18 Best Stardew Valley Mods Android (2023)

Players have been intrigued by the agricultural simulation game Stardew Valley due to its endearingly antiquated aesthetics, interesting gameplay, and immersive setting. Your agricultural journey may be taken to a whole new level with the inclusion of modifications, despite the fact that the standard game already provides a satisfying experience.

Even while the majority of Stardew Valley mods have been connected to playing the game on a personal computer, the modding community for Android has also expanded substantially, bringing a wide variety of intriguing improvements to the mobile version of the game.

In this post, we will discuss 10 essential modifications for the Android version of Stardew Valley that may improve your gameplay, add new features, and give your virtual farm a new lease on life. Here is our guide on Best Stardew Valley Mods Android.

Best Stardew Valley Mods Android

1. Modification of Expanded Options

stardew valley expanded

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The Expanded Options mod extends the range of personalization options available in the Android version of Stardew Valley. It gives you the ability to change a variety of components of the game, such as the number of farm layouts you may choose from, the personalization choices for your character, and even the amount of pets you can keep.

You will have the ability to build a really one-of-a-kind and individualized gaming experience if you install this mod and use it to personalize your farm.

2. Automation Mods

Automation Mods

The Automation mod completely changes the dynamic for productive farming in the game. It does this by implementing automated systems to execute duties such as watering crops, feeding animals, and other similar activities.

You will have more time to devote to tasks that will provide you with a greater sense of satisfaction when you use the Automation mod, such as exploring the mines or cultivating connections with the citizens of the town.

3. Seasonal Villager Outfits Mod

Seasonal Villager Outfits Mod

The Seasonal Villager Outfits mod is an absolute need if you enjoy observing the inhabitants of Pelican Town adapt their attire to match the shifting of the seasons. Your interactions with the villagers will take on a more lifelike quality and seem more immersive as a result of this mod’s addition of clothing that changes with the seasons and is worn by the locals.

4. Cooking Skill Mod

Cooking Skill Mod

The Cooking Skill mod adds a completely new skill tree to the game that focuses on a player’s culinary expertise. You will be able to learn new recipes, get benefits linked to cooking, and even establish your own restaurant in Pelican Town if you download and install this mod.

Develop your skills in the kitchen and establish a name for yourself as a celebrated chef in addition to being a successful farmer.

5. Tractor Mod

Tractor Mod

The upkeep of a farm may be a time-consuming endeavor, particularly as the size of the farm increases. The Tractor mod adds a fully-customizable tractor to the game, which can simplify the processes of plowing, planting, and harvesting crops.

This modification helps to streamline and improve the efficiency of farming chores by adding attachments such as seeders, sprinklers, and harvesters.

6. NPC Map Locations

NPC Map Locations

Stardew Valley’s expansive area might make it difficult to track down certain non-playable characters at times. Your in-game map will be updated with markers that show the real-time positions of all characters if you download and install the NPC Map positions patch.

You will no longer need to travel about aimlessly in search of someone since with just a fast peek at the map, you will be able to locate everyone.

7. Chests Anywhere Mod

Chests Anywhere Mod

Are you sick of having to constantly travel between your farm and your chests in order to properly manage your inventory? With the Chests Anywhere mod installed, you will be able to open any of your game’s storage chests from any location in the world.

Because of this convenience, you won’t have to make as many excursions, and you’ll be able to devote more of your time to performing useful activities.

8. Horse Whistle Mod

Horse Whistle Mod

When the Horse Whistle mod is installed, it is much simpler to call upon your reliable mount. If you blow the whistle, your horse will come racing to pick you up rather than you having to walk large distances.

This will save you time and energy. This modification greatly cuts down on the amount of time needed for travel, making both exploration and transit much more effective.

9. Skull Cavern Elevator Mod

Skull Cavern Elevator Mod

It is possible that navigating the perilous depths of the Skull Cavern will prove to be a challenging endeavor. The Skull Cavern Elevator mod adds an elevator to the game, which allows you to rapidly descend to lower levels without having to continuously travel down the ladder.

