Top 8 Fastest Ways to get XP in Minecraft

Gaining XP, or experience points, in Minecraft is accomplished by picking up luminous spheres of experience. Players have access to new skills and items when they “level up” after amassing a certain number of orbs.

Increasing your level and gaining experience is crucial because you may use experience points to enchant and repair things, which in turn improves your weapons and helps you to progress in the game.

We’ll examine some of the most efficient and effective methods for gaining experience and moving up in Minecraft’s leveling system.

8 Fastest ways to get XP in Minecraft

fastest way to get XP in Minecraft

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1. Mining

Going out and mining ores is the quickest and safest method to get expertise. However, not every ore is useful. Instead of focusing on ores like iron and gold that need to be smelted before they can be used, you should focus on mining experience-granting ores like Redstone, coal, lapis, diamond, and emerald.

In terms of experience gained per unit of time, Nether quartz has proven to be the best resource to mine so far. This, however, can only be discovered in the Nether, a more perilous region. Redstone is the next greatest resource to get.

2. Put up a smelting plant for cactus and bamboo.

When it comes to producing XP, the best and simplest farm to create is the bamboo and cactus smelter, which is also one of the most popular and successful farms in the game. In fact, this strategy is so effective that it has been given the name “XP bank” by the gamers.

Cacti are smelted in furnaces using bamboo as fuel, making this a self-sustaining farm. When you come to empty the furnaces, you’ll be showered with heaps of experience points from all the cacti that have gone through them while you let the farm operate on its own.

3. Search for Spawners

Uncovering a spawner, in whatever form it may take, is quite helpful. All of them aren’t bad, but they aren’t all equally excellent either. Skeleton spawners are the perfect find, whereas spider spawners are troublesome since spiders may readily flee and scale barriers.

Nether spawners, like Blaze spawners, may be a wonderful source of experience if you’re well-equipped. If that fails, destroying the spawner will earn you up to 43 experience points.

4. Create Any Mob Grinder

A mob grinder is a tried and tested method of herding enemies into a secure area and then sending them all hurtling down a tunnel of death for the sake of farming. It’s also a very effective strategy for gathering the bones, thread, and gunpowder that may be looted from monsters.

On the other hand, mob grinders are often very tall structures that need extensive preparation and collection of materials. Considering how much time and effort will be required, this method is not the quickest option.

5. Try Your Hand at Monster Hunting After Dark

For some who have exhausted all other options, killing monsters at night may be the only thing left to do. In treeless, expansive biomes like the desert and the plains, this is a very useful skill.

The trouble is that it’s quite risky to go out there without adequate protection. Only players that are confident in their abilities should try this chaotic farming strategy since death results in the loss of all accumulated experience points.

6. AFK Fishing

Besides being a great source of experience points, fishing may also be a great source of food, wealth, and even certain materials that would otherwise have to be crafted. It’s possible to catch certain uncommon spell books when fishing.

Each player’s Minecraft world should include at least one easy AFK fishing farm. The little device just requires you to hold down the mouse button in one place while you do nothing else. If you use a macro, you may get experience when you’re away from your computer.

7. Construct a Piglin Bartering Farm

Piglin Bartering Farm is a fantastic method to acquire a broad variety of valuable products, and it can be paired with the establishment of a gold farm to produce both money and experience. Ingenious structures built by the Minecraft community allow players to slay hostile critters and use their loot to barter with an imprisoned Piglin.

Large amounts of experience points, money, and other drops from the bartering system may be obtained from this sort of farm. Potions, ender pearls, fire charges, and obsidian are all examples.

8. Construct Nether Roof Farms.

Getting to the Nether Roof isn’t the simplest thing in the game, but there are a lot of rewards for the effort. First of all, due to the huge amount of bedrock covering the top of the Nether, no spawning occurs there and it is perfectly safe to explore. It’s the best technique to construct a secure network of Nether gateways.

For another, because nothing spawns on bedrock, the player may simply regulate the breeding rate of Piglins, Pigmen, and the like by building a deck on top of the bedrock using a different block type that enables spawning.

Best ways to get XP in Minecraft

1. Animal Breeding

Although farming may not seem like the most exciting or effective means of leveling up, many players overlook this method despite its usefulness. You may quickly level up by constructing large animal farms and then frequently culling and breeding the population.

You’ll have plenty of food on hand, and you’ll be able to keep crops going to feed animals, both of which may be sold with the aforementioned locals for the experience. Everything happens in a continuous cycle.

2. Slay the Ender Dragon

To complete Minecraft, you must face and vanquish the Ender Dragon. Sandbox games, however, are only getting started, and this particular move opens up The End, a whole new world to discover.

Obviously, you may anticipate a lot of loot after discovering the End Portal and defeating the Ender Dragon. To be more precise, 12,000 XP, albeit they are Experience Orbs, so anybody in the range may take one.

In addition, the Ender Dragon may be re-summoned, although it only awards 500 XP for each consecutive win. Our Ender Dragon slaying guide is here to assist you if you find yourself in need of assistance.

3. Trading with Villagers

Exchanging goods with locals is a simple yet effective approach to getting experience that is frequently overlooked. While the maximum amount of experience gained via trading with a villager is just six, that experience adds up quickly and may be useful in other ways.

By constructing a functional villager trade hall, you will have access to enchants, armor, and other helpful products. The only drawback is that you’ll need to collect a lot of resources and other stuff before you can start making additional transactions with the villagers, however doing so may fetch you some extra experience points.

How to get levels fast in Minecraft

1. Taking out hostile mobs

To rapidly and safely destroy Minecraft creatures, many players set up “hostile mob farms,” which generate the monsters and then weaken them. Some gamers may resort to using TNT (be careful to activate yourself and not use Redstone) to attain this goal.

If you want to level up quickly in Minecraft, destroying a spawner block while mining or killing the boss monster, the Enderdragon, can earn you a large number of experience points.

2. Smelting

To smelt is to prepare anything for consumption in a furnace, such as ore. It’s possible that some players may build a furnace on day one, while for others it can take two. Smelting iron and gold, in particular, is a good way to get experience. While raw food provides superior hunger and saturation points, cooked food (particularly meat) provides XP as well.

Smelting is unique among the methods of leveling up in that it does not result in the dropping of orbs. When a player takes an item out of a furnace, they get experience points. However, utilizing a hopper or other automated Redstone device to remove objects does not provide experience points.

3. Bottle o’ Enchanting

When hurled, a Bottle O’ Enchanting will break open, spilling three to eleven Experience Point orbs over the ground. You may get them by digging up buried riches or rifling through chests in Pillager strongholds. Bottles may also be obtained via bartering with local villagers.

While you’ll need a lot of them to quickly level up, they’re really easy to use once you have them in your possession.

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