(2023) How to Free Look in War Thunder

Learning the skill of free looks may be a game-changer in the realistic world of War Thunder. You may survey your surroundings while still in charge of your vehicle with the free look, giving you a tactical edge that could be crucial on the battlefield.

The capacity to look around without changing your vehicle’s trajectory gives you an advantage in identifying opponents, following teammates and negotiating hazardous terrain whether you’re a budding pilot, tank commander, or navy captain.

However, good free-look execution calls for dexterity and a grasp of the game’s rules. It takes practice and planning to become proficient at this maneuver without giving your position to enemies. We will explore the nuances of mastering free look in War Thunder in this article. You may take your gaming to new levels by experimenting with different methods, controls, and situational awareness.

Here is our guide on How to Free Look in War Thunder.

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How to Free Look in War Thunder

How to Free Look in War Thunder
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War Thunder, a popular online game that simulates battles on land, sea, and in the air, requires players to not only have extraordinary strategic ability but also exceptional situational awareness. The art of free look is a crucial ability that distinguishes inexperienced players from more seasoned professionals in the game.

A crucial edge on the digital battlefield may be yours once you master free look since it gives you the ability to survey your surroundings while still keeping control of your vehicle. In this in-depth article, we’ll go into the mechanics of free look, as well as various approaches, strategies, and tactics for making the most of it in War Thunder.

Comprehending the Free Look System

The term “free look” refers to the capability of freely rotating the camera to take in your surroundings without causing any change to the path that your vehicle is travelling. This ability is extremely useful for locating opponents, keeping track of friendly soldiers, and negotiating difficult terrain.

You will be able to respond more quickly to potential dangers and exploit opportunities as they present themselves if you improve your awareness of the battlefield.

Putting Your Controls in Their Place

Make sure your controls are set up to allow for seamless camera movement before going into the complexities of free look. Gain access to the game’s control settings, and then look for the menu option that is associated with the camera controls.

It is highly advised that you designate a specific key or button for a free look, as this will enable you to activate and deactivate it more fluidly while you are playing the game.

Getting Comfortable with the Mouse and Joystick Controls

When using a mouse, being proficient in free look is not too difficult. Keep your finger on the button labeled “free look” while you move the mouse to pan the camera in whatever direction you choose regardless of the position of your car. This gives you the ability to survey your surroundings while still maintaining control of the movement of your vehicle.

For players who use joysticks, configuring free look may include assigning a button on their joystick to enable free look mode. After it has been engaged, you will have the ability to adjust the camera by moving the hat switch on your joystick or using one of the other inputs that have been chosen.

Transitions that are seamless, and a quick camera speed

It is vital to properly execute free glance in order to prevent being disoriented and to keep control. Adjust the settings for the camera speed to a level that is comfortable for you, striking a balance between control and agility.

This guarantees that the motions of your camera are neither too slow nor too sensitive, allowing you to efficiently scan your surroundings without surrendering control of your car.

Awareness of the Current Situation

Mastering the technical parts of free look is essential, but having a good awareness of your surroundings is just as important. The following are some ways that may be utilized to get the most out of a free look:

Make it a routine to use free look as often as possible in order to continually examine the air, land, and water surrounding you. This makes it easier for you to locate enemy aircraft, ground troops, and naval vessels, which in turn enables you to respond more quickly.

Free glance isn’t restricted to only staring in front of you. It may also include looking all around you. Make it a habit to look behind you and to the sides of you frequently in order to see dangers that may be approaching from unexpected directions. When flying, this is an extremely important consideration since hostile aircraft might approach from any direction.

When negotiating challenging terrain, utilize a free look to preview the way that lies ahead of you. Cover may also be utilized. Consider the slopes, the obstructions, and the possible hiding places along your path so that you may make an educated choice about it.

The free look ability helps you detect foes and gives you the ability to transmit their whereabouts to your squad. You may communicate crucial information with your teammates by using the in-game chat or voice communication features of the game.

When confronting a foe, use free look to keep track of their movements and keep an eye on where they are moving. Because of this, you are better able to predict their activities and adapt your plan accordingly.

Advanced Techniques for the Proactive Player

Consider the following advanced free-look tactics if you are looking to get an advantage in combat:

During dogfights in the air, you should take advantage of free looks to observe the lead indicator of the aircraft belonging to the opponent. This allows you to determine the trajectory they plan to take, allowing you to modify your aim accordingly.

Become familiar with how to do frequent checks of the blind areas on your vehicle. Driving tanks or directing naval boats in such a way as to prevent surprise attacks from the flanks or rear is impossible without this skill.

When you are concealing yourself in foliage or using a cover, make sure a free look is activated so that your camouflage will be effective. Check to see that your vehicle continues to remain hidden from the enemy’s line of sight.

Practice will make you Perfect

War Thunder demands a lot of practice and patience in order to master the free-look mechanic. You should start by introducing a free look into your gaming in a step-by-step manner. Maintaining control while monitoring your environment should be your primary focus.

As you increase your level of expertise, you will be able to include more complex strategies and use them when the stakes are particularly high.

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