This saves time and eliminates the annoyance of having to do so. When mining for rare materials, using this mod will save you time and improve the overall gameplay experience.

10. Expanded Fridge Mods

Expanded Fridge Mods

Are you starting to run out of room in the refrigerator? The Expanded Fridge mod raises the refrigerator’s storage capacity, enabling you to keep a greater number of consumables and ingredients within it.

Cooking and crafting will be much simpler for you as a result of this mod’s ability to store resources so that you never have to worry about running out of materials.

11. Expanded Mining

Expanded Mining

The Expanded Mining mod breathes a tonne of fresh life into the Stardew Valley mining experience by adding a plethora of new features. While exploring the mines, you will now have the opportunity to find new types of ores, minerals, and geodes.

You will have more possibilities to acquire rare materials, you will be able to improve your mining abilities, and you will unlock interesting new crafting recipes if you use this mod.

12. Fishing Overhaul Mod

Fishing Overhaul Mod

The Fishing Overhaul mod is something that you really need to have if you enjoy fishing in Stardew Valley. It changes the way fishing works, which makes it a more difficult and satisfying activity overall.

This patch will improve the general gameplay balance of fishing by adding new fishing areas all throughout the world, new fishing spots in specific locations, and new fish species to capture.

13. Animal Sitter Mod

Stardew Valley Mods Android Animal Sitter Mod

For time-pressed farmers, the Animal Sitter mod offers a helpful and time-saving option. When you are away from your animals or unable to tend to them yourself, you may hire an NPC to take care of them for you with the help of this mod.

Your cattle will be fed, petted, and their health will be monitored by the animal sitter that you have engaged, freeing you up to concentrate on other duties without having to worry about the requirements of your animals.

14. Expanded Foraging Mod

Stardew Valley Mods Android Expanded Foraging Mod

The Expanded Foraging mod is sure to be a hit with players that enjoy scavenging since it increases the number of unique wild things that may be discovered in each season. This modification makes new forageable objects available all around the game area.

These items include things like fruits, flowers, mushrooms, and more. It adds a dash of excitement to foraging trips, turning each outing into a pleasant experience that holds the possibility of unusual discoveries.

15. Marriage Expansion Mod

Stardew Valley Mods Android Marriage Expansion Mod

The Marriage Expansion mod is a fantastic option to go with if you want to strengthen the connections you have with other players in Stardew Valley. This add-on broadens the scope of the game’s marriage mechanic by incorporating more scenarios, conversations, and interactions with your partner.

You and your in-game spouse will have a richer, more genuine experience of married life if you use this mod. It will also help you grow closer to one another.

16. Greenhouse Mod

Stardew Valley Mods Android Greenhouse Mod

The Greenhouse mod expands the capabilities of your in-game greenhouse, providing you with additional choices and opportunities for growing crops throughout the year. You will be able to cultivate a wider variety of plants, bring in fresh fruiting trees, and even alter the outward aspect of your greenhouse by using this mod.

Your agricultural potential will be maximized, and you will have a larger opportunity to experiment with a variety of crops and methods of planting as a result.

17. UI Info Suite Mod

UI Info Suite Mod

The UI Info Suite mod puts all the information and data you could possibly need right at your fingertips. It displays precise information about various crops, animals, and weather conditions, which helps to improve the user experience.

This mod provides you with the information you need to make educated decisions about farming, efficiently manage your operations, and increase your overall output on the farm.

18. Immersive Farm 2 Remastered Mod

Immersive Farm 2 Remastered Mod

Your farm will be transformed into a setting that is both aesthetically attractive and immersive when you install the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered mod. It includes a variety of new farm layouts, scenic elements, and individualized building design options.

You will have the ability to design a farm that is a reflection of your personal style and preferences when you use this mod. This will make your time spent farming far more gorgeous and fun.

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