How to get Hay out of Silo Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, a popular farming simulation game, players can store hay in a silo for use as animal feed during the winter. However, getting hay out of a silo can be a bit tricky, especially for new players.

To start, players need to make sure that their silo is not full. A full silo will not allow for any more hay to be added, and the player will need to either wait for their animals to eat some of the hay or purchase another silo.

Once the silo has space for more hay, the player needs to equip a scythe and approach the silo. They can then click on the silo to begin harvesting the hay. The amount of hay that can be harvested depends on the size of the silo, and players will need to repeat this process until they have enough hay for their animals.

Here is our guide on How to get Hay out of Silo Stardew Valley.

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How to get Hay out of Silo Stardew Valley

STEP 1: Check to see if there is enough room in silo

It is imperative that you check the capacity of your silo to ensure that it can accommodate additional hay before you begin collecting hay from it. If a player’s silo is already full, they won’t be able to add any more hay to it; instead, they will have to either wait for their animals to consume part of the hay or buy another silo.

To determine whether or not your silo has room for additional hay, you must first approach it and then right-click on it. When you click this button, a menu will pop up indicating how much hay is presently being kept in the silo as well as how much room is still left.

Step 2: Equip yourself with a scythe

You will need to equip a scythe in order to gather hay from your storage silo. The scythe is a versatile implement that may be employed for a variety of tasks, including the cutting of grass and crops as well as the removal of hay from silos.

In the event that you do not already possess a scythe, you can acquire one at Pierre’s General Store for the price of 2,000 gold. Simply opening up your inventory and clicking on the scythe will allow you to equip it. This will add it to the hot bar at the bottom of the screen, which you may access by pressing this button.

Step 3: Get right next to the silo

You should head over to the silo as soon as you have your scythe equipped. The silo is a tall building in the shape of a cylinder with a pointed top and a ladder attached to the side. In order to get hay from the silo, you will need to position yourself such that you are facing it directly.

Step 4: Harvest the hay

Simply clicking on the silo with your mouse will cause you to begin gathering hay from it. This will bring up a menu that has a few different choices. “Harvest” is the alternative that you ought to go with. When you pick this choice, your character will begin to swing their scythe at the silo, and hay will begin to come out. Once you select this option, the game will end.

The size of a silo will determine the maximum amount of hay that may be removed from it during harvesting. A standard silo has the capacity to store up to 240 individual pieces of hay, while an upgraded silo can store up to 336 individual pieces of hay.

You will notice that a number will display on the screen as you harvest hay from the silo. This counter will show you how much hay you have collected as well as how much room is still left in the silo.

Step 5: Continue doing so until you have enough supply of hay

After you have gathered all of the hay that is currently stored in the silo, you will need to repeat the operation in order to ensure that you have adequate supplies of hay for your animals. It’s possible that this will need more than one trip to the silo, depending on the size of your farm and the number of animals you keep there.

Be sure to keep an eye on the quantity of hay you already have as well as the amount of space that is still available in the silo. This will ensure that you do not lose any time or effort harvesting hay that you will not be able to store.

Things to consider while getting Hay

When you are taking hay out of your silo, there are a few more things you should keep in mind that will allow you to make the most of your available resources and save time and work.

Upgrade your silo

As was discussed before, the size of a silo is directly related to the amount of hay that can be stored inside of it. If you decide to upgrade your silo to the deluxe version, you will be able to store more hay. This will allow you to spend less time harvesting and more time caring for the other responsibilities on your farm.

You will need to pay Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop 10,000 gold and 100 hardwood in order to improve your silo. You may do this by speaking with Robin at the shop.

Utilize the hay in the most effective manner feasible

Even while the hay is an essential resource for providing wintertime nourishment to your animals, you still need to make sure that you use it in the most effective manner possible.

Because they will be able to consume grass and many other plants when they are outside, rather than relying just on hay, this may be accomplished by allowing your animals to go outside on days when the weather is favorable.

You may save both time and resources by giving hay to numerous animals at the same time using a feeding trough, which is another option for you to consider.

Prepare for the future

When it comes to storing and making use of hay, it is wise to make preparations in advance. Make sure that your silo has enough space to hold all of the hay that you will require, and if this is not the case, you should look into getting additional hay from Marnie’s Ranch or some other source.

In the autumn, you may sow crops such as wheat or grass that can be gathered as animal feed in the wintertime. This can be done during the season.

Timing is key in harvesting

Because it requires time and work, harvesting the hay from your silo should only be done at the appropriate time of year. If you wait too long to harvest your hay, it’s possible that your animals may run out of food, which would make them miserable and possibly sick.

On the other side, if you harvest too much hay too soon, you risk losing resources or running out of room in your silo. This can happen if you harvest too much hay too early. Maintain a close watch on the requirements of your animals and adjust your hay harvesting schedule accordingly.

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