COD Mobile Chinese version Features Exclusive Map

Call of Duty: Mobile recently launched its Chinese beta version in the country today. Developed by Tencent, FPS multiplayer COD: mobile was launched last year in October when FPS giants like PUBG- Mobile and Free Fire had a monopoly in the market. Call of Duty came out of tough competition and gathered a lot of attention among the gaming community, earning about 327 Million USD in the first 8 months.

COD: Chinese Version and New Map –

In a tweet by Cosplayer and Gamer, @JC_RoseThorn, it was declared that the COD: Mobile Chinese version testing phase will be available from 25th December which saw around 50 Million Pre-registrations.

Today, @codmINTEL reported that the Chinese COD: Mobile Beta version is live now for players in China. The new release incorporates an absolutely exclusive map OASIS for the game. The Chinese version will also feature additional surprises and engaging content in the future.

Exclusive OASIS Map –

OASIS is a multiplayer map that has been released with the Chinese version of the Call of Duty: Mobile game. It was a map that was available in the DLC pack of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The map is located in an upscale desert hotel in Dubai.

The new map is yet under the testing phase and we may see many changes or updates in the upcoming time based on the response by Users. The new Chinese version comes with more surprises and promotional in-game events in the time to come.

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