How to fix the Bus in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley, a well-liked agricultural simulation game, provides players with the opportunity to take a relaxing trip to a lively rural setting.

However, there is a major roadblock in the shape of a bus that is inoperable, which prevents players from entering an entirely new region of the game. Those who are keen to investigate the secrets that lie beyond must first complete the mission of repairing the bus.

The bus is a vital means of transportation in Stardew Valley since it allows players to explore new locations, characters, and resources. Players may also use the bus to travel between towns.

When the players first come upon the bus, though, it is in a terrible state of disrepair and they are unable to utilize it. Players have to accomplish a sequence of tasks, each of which requires a specific amount of resources, time, and effort to do.

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Here is our guide on How to fix the Bus in Stardew Valley.

How to fix the Bus in Stardew Valley

How to fix the Bus in Stardew Valley
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For players looking for fresh experiences and ways to broaden their horizons in the game, fixing the bus becomes a crucial objective. This article will go in-depth on how to fix the bus step-by-step, opening up a whole new world of Stardew Valley possibilities.

STEP 1: Finishing the Bundles for the Boiler Rooms

You must finish the Boiler Room bundles at the Community Centre as the first stage towards mending the bus. Players may contribute different goods to renovate the crumbling structure and breathe new life into the valley at the Community Centre, which serves as the game’s focal point.

Players will find various rooms, each devoted to a different bundle, inside the Community Centre. Players must finish the Boiler Room bundles in order to summon the Junimo spirits, supernatural beings who help with bridge maintenance.

Players must gather particular goods connected to mining, farming, fishing, and foraging in order to receive these bundles. Players will progressively restore the boiler room by completing the criteria of these bundles and placing the materials in the appropriate places.

The Junimo spirits will surface and restore the bridge leading to the bus once all of the bundles in the Boiler Room have been finished. Overnight, the bridge will be rebuilt, making the way to the bus area more accessible.

STEP 2: Obtaining the Sandfish

Now that the bridge has been fixed, players can go to the Desert. The Desert is a brand-new area that offers distinctive resources and possibilities in Stardew Valley. The bus area is located north of the recently rebuilt bridge in the Desert.

Players must acquire a unique artifact called the Sandfish in order to fix the bus. Fishing in the Calico Desert can allow you to catch sandfish. Go to the Oasis building in the Desert and pay Sandy, the proprietor of the Oasis shop, for a Bamboo Pole. Players may fish in the ponds dotted across the Desert with the Bamboo Pole.

Cast your line in a good fishing location in an effort to capture the elusive Sandfish. You’ll need both patience and timing to catch fish in Stardew Valley, so plan on putting in some time trying. Once you have the Sandfish in your possession, it is time to go to the following phase.

STEP 3: Analysing the Sandfish

It’s essential to analyze the Sandfish as soon as you obtain it in order to go forward with mending the bus. Speak with Gunther, the curator, in the Stardew Valley Museum in Pelican Town. Gunther will be happy to take the Sandfish and analyze it for you, giving you useful information.

Gunther will reward you with a battery blueprint after the analysis is finished. This blueprint is a crucial element needed to repair the bus. As you go to the following stage, be careful to preserve the plan in a secure location.

STEP 4: Gathering the Required Materials

It’s time to acquire the components needed to build the battery pack for the bus now that you have the battery layout in your possession. You will require the following items:

Quartz is melted in a furnace to produce refined Quartz. The Mines contain a lot of quartz, especially on levels 40 to 80. To make refined quartz, smelt the quartz in the furnace.

Five Solar Essences may be heated in a furnace to create Battery Packs. In the Mines, Ghosts and Squid Kids drop Solar Essences, and they may also be crafted from Solar Essence seeds.

Players must harvest Iron Ore and refine it in a furnace in order to produce Iron Bars. The Mines contain Iron Ore, mostly at levels 41–79. Take a pickaxe and enter the mines to begin mining iron ore. Return to your farm and smelt the iron ore there to produce iron bars after you have gathered enough of it.

STEP 5: Creating the Battery Pack

It’s time to construct the battery pack now that you have acquired all the necessary ingredients. Go to the “Furnace” tab in your crafting menu by opening it. The battery pack may be made with the battery blueprint, 10 Refined Quartz, 1 Battery Pack, and 10 Iron Bars in this location.

To begin creating, choose the battery pack and press the “Craft” button. Be patient; creating the battery pack will take some time. You will have the fully working battery pack in your inventory after the crafting is finished.

STEP 6: Fixing the bus

It’s time to repair the bus now that the battery pack is prepared. Interact with the broken-down bus by returning to the bus location in the Desert. You will be prompted to insert the battery pack when the time is right. Selecting this option will allow you to see the bus restart after the battery pack has been inserted.

Congratulations! You were successful in Stardew Valley in repairing the bus. Beyond the bus, the previously inaccessible region is now available for investigation. There are many brand-new activities, resources, and characters to meet in this brand-new region, referred to as the Calico Desert.

Finding new missions, unique goods, and even a casino where you may try your luck at different games are all made possible by exploring the Calico Desert. Make sure to fully utilise this newfound space and unearth all of its mysteries.

Keep in mind that repairing the bus is both a functional and symbolic accomplishment. It stands for development, growth, and the enlargement of your agricultural hegemony. So get aboard the bus and start your new journey through the Calico Desert.

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