How to Remove Rocks from Andy and Marnies farms (Stardew Valley Expanded)

The Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) mod, created by ConcernedApe, is a well-liked addition to the agricultural simulation game Stardew Valley. This extensive mod enhances the already immersive gaming experience by adding additional locales, people, events, and much more.

The inclusion of Andy and Marnie’s farms, two distinctive locales that provide new chances for players to explore and further their agricultural endeavors, is one of the exciting novelties in Stardew Valley Expanded.

However, if players enter Andy and Marnie’s fields, they can run into a problem in the shape of rocks blocking their property. These boulders can impede game development in terms of farm growth, agriculture, and other areas.

We will go through numerous techniques and approaches in this post for efficiently removing rocks from Andy and Marnie’s farms in Stardew Valley Expanded. Here is our guide on How to remove rocks from Andy and Marnies farms (Stardew Valley Expanded).

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How to remove rocks from Andy and Marnies farms (Stardew Valley Expanded)

These boulders have the potential to obstruct progress, limit the extension of the farm, and make cultivation less effective. In this post, we will walk players through the many ways and strategies that can be used to properly remove rocks from Andy and Marnie’s farms in Stardew Valley Expanded. This will give players the ability to unlock the full potential of these farmsteads and allow them to produce more crops.

1. Collect the Necessary Equipment

It is imperative that you arm yourself with the appropriate equipment before beginning the task to remove rocks before you can proceed. You will require a pickaxe, which is necessary for breaking rocks, as well as a hoe, which may be used to till the soil after it has been cleaned of rocks.

2. Prepare a plan and establish your priorities

Take time to look around and figure out how you’re going to tackle the situation. Determine which boulders need to be removed first, taking into consideration how close they are to any crops or future construction sites.

A smooth progression and the prevention of wasted effort may be ensured by giving the removal of rocks that directly obstruct vital regions the highest priority.

3. Pickaxe Techniques

To remove rocks, you should position yourself such that you are near to them and swing your pickaxe. Depending on the size and resilience of the rock, it may take more than one blow to break it. It is important to keep in mind that the amount of force used to break apart various types of rocks might vary.

The organization of the farm will be enhanced, and easier movement will be possible as a result of clearing a roadway or a defined space.

4. Explosives and other Bombs

Consider using bombs or other explosive devices for a rock-clearing strategy that is significantly more effective. You may either acquire these goods from the Dwarf located in the Mines or make them yourself using the necessary components.

Put the bomb in close proximity to the group of rocks, and then get away as rapidly as you can before it explodes. However, employ extreme caution so that you do not endanger neighboring structures or crops.

5. Utilise Farm Animals

Using the reliable labor of your farm animals is an additional cutting-edge strategy for rock removal that has recently gained popularity. Acquire some animals, such as pigs or goats, as well as a barn or coop to house them in.

Providing them with unrestricted access to Andy and Marnie’s fields increases the likelihood that they would contact with the rocks there, which might result in the rocks being damaged or removed over time. Rocks may be removed with this approach in a way that is both relaxing and fun, even while attending to other responsibilities on the farm.

6. Utilise Mods

In the event that other modifications are used in conjunction with Stardew Valley Expanded, there may be some modules that give tools or features that are specifically catered to the removal of rocks. The use of these mods can result in the addition of new gameplay mechanisms or the provision of potent new tools.

Both of which made the process more efficient and pleasant. Investigate the community of modders and check out the many relevant sites in order to find prospective additions that improve your rock-clearing experience.

7. The qualities of perseverance and patience

The process of clearing rocks might take a significant amount of time and requires patience and effort. It is essential to keep a good outlook and to constantly remind oneself of the gratifying benefits that lie in store when the challenging job has been completed.

The work should be broken up into smaller, more manageable parts, and progress should be celebrated at regular intervals.

8. Upgrade your Pickaxe

It might be worth your while to visit the blacksmith in Pelican Town to improve your pickaxe. As you make progress in Stardew Valley, you’ll get better tool upgrades as a reward for your efforts.

The effectiveness of your pickaxe may be increased by upgrading it, which enables you to crush rocks more rapidly and with a reduced number of blows. Using the updated pickaxe will save you time and effort while also making the process of breaking up rocks easier.

9. Improve the quality of your Farmhouse

New options become available in Stardew Valley Expanded thanks to the upgraded farmhouse that comes with the expansion. You will be able to obtain access to more storage space as well as one-of-a-kind features if you upgrade your farmhouse to its maximum potential. The “Farm Utilities” room is an example of one of these features.

This room gives you the ability to clean rocks from your farm by just pressing a single button. When you unlock this feature, the process of removing rocks from your farm will become more streamlined, saving you time and effort in the process.

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