What can you do with Dark Fragments in Blox Fruits

Roblox develops as a visionary force, combining user creativity and immersive gameplay to construct an unrivalled virtual environment. Join the worldwide phenomenon that is redefining gaming by igniting aspirations and dissolving barriers. Enter Roblox, where the possibilities are endless.

Blox Fruits is a game that allows you to explore an open environment and combat opponents with skills and powers. It is one of Roblox’s most popular games. 

Now, the ultimate key to achieving extraordinary strength is to uncover the actual potential of mystical elements. And if you want to be very powerful in the game, you must get the Dark Fragment.

In a nutshell, by using the Dark Fragment, you gain access to new weapons while leveling up your existing ones. Do you now want to know how to obtain and what you can do with Dark Fragments?

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Look no further since our quick guide is right here, ready for you to dive into.

How do I obtain Dark Fragments

You may wonder how. There are two ways in which you can obtain it. Firstly, you can defeat a Sea Beast, which is a tough challenge, and secondly, you can discover it in the Second Sea chests.

You can also find The Fist of Darkness using these methods. However, it cannot be stored in your bag and will be lost upon death, forcing you to regain it all over again.

Elaborating on the first method, once you have obtained the Fist of Darkness, go to the Dark Arena in the Second Sea and set it on the center altar. This summons Darkbeard, the terrifying level 1,000 raid boss.

After beating the boss, everyone who took part in the battle will earn 1,500 fragments, Dark Fragment, as well as a three-level raise. 

But hold on, there’s more! You also have a 2% chance of getting theDark Coat accessory, which gives you +600 health, +600 energy, and +15% fruit damage.

You may now upgrade or acquire unique goods in the game now that you have the extremely sought-after Dark Fragment.

The list of goods that may be gained or enhanced using Dark Fragments is a treasure trove of uncommon and precious gifts that will entice you to return for more. But be warned: getting Dark Fragments is not for the faint of heart.

Dark Fragment

What can you do with Dark Fragments in Blox Fruits?

We know you’re wondering what to do with your unique Dark Fragments now that you’ve obtained them. Don’t worry; we’ve answered your question below!

Are you unhappy with basic upgrades? Well, why not explore the realm of unique mythical upgrades?

We know you can perform these upgrades, as you are one of those gamers with outstanding talents and the guts to fully master your weapons. 

The upgrades are currently available for the explosive Bazooka, the deadly Dark Blade, the stealthy Dark Dagger, and the soulful Soul Guitar.

 These upgrades, such as the Bazooka Mastery and the Dark Blade’s Shadow Clone, provide unprecedented power and skills.

But let us tell you that making upgrades is not easy since it requires a significant commitment. We know you’re a dedicated gamer, which is why we believe you can pull it off.

Furthermore, you can use Dark Fragments to upgrade your weapons. This can bring you a variety of perks, such as enhanced damage, new abilities, and improved stats.

It’s beneficial because it can help you beat bosses and other foes in the game, increasing your chances of getting the Soul Guitar through drops.

  •  Bazooka

Embark on an exciting journey and wield the explosive power of the Bazooka! This tremendous weapon is ideal for annihilating enemies with a single blast.

You can upgrade it using Dark Fragments combined with 15 Dragon Scale and 10 Magma Ore.

Once you’ve got what you need, head over to the Blacksmith NPC and select the “Upgrade Weapon” option. Choose your trusty Bazooka and use the Dark Fragments to upgrade its mastery.

With each mastery level upgrade, your Bazooka will become even more deadly, dealing more damage and taking out enemies with ease.

But always remember that higher levels will require more Dark Fragments, so make sure to collect as many as possible.

  • Dark Blade and Dark Dagger

With its intimidating black aura and razor-sharp edge, the Dark Blade can easily slice through even the strongest opponents. Its tremendous force and ruthless efficiency make it a favorite among fighters seeking to dominate the battlefield.

Meanwhile, the Dark Dagger is a weapon of deception and it’s for you if prefer a subtle approach. It can deliver devastating blows to unsuspecting rivals.

Now, head over to the Blacksmith NPC and use 1 dark fragment, 15 Dragon Scale, and 10 Magma Ore to upgrade your Dark Blade.

Similarly, use 1 Dark Fragment, 8 Dragon scale, and 10 Scrap Metal to upgrade your Dark Dagger.

  • Soul Guitar

In Blox Fruits, the Soul Guitar is a unique and powerful weapon that can cause massive damage to adversaries while also delivering a variety of powers that can alter the tide of combat.

To upgrade your Soul Guitar, you’ll first need to head over to the Blacksmith NPC on any island. You will require 1 Dark Fragment, 250 Ectoplasm, and 500 Bones.

Now, once you have all of these items, select the “Upgrade” option. From there, you can choose your Soul Guitar and overpower it with upgrades.

We know collecting all the required items can get tiresome, but to become the best Roblox Blox Fruits player, you have to work hard.

It’s always good to have new ways to eliminate your enemies and show off your awesome skills to other players.


In summary, using Dark Fragments to upgrade your weapons in Blox Fruits is not only a way to become stronger but also a way to unleash your full potential and take on the game’s toughest challenges with ease.

So don’t hesitate, embrace the power of Dark Fragments, and become the ultimate warrior in Blox Fruits.

This brings an end to our instructive guide, and we really hope that some of the tips were useful in answering your question. We promise that the remaining pieces we have on Roblox are also worthwhile reading.

Follow us for gaming news and guides, and until next time, stay safe and, as usual, keep reading.

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