(2023) How to Disable Hunger in Minecraft & Turn Off

Minecraft is a game in which players create structures, mine for materials, and go on adventures.

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Sometimes, users ask if it is possible to disable hunger in Minecraft. Well, for those asking the same question, this post is the one-stop solution.

How to Turn Off Hunger in Minecraft

Quick Answer: To turn off hunger in Minecraft, you can use server control or commands access and then disable the Hunger parameter.

Irrespective of how Minecraft looks when it comes to visuals, the developers have tried their best to make the game as realistic as possible.

So much so, that in Minecraft, players also have to keep their characters well-fed as there is a criterion called hunger which actually measures the hunger levels of your character.

Now, a lot of players want to play Minecraft without going through the hassle of gathering food. In this segment, we will tell your how to disable hunger in Minecraft and get a more peaceful gaming experience.

Follow the steps to disable hunger in Minecraft:

Method 1: Commands

You can use commands if you have access to them.

  • /effect [username or @a (for everyone)] 10 23 99999

Effect number 23 is the effect of saturation. It will refill your hunger bar. With the power set to 10, it will restore half of the hunger bar for each tick (you can raise it to 20 for the entire bar at a time).

Simply put in the command again to refresh it. You could simply create a button to accomplish that if you utilize Command Blocks (if you have access to commands).

A step-by-step approach to entering a command:

Step 1: Launch the Chat Window

Step 2: Navigate to the chatbox

In Minecraft, users could execute a command by typing it into the chatbox. The game control to open the chat window has changed due to a change in the Minecraft version.

  • On PC/Mac, use the T key to open the chat window.
  • Touch the chat button at the top of the Pocket Edition (PE) screen to get the chat help command.
  • On the Xbox One controller, hit the D-Pad (right).
  • On the PS4 controller, hit the D-Pad (right).
  • To use the Nintendo Switch, hit the right arrow button on the controller.
  • To launch the chat window on Windows 10 Edition, use the T key.
  • To utilize the Education Edition’s chat function, use the T key.

Step 3: Enter one of the commands:

  • /effect [username or @a (for everyone)] 10 23 99999
  • /effect @p minecraft:saturation 1000000 10 true

Method 2: Server Control

If you already own a server with Multiverse (plugin) you could do /mvm set hunger false or back to true if you want to. In this manner, hunger will not impact everyone in the universe.

Players could now play without getting involved in the hassle of collecting food in that particular world of Minecraft.

What is Hunger in Minecraft?

Hunger is a player-specific element in Minecraft that governs some abilities (such as health regeneration and sprinting), the value of which is determined by the player’s activities.

The hunger value of the player is demonstrated on the heads-up monitor in the shape of a hunger bar (or food bar), which is identical to the health bar (placed above the Hotbar) and symbolized by ten drumsticks.

One half of a drumstick symbolizes one hunger point or half-unit of hunger, thus the whole bar is made up of twenty hunger points.

It is refilled by consuming food and depleted by player activities like running, digging, and attacking.

The length of the Hunger Effect varies depending on how you get it. Go to your inventory menu to check how much time the effect has left.

Certain meals, when consumed, have a possibility of inflicting the Hunger effect on the player, causing the player’s food bar to decrease quicker and turn a yellow-green hue. Pufferfish, raw chicken (30% probability), and rotting meat are among these items.


1. How to Turn Off Hunger in Minecraft

Hunger in Minecraft can be turned off by using a set of commands like the ones mentioned below:

  • /effect [username or @a (for everyone)] 10 23 99999
  • /effect @p minecraft:saturation 1000000 10 true

It can also be turned off if the player owns a Server in Minecraft. Apart from that, players can also try the game out in Peaceful difficulty.

In the Peaceful difficulty mode, Minecraft doesn’t let the players get affected by Hunger. So, players can explore and play the game without the hassle of Hunger.

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