JackFrags discussed current issues in Warzone in his latest video

If you have gamers in your household, chances are one is playing Call of Duty: Warzone. The new battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer arrived last year just in time for the lockdown. Ever since that, it’s become the game of choice to take one’s mind off the pandemic.

COD Warzone became immensely popular in a short span since its release. In its first month, the game managed to amass over a 50million downloads. However, Warzone has its fair share of bugs and glitches and other complaints. Although the development team works diligently to patch any in-game glitches, we thought there was something that was definitely worth a debate.

Today we will be talking about some problems in the game which has bamboozled quite a lot of players and made other players lose their interest in the game.

Popular Youtuber and Gamer JackFrags, very recently, posted a video on YouTube in which he addressed some of the biggest problems in the game which were causing the game to lose its popularity.

The Call of Duty fraternity always liked the response time of the Devs in the case of feedbacks. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with COD Warzone. It is believed that there is a humongous communication gap between the fraternity of players and the Devs.

Jack pointed out that time and again COD Warzone has dropped game-changing updates to the players. However, they never took the time to properly address the issues of the previous updates.

Ever since the amalgamation of the Cold War with the Warzone, the game found a specific set of meta weapons like the DMR 14, MAC-10, Diamatti pistol. These weapons have been wreaking havoc throughout the game. These weapons are so overpowered that it is impossible to stand a chance against an enemy wielding one of those weapons unless you yourself are holding out.

This has made the game quite monotonous and boring. Also, it has been quite some time since the players have made requests for a balancing update. However, we have received no such response from the Devs.

Also, COD Warzone keeps changing their Devs so many times that it has become impossible to keep a track of which company exactly is developing the game.

Apart from this COD Warzone has its own share of unanswered, game-breaking glitches which simply make the game frustrating.

Also, there have been reports of players cheating at various tournaments. It has been heard that players are allegedly using routers to subvert the matchmaking system to get easier lobbies.

All these specifics have made the game extremely frustrating to play. It seems the only thing the Devs are worried about is dropping one big content bomb after the other. No such care goes into improving existing content and gameplay in general.

We believe these are some serious problems which need to be fixed at the earliest. Otherwise, this would simply lead to the downfall of one of the greatest Battle Royale games out there.

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