Top 10 Games like Google Feud 

Google created the video game Google Feud, which has adventure, quiz, puzzle, single-player and multiplayer modes, and more. Like in traditional question games, the player’s goal is to correctly identify and respond to the question at hand. The player must correctly identify almost 10 frequently asked questions that are related to or based on the given query.

Those of you who have spent time playing Google Feud may like our selection of similar games.

Top 10 Games like Google Feud            

  • 1. Buzz! Quiz World

Top 10 Games like Game Feud


The game, which was made by Relentless Software and released by Sony Computer Entertainment, blends Party and Q&A aspects and may be played either alone or with two to eight others.

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It’s innovative because it adds a layer of complexity by first concealing the solutions to the puzzles it presents.

  • 2. Akinator

Top 10 Games like Game Feud

The video game Akinator is a Puzzle, Q&A, and Single-player video game created by RedstoneSpecial and released by Elokenceo. Twenty thought-provoking questions are asked to pin down the fictional persona you’re trying to recall.

The game makes use of AI to learn and hunt for interesting things to quiz you on. Start by pressing play and thinking about a famous person you know, whether they be an actor, singer, YouTuber, etc. The next step of the game consists of asking yes/no questions.

  • 3. BAIKOH: Brain Words

Top 10 Games like Game Feud

Mum Not Proud of Android created a game called BAIKOH: Brain Words, which focuses on the categories of “Word,” “Education,” and “Single-Player.” To progress through the game, the player must use the dropping tiles, which each include a distinct letter of the alphabet, to form words.

There is a large number of levels in the game, and the only way to progress is to finish all of them. Find as many words as you can and destroy them before they stack into a tower that crashes through the screen and ends the game.

  • 4. Scene It? Box Office Smash

Top 10 Games like Game Feud

Microsoft Game Studios’ Scene It? Box Office Smash is a party/trivia hybrid created by Krome Studios and released by the company. The game is the successor to Scene it? Lights, Camera, Action and may be played either alone or with others online.

Throughout the game, you may participate in rounds where you answer questions about movies to demonstrate your film expertise. There are several rounds, and up to four players may compete for top scores.

Gameplay and question types vary between rounds. In certain rounds, you’ll be asked to view a scene from a well-known film and then address questions focused on that scene.

  • 5. QuizDuel PREMIUM

Top 10 Games like Game Feud

MAG Interactive’s QuizDuel PREMIUM for Android is a trivia/puzzle/single-player video game. To progress in the game, the player must provide global answers to the game’s global questions. The game has a quiz contest in which thousands of people compete, and the winner is determined by how many questions they get right.

Twenty distinct subject areas are presented in this game, including geography, music, general knowledge, education, the arts, sports, the environment, and politics.

  • 6. 2 Pictures 1 Word: Offline Games

Top 10 Games like Game Feud

The Angry Kraken provides the Android and iOS game 2 Pictures 1 Word: Offline Games, a relaxed, word, and single-player experience. In each stage of the game, the player must use their detective skills to determine which of the two pictures contains the secret word.

To progress through the game’s stages, players will need to demonstrate extensive vocabulary knowledge. If a player gets stuck at any point, he may employ clues, which will reveal a single letter of the word, and from there he must determine what the word is.

  • 7. Smarty Pants

Smarty Pants

The Nintendo Wii version of Planet Moon Studios’ and Electronic Arts’ trivia and quiz game Smarty Pants has both single- and multiplayer modes. Up to 20,000 questions from fields as diverse as science, sports, fashion, gaming, entertainment, art, novels, and more are included in the game. You’ll need to provide your age and a gamer name to begin playing.

Correct answers get you points, but incorrect ones cost you one. Earn enough points by answering questions as quickly as possible and unlocking new game types to win.

  • 8. Would You Rather? The Game

Would You Rather? The Game

‘TITANWARE Games created and released a game called “Would You Rather? The Game,” which has puzzles, trivia, single- and multiplayer-player modes, and more.

The concept is nearly identical to that of other trivia games, in which the player has the opportunity to participate in several levels, and during the level, the player’s objective is to provide all of the right replies to the question to win the game.

Additionally, the user may test his mettle against players from across the globe or his close acquaintances. Would You Rather? The Game’s key features include question creation, achievements, fresh rounds, solid game mechanics, highly addicting play, and gorgeous visual flourishes.

  • 9. Jeopardy


Ubisoft’s Jeopardy is a fun Trivia video game inspired by the popular TV program that shares the same name. There are options for both single-player and multiplayer gaming.

The player, like in comparable games, competes to be the first to reach the final Jeopardy by answering questions correctly and quickly. The player’s success in earning points depends on their correct responses to the many questions it provides.

  • 10. Zoombinis: Logical Journey

Zoombinis: Logical Journey

The planet of Zoombinis, Zoombini Isle, has been overrun by a dark force, and the computer game Zoombinis: Logical Journey, created by Broderbund Software and distributed by Technical Education Research Center, is set there.

The player’s overarching objective in this game is to assist Zoombinis in discovering an exit strategy. For the player to reach the end region securely, they must guide the characters across the landscape. There are several stages, and each one has its own unique set of brain-twisting challenges.

In this game, the ultimate task of the player is to help Zoombinis to find a way out. The player must assist the characters through the land to be safely in the final area. It has several levels, and each new level is full of bending puzzles.

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