COD Mobile: Credit Store Update Scheduled for Next Month

Over the period of one year, the game has evolved to become one of the most popular and downloaded games on the play store. The realistic graphics, fast-paced gameplay have really appealed to the player across the world.

Season 1 New Order of COD Mobile is live and running now. Players from all across the globe are swarming in to see what’s in store for them. Season 1 New Order of COD Mobile has brought with it a ton of characters, weapons, maps, modes, and much more.

Likewise, today we will be talking about one such feature of COD Mobile which brings a lot of freebies for the players of COD Mobile.

COD MOBILE: Credit Store Update

The Credit store of COD Mobile is a neat feature that is known to bring a lot of cosmetic rewards for the players from time to time. Players can use the Credits which they have earned via playing games to purchase skins, characters, and other rewards from the credit store.

With Season 1, came a fresh Credit Store which had the following new items:

  • (Uncommon) HS0405 – Uncertain
  • (Common) Perk – Tactician
  • (Rare) DR – H – Lunar Tide
  • (Rare) Merc 2 – Lunar Tide
  • (Epic) Calling Card – Monster in the Mask

Now, according to the RoadMap provided in the Reddit Community Post by Activision, the next Credit Store update is scheduled to arrive in COD Mobile in Mid-February.

We can’t wait for the new Credit store update to bring along new items for free. Until then keep grinding to earn Credits and save them for the next Credit Store update.

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