, and that it is protected from pests and weeds.

Keep in mind that paying close attention to detail, engaging in strategic planning, and engaging in farming practices that are beneficial to the land can lead to a successful and satisfying virtual farming experience with corn serving as your treasured crop.

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