(2023) How to Turn Off Tutorials in Minecraft (Hints)

Minecraft is the most successful game of all time. Hardly any game can compete with it when it comes to Minecraft’s success. Since its release in 2011 Mojang studio has sold over 150 million copies of this game making it the most successful game of all time.

You can also play Minecraft online with your friends. You will need an active Microsoft Account to play on a server with your friends. However, the Minecraft servers are facing problems these days such as Authentication Server Error and the Minecraft Store Not Working problem.

Minecraft also offers tutorials to help new Minecraft players in getting a knack for the game. But, sometimes these tutorials might cause irritation. In this post, we will discuss the ways to turn off Tutorials in Minecraft

What is Minecraft Tutorial?

Minecraft also offers a tutorial for its new players. The Tutorial teaches the new players about the game and how to use certain items and tools. There are different types of Tutorials used for different skills.

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These tutorials are very important for new players who have no knowledge of the game. The tutorials introduce the new players to different aspects of the game and can make a new player comfortable with the game.

Minecraft Tutorials are very important but sometimes the players do not want them. This can be for various reasons, as some players like to discover the game on their own and some already know how to play it. So in this article, we are going to read about how to turn off the Tutorials in Minecraft.

How to turn off Tutorials in Minecraft

To get rid of the Tutorials you will have to go to your “.minecraft” folder and turn them off manually. If you do not know how to do that you can follow these steps

  • Step 1: Save your Game

If you are playing Minecraft while reading this, you should save your game right away as you do not want to lose your in-game progress. Close your world after saving.

  • Step 2: Click on Resource Packs

So now you have to go to the main menu and select options. Then click on the Resource Packs menu. Then you will have to click on the Open Pack Folder which will take you to a File Explorer.

  • Step 3: Close Minecraft

After the File Explorer opens up you will have to close your Minecraft. Make sure to follow this step because it is very important to close your Minecraft Application.

  • Step 4: Locate the Minecraft Folder

Now you should locate the Minecraft Folder in your File Explorer. There you will have to search for a Text File called Options. This will open a text notebook.

  • Step 5: Edit the Game File

Now you will have to locate “tutorialstep” in your options file. You can simply do that by using the command ‘Control F’ and typing ‘Tutorial Step’ in the search box.

  • Step 6: Replace text written in front of TutorialStep

So now after finding the “TutorialStep:” in the notebook, you must edit it. Erase whatever it says in front of “TutorialStep:” and replace it with “none” so After editing it should look like “TutorialStep:none”.

  • Step 7: Save your Changes

After following the steps above you can save the changes that you have made. After saving your changes you can close the options and open your game again. This time it will not show any Tutorials.

How to complete tutorial in Minecraft

To complete the Tutorial in Minecraft you will have to follow Everything that the game says. On starting the game you will see a dialogue box at the corner of your screen which will tell you what to do, keep doing whatever the Dialogue Box says and you will complete your Tutorial in no time.

The Minecraft tutorial begins with the game telling you the basic controls for every action. After you get the hang of the controls the game will tell you to chop down four to five blocks of wood from a tree. Next, the game will teach you how to use your inventory.

After the basic controls and inventory are done the game will teach you how to craft. The first item that you will craft will be the Crafting Table. Next, you will then learn how to make a shelter. You can make the walls of the shelter with anything and you will need to create a door as well.

Keep following the steps that the game shows you can you will complete the Minecraft Tutorial in no time. Minecraft Tutorials are very important for new players as it makes it easier for them to learn about the game quickly.

How to Turn Off Hints in Minecraft

Minecraft shows hints to its players when they get new resources or check their inventory. However useful it may be, it is very distracting for experienced players who do not need them. Turning off Minecraft Hints is easy but the players will have to do it themselves.

Turn off your Minecraft Hints using these steps

  • Step 1: Locate File Explorer

Select the options tab from the Main Menu and then go to Resource Packs. After clicking on Resource Packs select the Open Pack Folder, which will take you to your Minecraft Files.

  • Step 2: Find Minecraft Folder

Now you will have to locate the Minecraft Folder. After finding it open a Text File named Options. This will take you to a Notepad.

  • Step 3: Change the Game File

Now, use the “Control F” command and use the search bar to search for ‘TutorialStep’.

  • Step 4: Edit the TutorialStep

Erase everything that it says in front of “TutorialStep:” and change it by writing “none” in front of it.

  • Step 5: Make sure to Save

After your “TutorialStep:” looks like “TutorialStep:none” save the changes and close the notepad.

You can open your game now and check if you have closed your hints properly. These steps will help you to close the Tutorials and Hints in Minecraft.


1- How to turn off hints in Minecraft?

To turn off hints in Minecraft, you will have to turn off the hints manually through the Minecraft Folder. You will have to edit the game files and change the”TutorialStep:” to “TutorialStep:none”  in the Minecraft Game Files.

2- Are Minecraft Tutorials Helpful?

Yes, Minecraft Tutorials are helpful especially if you are a new player. The Minecraft Tutorials will teach you all the basic controls of the game and will also tell you how to use the items. So following Minecraft Tutorials is important if you are a new player because you will have to know everything about the game.

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