7 ways to fix: MCLeaks not working

Minecraft has been released on mobile devices as well as consoles. Minecraft is a game that allows users to explore, interact with, and create a dynamically generated map made out of one-cubic-meter-sized blocks. This is frequently recognized as the all-time most popular video game.

The game has sold over 200 million copies worldwide. It offers a range of game kinds in which players may compete against bots or individuals from all around the world. The creators have produced a number of spin-off series, including Minecraft: Story Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Earth.

MCLeaks is ideal and secure for those who use it. You receive free, high-quality alts that are simple to use. I don’t think it’s ethical to use it because they utilize cracked (stolen/hacked) accounts, but if you’re okay with that, it’s fine for you.

MCleaks is a phishing site, which implies your passwords have been stolen. If you downloaded it, don’t just install it; remove the malware using a strong antivirus like Bitdefender or Asvalt Premium.

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The error notice in MCLeaks prohibits the player from connecting to the server, which often signals a Minecraft server issue. This may be observed on Hypixel servers as well. The measures outlined below appear to be effective for them as well.

Here is our guide on 7 ways to fix: MCLeaks not working. So, let’s get started.

Why is MCLeaks not working

MCLeaks not working

Mojang has deployed a new account structure, essentially shutting down MCLeaks for the time being. Their server is down for maintenance; nonetheless, we recommend continuing to use the patch because they may return at any time.

As some may already know, the website MCLeaks.net has resolved a problem with Mojang’s implementation of a new account system.

Instead, they now run a “Cracked -> Premium” proxy server (players join in offline mode, redeem a token, and connect to an online mode server), which is incredibly concerning because anybody may now join your games and hack without consequence.

Because their own proxy servers must connect to the real server, you may discover their backend server IPs by connecting to one of the servers you own through their service.

After doing this for a time, we discovered that they don’t have many backend servers and that the most of them are located inside very certain IP ranges.

Fix: MCLeaks not working

When the Minecraft servers are glitched or your connection is unstable, this problem occurs frequently. In order for Minecraft to properly establish input and outflow of data, the users’ connection must be stable and consistent. As a result, this issue is caused by a bad connection on either the users’ or Minecraft’s end.

  • Method 1: Restart the Internet Router

The message is displayed in rare circumstances when the router’s internet cache becomes damaged, preventing the user from establishing a secure connection with the servers. The connection may possibly time out as a result of this problem. As a result, in this step, we’ll totally power-cycle the internet router to clear the cache.

Disconnect the internet router from the outlet. Disconnecting the electricity from the outlet. For at least 15 seconds, press and hold the power button on the router’s rear.

Reconnect the router and turn it on by pressing the power button. Wait for internet access to be provided and see whether the problem still exists.

  • Method 2: Start Launcher again

Because the game does not always begin successfully, some files may not be loaded entirely. This problem can also make it impossible for the game to connect to a planet. As a result, in this step, we’ll entirely restart the launcher and the game to resolve the issue. To do so, you’ll need to:

Select “Task Manager” from the right-click menu on the taskbar. Alternatively, press “Ctrl” + “Alt” + “Del” and choose “Task Manager.”

Look for anything with the word “Minecraft” in its name in the “Processes” tab. Once you’ve discovered the process, right-click it and choose “End Task” to finish it.

Wait a few moments after closing the launcher before restarting it. Start Minecraft, connect to the server and observe if the problem still exists.

  • Method 3: Connect directly through wires

In some circumstances, rather of connecting through the server list, we may utilize the multiplayer’s direct connect option to connect to the server. We’ll use direct connection to connect to the “Hypixel” server because that’s where the problem is most widespread. For that:

Get into the server list screen by launching the Minecraft launcher. At the bottom of the screen, select the “Direct Connect” option. Type “stuck.hypixel.net” into the direct connect box and click “Connect.” Check to determine if the game is linked when the connection is established.

If it is, it is most likely due to a glitch in the Minecraft launcher that prevents you from joining through the server list. You may either reload the game or utilize the direct connect function till the problem goes gone.

