Top 13 Roblox Condo Games to Play in 2023

Last updated on November 5th, 2023 at 11:45 pm

A fun game called Roblox is available to play on PCs as well as mobile devices including iOS, Android, PlayStation, and MacOS. This website offers a variety of games for you to enjoy. Here, you’ll discover the thrill and fulfillment you’re seeking for.

Roblox is a well-known online gaming site that appeals to players of all ages. We’re confident that Roblox has any particular type of game you’re looking for.

It’s a dream come true to be a member of Roblox’s sizable design community. With Robux, you may get a variety of items for nothing or at a reduced price. The number of outcomes seems to increase after a few games.

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It makes sense that Roblox provides such a wide range of game genres. On Roblox, users may also play a variety of games including action simulationshorroradventuresracingshooting games.

Here is our list of the Top 13 Roblox condo games. So, let’s get started.

Top 13 Roblox condo games

  • 1. Shedletsky’s dirty place

Roblox condo games

Shedletsky tries to play naughty games with the kids who interact with the database at this home. The game’s target audience is children over the age of 13, yet there is plenty of adult content.

The children have terrible nightmares whenever they enter this house to play. Even if you might not comprehend what is going on in this house, it will have a significant effect later.

Children that go inside the house to play this game experience a dreadful nightmare. They don’t realize it, but it has a bad impact on academic achievement right away. By the way, Z2U is a good place to go if you need Roblox Robux.

  • 2. Dance Club

Dance club

Children under 16 should not play this Roblox game due to its explicit nature. If you want to play Roblox adult games, it’s unquestionably for you. The game on Roblox has certain nasty manoeuvres, which is the only reason we don’t want youngsters to play it.

When you play this game, you may observe a lot of hot movements between the participants.

This Roblox game is inappropriate for kids under the age of 16 since it contains a lot of explicit content. This game is obviously for you if you enjoy playing Roblox condo games, but if you are a youngster, you can skip this content.

  • 3. Shower Simulator 2

Shower Simulator

Whether they are male or female, players can take a bath together in this game. Swimsuits are inappropriate for children’s attention when the participants first enter the shower. This is not the only aspect of the game; there are also some private and sensual exchanges between players.

  • 4. Survive the Killers

Survive the killers

While this Roblox game may not have featured any sensual or seductive behaviors, it does have a lot of violent content that children should not view. The game will provide players with deadly weapons to eliminate other players.

We are all aware that it is popular to eliminate opponents in video games, but the poor animation in this Roblox game makes it unpleasant for kids. There is a serial murderer looking for a child in this game. When he comes upon the child, he brutally decimates him in the game.

  • 5. Obby Games

Obby Games

Obby Games, in contrast to the apartment Roblox games previously discussed, include several interconnected sites where kids are expected to perform activities and go from one location to another. It is important to note that each page contains a distinct activity that kids must finish in order to advance in the game.

Players will encounter several spooky toys on each page in Obby Games after finishing a certain level. Children will have to view a lot of terrible toys and creatures in order to accomplish these chores, which will frighten them.

  • 6. Haunted Hunters

Roblox condo games

In this cooperative shooter, five players must track down a dangerous and unsettling ghost before it can murder them all at once. One of the darkest new games we have discovered on Roblox appears to be this one.

Don’t forget to equip your laser weapons with energy to repel ghosts. When they approach close, they steal your soul like a dementor straight out of a Harry Potter film to restore strength. When the roles are switched, it becomes much more enjoyable. Additionally, you get to compete with everyone else as the ghost.

  • 7. Fashion Famous

Roblox condo games

One of the app’s most engaging fashion games is Fashion Famous. On the virtual runaway, adults may show off their best sense of style while competing in various events. While creating costumes, players are timed; after the models are on the catwalk, the game decides who designed the most attractive outfit.

  • 8. All Star Tower Defense

Roblox condo games

This game will certainly be enjoyed by those that are big anime fans. The game offered a wide range of characters from which players may select a persona.

All-Stars Tower Defense combines the tower defense and anime genres into one enticing package. With hundreds of famous characters, including Broly and Midoriya, to unlock along with a tonne of free code tacked on to the daily animation, ASTD creates an engaging cycle that entices gamers to return every day.

Killing the enemies who attack the tower is the main duty of the players. Players may train their warriors to acquire new abilities that come in handy during intense warfare.

  • 9. Loomian Legacy

Top 11 Roblox Condo Games

Loomian Legacy, a game that adapts the famous Pokemon formula: befriend, catch, and battle with imaginary Loomian creatures to discover more about them, will bring back memorable memories for adults. But this game goes above and beyond by inventing an entirely new environment and unique monsters to hunt.

  • 10. Royale High

Royale High

You would probably appreciate Royale High if you like playing dress-up or make-up games. One of those really sexist Princess games has me completely enthralled. The core concept is reasonable straightforward. You go to a princess-only school since you are a princess.

You just choose a fantastic outfit and roleplay name, then wave your magic wand to transport your lovely self to Royale High.

  • 11. Amongst Us

Amongst Us

There are no gimmicks involved since Amongst Us was influenced by the multiplayer phenomenon Among Us from 2018 to 2020. Like the first game, Amongst Us demands that a group of trusting players identify the lethal impostor.

On the other side, this is distinguished by the 3D landscape. Instead of the top-down version that adults would expect, Roblox’s 3D capabilities were used by Amongst Us to precisely replicate well-known Among Us places. It’s a remarkable illustration of how versatile the Roblox platform is.

  • 12. Wacky Wizards

Wacky wizards

In the fun and crazy potion-making game Wacky Wizards, you may manufacture potions that, when consumed, will provide you with magical abilities. These outcomes can include self-explosion and flight. Combine various potions to create powerful ones that will aid you in completing tasks and taking down high-level bosses.

In the realm of Wacky Wizards, you may also create Wacky Potions to amuse yourself and your friends. Adults are sure to love this one because of the cleverly structured tasks and fascinating updates.

  • 13. Swordburst 2

Roblox Condo Games

Swordburst 2 is the ideal combination of fun and action. Work for gear, battle and vanquish monsters, and vanquish everyone who stands in your way. Both kids and adults may have a blast playing this fantastic Roblox game. There is a tonne of gameplay, so you won’t grow tired of it.

That’s it with our today’s article on the Top 13 Roblox condo games. Do follow the instructions and get yourself some Robux now. Till next time, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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