20 Ways to Die in RimWorld

There are infinite ways to meet one’s fate in the harsh and unpredictably hostile world of RimWorld, where you must lead a group of colonists through the difficulties of existence. RimWorld features a wide range of possible dangers that might mean death for your colonists, including the inhospitable environment, raider raids, illnesses, and even internal colony conflicts.

As a warning to both newbies and seasoned players, this article discusses the gloomy and varied range of situations that might result in death in RimWorld.

Understanding these threats is essential for successful colony management and strategic decision-making because it enables you to plan for the worst while pursuing the ultimate objective of establishing a flourishing, self-sufficient community on the galaxy’s edge. Here are 20 ways to die in RimWorld.

20 Ways to Die in RimWorld

20 ways to die in RimWorld

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The sci-fi colony management game RimWorld, which has received a lot of positive feedback, is known for having very difficult and violent gameplay. As you lead a colony of survivors through the harsh and unpredictable ecosystems of other worlds, you will come across a number of dangers that might result in the extinction of your people.

In this exhaustive guide, we will provide 20 different ways in which your cherished colonists in RimWorld might meet their untimely fate, serving as a jarring reminder of the unrelenting nature of the game.

1. Assaults Launched by Raiders

In RimWorld, the existence of raider factions is one of the most frequently encountered types of danger. These hostile organizations will launch attacks on your colony on a regular basis in an effort to plunder and destroy it. A raider invasion can fast lead to fatalities and possibly the destruction of your colony if your defenses are inadequate or if your colonists are unprepared.

2. Wildlife Predators

The extraterrestrial worlds that makeup RimWorld are filled with a wide variety of living forms, some of which are lethal. When traveling into the woods, your colonists should always exercise extreme caution since they might encounter anything from gigantic alpha predators to man-hunting groups of ravenous beasts.

It only takes one wrong move to put yourself in danger of being devoured by a ravenous animal.

3. Infections and Diseases

In the absence of adequate medical facilities and trained medical personnel, infectious illnesses and infections have the potential to rapidly spread throughout your colony. If you do not pay attention to the health of your colonists, it is possible that their conditions could rapidly deteriorate, which might ultimately end in death.

4. Mental Meltdowns

It is essential to ensure that your colonists’ mental health is in good shape because a declining mood might lead to mental breakdowns. When colonists are under a significant amount of stress or despair, they have a higher risk of engaging in violent outbursts, hurting themselves, or even mentally collapsing, leaving them unable to carry out necessary chores.

5. Dying of Starvation

In RimWorld, it is of the utmost importance to keep a constant supply of food available. Your colonists run the risk of starving to death if you are unable to get sufficient food sources or if you do not properly manage your stockpiles. A lack of food may have a negative impact on one’s mood and, if not corrected, can even lead to death.

6. Heatstroke and low body temperature

Your colonists are at risk for death if they are exposed to temperatures that are either extremely cold or extremely hot. In temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, they run the risk of suffering from hypothermia, and in temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius, they run the risk of suffering from heatstroke.

7. Toxic Fallout

Your colonists could have no choice but to remain indoors for lengthy periods of time if random natural catastrophes like hazardous fallout take place. They might be subject to extreme radiation exposure, which could result in illness and, in some circumstances, death if they do not have appropriate supplies or a suitable shelter.

8. Infestations

The insectoid animals of RimWorld can be found living at great depths below. When there is an infestation, these insects will emerge to launch an assault on your colony. If they are not well equipped, your colonists run the risk of being overrun by the sheer quantity and fury of the underground beasts.

9. Mental and Physical Trauma

In RimWorld, colonists are susceptible to a wide range of traumatic experiences, both mentally and physically. These traumatic experiences can have long-lasting repercussions on a person’s emotional well-being as well as their physical skills, and they may even lead to lifelong impairments or psychiatric problems in some cases.

These experiences can range from losing limbs in accidents to witnessing awful occurrences.

10. Manhunter Packs

Certain situations have the potential to set off manhunter packs, which is when a group of animals becomes hostile and violent towards humans. If proper precautions aren’t taken, these raging beasts may swiftly transform your quiet colony into a bloody battleground, which can end in death and destruction if the situation isn’t managed carefully.

11. Assaults using Toxic Spewers

There are poisonous spewer plants that may be found in some RimWorld biomes. These plants expel poisonous clouds. If your colonists are unfortunate enough to be trapped in one of these poisonous clouds without the proper protective gear, they run the risk of suffering severe poisoning and even passing away.

12. Cannibalism and desperation

Cannibalism is the last option that colonists may turn to when their chances of survival are extremely low. This behavior is ethically repugnant, and it has the potential to bring about major mood penalties as well as social turmoil in your colony. The dismal reality is that in order to survive, many colonies are going to have to consider this option.

13. Mental Attrition

Your colonists’ mental fortitude may weaken over time if they are subjected to RimWorld’s harsh reality for an extended period of time. Their mental health might gradually deteriorate as a result of being isolated, witnessing deaths, and living in an environment where they are always in danger, which may culminate in breakdowns or withdrawal from colony life.

14. Friendly Fire

In RimWorld, friendly fire is a persistent danger, especially during the frenetic firefights that frequently break out. Careless colonists may endanger or even murder their fellow settlers, which would result in both physical and psychic fatalities for the group.

15. Exhaustion caused by Excessive Work

Your colonists might reach the point of weariness if they are forced to work too much and are not given enough time to rest. If they are not allowed time to recoup and are required to have a balanced work schedule, they run the danger of collapsing from sheer tiredness, which can have major implications for their health.

16. Abuse of Alcohol and Other Substances

It is possible for colonists to become addicted to alcohol or other narcotics, which can result in dependency as well as withdrawal symptoms. If they are unable to obtain these substances, they may have significant mood swings and even circumstances that are life-threatening throughout the withdrawal process.

17. Solar Eruptions and the Risk of Electricity Outages

Because of RimWorld’s erratic weather, solar flares, which momentarily render all electrical equipment inoperable, are a possibility. During these occurrences, the fate of your colony might be in jeopardy if it does not have access to sufficient backup power sources or stockpiles of crucial products.

18. Infighting and Social Conflict

In a RimWorld colony, tensions can run high, which can lead to social problems and even acts of violence. Conflicts and antagonism among colonists that are not resolved can lead to lethal conflicts that put the safety and security of the entire colony in jeopardy.

19. Lightning Strikes and Fire

Lightning and thunderstorms are part of the dynamic weather system that RimWorld has. Lightning strikes have the ability to start flames in buildings or crops, which can spread quickly and devour everything in their path, including any colonists who are unfortunate enough to be trapped in the conflagration.

20. Psychic Attacks

Certain occurrences in RimWorld have the potential to release psychic disturbances, which can have an impact on the mental state of your colonists. Long-term exposure to these disruptions might cause mental breakdowns, putting the lives of your colonists in jeopardy.


Players have a wide variety of options at their disposal in RimWorld, thanks to the game’s complicated and punishing gameplay mechanics, for bringing their colonists’ lives to an unfortunate end. The efficient administration of a colony and the making of strategic decisions both need a solid understanding of these dangers.

In the RimWorld world, death is an ever-present specter; but, it is also an opportunity to learn, adapt, and work towards the ultimate objective, which is to establish a thriving, self-sustaining community on the furthest rim of the galaxy.

Be sure to keep these treacherous obstacles in mind as you prepare to go on your next journey managing a colony, and may your colonists confront whatever befalls them with a sense of fortitude and perseverance no matter how difficult the circumstances.

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