  • Method 4: Return to the Minecraft Launcher after logging out

The ‘failed to authenticate’ issue may be caused by a transient malfunction between your system and Minecraft servers (particularly if you have recently changed your user’s name in Minecraft) and will be cleared if you log out and back into the Minecraft launcher.

Close the Minecraft Launcher and exit the game (if applicable) (make sure to end all of its relevant processes in the Task Manager of your system). Then, on the Minecraft launcher, go to the user’s name and click it (near the top right of the window).

Select Logout and then shut the launcher (make sure no process related to it is operating in the Task Manager of your system).

Then, to see if the Hypixel issue has been repaired, reopen the launcher and log in with your credentials. If the problem persists, log out of the launcher and use a web browser (as described above). Now go to the Mojang website and click the Login button.

Then click the Forgot Password link and input your Mojang email address in the following box. To reset your password, click Request Password Reset and follow the instructions in the email.

To see if the ‘failed to authenticate’ issue has been rectified, run the Minecraft launcher and log in with the updated credentials.

  • Method 5: Join the Hypixel Server once more

The ‘failed to authenticate’ issue might be caused by a momentary fault between your PC and the Hypixel server. If you rejoin the server, the problem may be resolved.

Exit the Minecraft launcher (and, if appropriate, Quit Game) and ensure that all relevant processes are closed in your system’s Task Manager. Select Single Player in the Launcher now.

Then play for 2 to 3 minutes in the single-player world before exiting. Select Multiplayer and then click Add Server. Then type mc.hypixel.net into the box and click Done.

Check to see if the launcher is free of the authentication problem. If the problem persists, try the following (one by one) in the Server box to see if it helps:



When the connection is established, enter “mc.hypixel.net” in the Server Address field and try again. If the problem persists, restart your computer or internet equipment.

  • Method 6: Make changes to the host’s file

If the Hosts file prevents your system from accessing a resource required for the Minecraft launcher to function, you may be unable to authenticate your connection while utilising the Hypixel server (usually, due to the use of an application like MCLeaks).

First, delete MCLeaks (or a similar program) from Apps & Features, and then run a full system scan using antivirus/antimalware software (such as Malwarebytes). Right-click Notepad after clicking Windows and typing Notepad. After that, select Run as Administrator.

Then click on Open after expanding File. Now go to the following location (copy and paste the address): WindowsSystem32driversetc

Then switch to the All Files document type and double-click the Hosts file. Now pick Find from the Edit menu. Then look for Mojang and delete any items that lead to it. Save your modifications and check to see whether the ‘Hypixel fails to authenticate’ problem has been addressed.

  • Method 7: Allow Minecraft traffic to pass through the system’s firewall

If your system’s firewall is limiting access to a resource required for the Minecraft launcher to function, the Hypixel failed to authenticate your connection error may occur.

We will cover the procedure for the Windows Defender Firewall as an example; however, the instructions for your Firewall product may differ.

Leave the Minecraft launcher and exit the game (if applicable) (make sure to end all the Minecraft-related processes in the Task Manager). Open Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security by clicking Windows, typing Firewall, then clicking OK.

Then, in the left pane, click Inbound Rules and double-check that all of the rules for Minecraft/Java are set to Allow Connection. In the right pane, click New Rule and pick the Program radio choice.

Then click Next, then Browse in front of This Program Path. Now, go to the Minecraft installation directory. Typically, C:Program Files (x86) are used. Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\

Then double-click the Bin folder in the folder with the Java version number (the folder with the JRE name) (in some cases, the Bin folder may be located in the jre-x64 folder). After that, double-click javaw.exe and choose Next.

Then click the Allow Connection radio option and choose all three profiles (i.e., Domain, Private, Public). Now give the rule a name that suits you, and repeat the process for the Java.exe in the Bin folder, if it exists (step 7). If you have a second Java installation, make sure to set up rules to enable it as well.

Then verify if the Hypixel problem has been rectified in the Outbound Rules tab.

Whether the problem still exists, see if permitting port 25565 in the Firewall settings (Action>> New Rule>> Port) fixes it. Whether it doesn’t work, check to see if the router’s (or corporate) firewall is blocking port 25565.

That’s all for today’s article on 7 ways to fix: MCLeaks not working.  Do check out all the sections and know you should know which one is the best for you. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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