How to Fix: Minecraft Log4j

Every day, scores of vulnerabilities and “exploits” are discovered in various programs. However, it turns out that Log4J has been utilized as a useful component in many programs, including Minecraft: Java Edition. Using the Minecraft chat feature, hackers may access computers thanks to the flaw.

Numerous individuals complained about how Log4J “officially wrecked their weekend” on the internet. The truth is that, especially if you manage your own Microsoft hosting server, a wrecked weekend is the least of your concerns.

Naturally, the immediate threat appears to have passed now that Microsoft has released a patch to solve Minecraft’s Log4J. If you manage a Minecraft server, the situation is very different.

Until you do the actions I’ve outlined here, you and your players on a Minecraft server are exposed. Here is our guide on Fix: Minecraft Log4j.

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What is Minecraft Log4j

Short Answer: Open-source logging software called Log4J was made especially for Java framework-based applications. It appears that Log4J is utilized in some capacity by nearly all significant Java-based applications. As a result, several well-known companies will rush to release security patches and upgrades for their software.

Microsoft is no exception, and what’s worse is that it appears the Log4J “exploit” is considerably more potent when used with Minecraft. Naturally, the only version of Minecraft that is vulnerable is the Java Edition; all other versions are protected. On the other hand, you run your own Minecraft servers using Java Edition. But what precisely is the Log4J exploit?

The Minecraft Log4j vulnerability is not precisely simple. It would take too long to describe what it does and wouldn’t really help to stop it. Instead, let’s go over the fundamentals to assist you as a Minecraft server owner get a handle on things.

A “zero-day” vulnerability in Minecraft was called Log4J. That indicates that it was effective since no one was aware of its existence. Companies can easily repair the issue and update their apps automatically now that they are aware of the vulnerability.

Of course, there will always be instances when users do not apply the required patch or remain exposed to the attack in some other way. The most likely scenario for this sort of delayed vulnerability is a Minecraft server. This is due to the fact that Minecraft hosting requires more than the automated update.

That’s not a problem, though. It’s not that difficult to secure your Minecraft server. In reality, you may easily put things right if you adhere to the straightforward methods we’ll provide below.

Fix: Minecraft Log4j

  • Method 1: Check Game client officially

You must perform the following actions if you play Minecraft: Java Edition but don’t run your own server: Close all active game and Minecraft Launcher instances. Restarting the Launcher will trigger the automatic download of the patched version.

  • Method 2: Use Customized Clients and External Launchers

Updates may not be made automatically for customized clients and third-party launchers. In these situations, we advise that you heed the counsel of your third-party supplier. You should presume the vulnerability is not fixed and you are putting yourself at risk by playing if the third-party provider has not patched the issue or declared it is safe to play.

  • Method 3: Change the game server

Depending on the version you’re running, you’ll need to take different precautions to safeguard your own Minecraft: Java Edition server.

You need first determine which version of Minecraft is installed on your server. For example, if you have Minecraft 1.6, you are safe from the Log4J attack because it only affects versions of Minecraft 1.7 and higher. Update your copy of Minecraft to version 1.18.1, which has been patched to address the problem, as your first step right now.

If you’re unable to accomplish that, simply carry out these easy procedures according to the version of Minecraft that is set up on your server. You must first download this XML file from Mojang and save it in the working directory of your server (where the game files are). Subsequently, enter the command shown below into the Minecraft starting command line:

  • Method 4: Providing a Trustworthy and Secure Minecraft Server

Let your players know it’s safe to play on your server. Now that Log4J has been eliminated from your Minecraft server. It’s crucial to be aware of Gaming Server Security Best Practices if you’re operating a Minecraft server for professional gamers rather than simply your group of friends.

Champagne should probably be put on hold for the time being because there is no such thing as a secure server. Your server’s security must be continuously monitored and maintained. All of that work will be in vain without the proper hosting company.

The most advanced in security and dependability, Cloudy’s Minecraft VPS services are furnished with intelligent DDoS defense and AI-powered firewalls for your Minecraft servers.

A DDoS-protected VPS is required for any respectable Minecraft hosting due to the recent DDoS attacks on Minecraft servers. Please feel free to explore around and ask us any questions you may have.

  • Method 5: Check Malware Vulnerability in Minecraft

According to the article, this should at least mask the weakness, making it more difficult for malware to infect users of Minecraft (and maybe other apps) who use the vulnerable Java version.

As was already said, Log4j, which is already a part of several well-known frameworks including Apache Solr, Apache Struts2, Apache Druid, and even Apache Flink, contains the code that enables the vulnerability.

As a result, a rather overwhelming number of other third-party programs may also be susceptible to flaws of comparable or equal high severity to those endangering Minecraft players. Security company Cyber Kendra stated that a Log4j RCE Zero day was released online, claiming that many widely used systems are still vulnerable.

That’s all for today’s article on Fix: Minecraft Log4j. Do check out all the sections and know you should know which games are best for dancing. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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