Fix: Can’t Plant Ancient Seed Stardew Valley

When it was first released in 2016, the famous agricultural simulation game known as Stardew Valley amassed a large number of devoted players. Players will run across a number of obstacles during the course of the game, one of which is the inability to grow ancient seeds, a crop that is in high demand since it produces valuable fruits.

Planting ancient seeds may appear to be a challenging endeavour, despite the fact that the game gives players a number of different opportunities to acquire these seeds. Many players are dissatisfied as a result of this constraint and are looking for methods to get around it so that they can take advantage of this extremely lucrative crop.

This article will discuss the reasons why players are unable to plant ancient seeds in Stardew Valley, as well as offer some advice on how players may get past this constraint and plant ancient seeds. Here is our guide on Fix: Can’t plant ancient seed Stardew Valley.

Why you can’t plant Ancient Seed Stardew Valley

Can't plant ancient seed Stardew Valley

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Short Answer: Ancient seeds cannot be planted directly in the ground in Stardew Valley. These must either be bought from the Traveling Cart seller or made into seed packets using the Seed Making machine.

The makers of Stardew Valley took the conscious decision to not provide the option to physically place ancient seeds in the ground as part of the game’s design. It provides an additional level of difficulty to the game and motivates players to devote time, resources, and effort to gaining the appropriate equipment and relationships in order to cultivate this lucrative crop.

In Stardew Valley, ancient seeds are extremely desirable to cultivate as a crop since they produce precious fruits that can be sold for a considerable amount of money. Nevertheless, in contrast to other types of crops in the game, ancient seeds can’t be put in the ground like normal crops.

Instead, players need to start by acquiring an ancient seed, which may be done through fishing, digging up relics, or buying it from the seller who travels with the Moving Cart.

Getting a hold of an ancient seed, one cannot just sow it in the ground and expect it to grow into a new plant. Instead, players will need to use the Seed Maker machine, which takes one ancient fruit and twenty units of hardwood, to convert the seed into a seed packet before they may use it.

When the player has attained farming level 9, the Seed Maker is available for purchase from Pierre’s General Store for the price of 2,000 gold.

Instead, players have the option of purchasing ancient seed packets directly from the Traveling Cart vendor for a price ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 gold, depending on the day and the amount of stock the vendor has.

This decision in the game’s design makes the game more difficult by requiring players to spend time and resources on acquiring the Seed Maker and developing connections with characters such as the Traveling Cart merchant.

It also pushes players to make use of other game elements, such as artifact digging and fishing, in order to acquire ancient seeds.

Fix: Can’t plant ancient seed Stardew Valley

It is crucial to understand why players are unable to plant ancient seeds directly in the ground before we dig into the remedies, so let’s start with that. The creators of the game intended to make it more difficult than it already was, therefore they took this decision during the design phase of the game.

Ancient seeds will not germinate well if they are simply placed in the ground. Instead, players will need to track down an ancient seed, use the Seed Maker machine to transform it into a seed packet, or directly purchase ancient seed packets from the Traveling Cart merchant.

Method 1: Get a hold of the Seed Maker

In Stardew Valley, you will need to use the Seed Making machine in order to sow any ancient seeds. In order to get the Seed Maker, first the player must advance their farming level to 9, and then they must pay 2,000 gold to Pierre at the General Store to buy it.

When the player acquires the Seed Maker, they will have the ability to transform an ancient seed into a seed package that can be planted just like any other crop.

Method 2: Get Ancient Seed Packets by Making a Purchase

Instead, players have the option of purchasing ancient seed packets directly from the Traveling Cart vendor for a price ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 gold, depending on the day and the amount of stock the vendor has.

Those who have not yet attained farming level 9 or who do not wish to spend the time and resources necessary to earn the Seed Maker might benefit from selecting this option.

Method 3: Pay a visit to the Hidden Woods

You can also get ancient seeds in Stardew Valley by going to the Hidden Woods, which can be accessed by chopping down a log in the top-left corner of the Cindersap Forest area.

Players can unearth ancient seed treasures in the Hidden Woods by chopping down enormous stumps or fishing in the pond. Both of these activities take place in the area. After a player has accumulated enough ancient seed artifacts, they are eligible to make a contribution to the museum in exchange for an ancient seed of their own.

Method 4: Try Your Hand at the Multiplayer Games

Gamers who are having trouble acquiring ancient seeds on their own may find success by teaming up with other players in a multiplayer game. Because players in multiplayer may exchange products and resources with one another, it is much simpler to acquire the objects and materials need for planting ancient seeds.

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