(2023) How to Turn Off Tips in Minecraft

The present edition of Minecraft is what the game’s creators had in mind when they created the first game. New content is still expected even if no new capabilities exist. It is possible for you and your pals to have fun together while playing this online game. To play with others on a server, you’ll need a Microsoft Account.

Unfortunately, this means that the Minecraft login server and the Minecraft store are no longer available to you. Minecraft does not have any restrictions thus players are free to do anything they want. The game begins when the participants are all seated in the blocky gameplay area. As long as they don’t do damage to anybody or anything, players are free to do anything they like in this game.

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Since we all know how annoying tips, hints, and tutorials can be in Minecraft, we all need a way to turn them off. So, in this article, we will be talking about how you can turn off tips in Minecraft.

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How to Turn Off tips in Minecraft

Quick Answer: To turn off tips in Minecraft, locate ‘Option’ text file in the Minecraft Folder and replace the phrase “TutorialStep:” with “TutorialStep:none”

Follow the steps given below to turn off tips in Minecraft:

  • Step 1: Save and Quit the current game

  • Step 2: Head to the Main Menu

  • Step 3: Click on ‘Options’

  • Step 4: Click on ‘Resources Packs

  • Step 5: Click on ‘Open Pack Folder’. This should open up your File Explorer

  • Step 6: Head over to One Directory. Now you will have to locate the Minecraft Folder.

  • Step 7: Search for a text file called ‘Option’. After finding it open a Text File named Options. This will take you to a Notepad.

  • Step 8: Press Ctrl + F. Find tutorialStep by typing it in the search box.

  • Step 9: Alter its settings to ‘None’. Erase everything that it says in front of “TutorialStep:” and change it by writing “none” in front of it.

  • Step 10: Save your changes

After your “TutorialStep:” looks like “TutorialStep:none” save the changes and close the notepad.

You can open your game now and check if you have closed your hints properly. These steps will help you to close the Tutorials and Hints in Minecraft.

In Survival mode, tutorial instructions appear as tabs in the right-hand corner of the player’s screen when the player first enters the planet.

They’re there to help new players get their bearings if they’re not familiar with the game’s controls.

How to finish tutorial in Minecraft

To finish the Tutorial in Minecraft you will have to follow Everything that the game advises. Or you can set the “TutorialStep:” settings to “TutorialStep:none”.

On beginning the game you will notice a conversation box at the corner of your screen which will tell you what to do, keep doing everything the Dialogue Box says and you will finish your Tutorial in no time.

The Minecraft tutorial starts with the game giving you the fundamental controls for every action.

After you get the hang of the controls the game will instruct you to cut down four to five blocks of wood from a tree.

Next, the game will show you how to utilize your inventory. After the fundamental controls and inventory are done the game will teach you how to craft.

The first thing that you will craft will be the Crafting Table. Next, you will then learn how to build a shelter.

You may build the walls of the shelter with whatever and you will need to create an entrance as well.

Keep following the instructions that the game gives you may you will finish the Minecraft Tutorial in no time.

Minecraft Tutorials are extremely essential for new players as it makes it simpler for them to learn about the game fast.


1. How to turn off hints in Minecraft?

To turn off hints in Minecraft, you will have to turn off the hints manually via the Minecraft Folder.

You will have to modify the game files and change the”TutorialStep:” to “TutorialStep:none” in the Minecraft Game Files.

2. Are Minecraft Tutorials Helpful?

Yes, Minecraft Tutorials are useful particularly if you are a beginner player.

The Minecraft Tutorials will teach you all the fundamental controls of the game and will also explain to you how to utilize the objects.

So following Minecraft Tutorials is essential if you are a new player since you will have to know everything about the game.

3. How can you turn off tooltips in Minecraft?

Search for “tutorialStep:” in the options file. A quick method to locate it is by pressing these buttons on your keyboard CTRL + F and entering tutorial in the search box.

Replace “tutorialStep:(anything that was put here, remove it)” with “tutorialStep: none”.

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