How to Make a Trident in Minecraft

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Minecraft Trident

The Minecraft trident has featured in Minecraft Java Edition since the Aquatic update (Java Edition 1.13) as an uncommon drop from Drowned opponents.

Because it can be used in both melee and ranged combat and has a higher damage output than a diamond sword while having a slower attack speed, the trident is undoubtedly one of the greatest weapons in Minecraft.

Plus, if you focus on your aim, you can toss a trident up to 80 blocks away.

Because you can’t make a Minecraft trident, there isn’t a way to make this submerged weapon.

Instead, you’ll need to grab one of these from the cold, dead, sloppy hands of a Drowned mob, one of the new zombies added in the Aquatic update.

It’s a good idea to start off with a Minecraft trident since it drops from mobs and has the same weapon as a diamond sword.

However, you must be strong enough to defeat a Drowned to use it. Here we’ll guide you through how to obtain your own Minecraft trident, and what Minecraft enchantments you may modify it with.

How to Make a Trident in Minecraft

Venture underwater and hunt for zombie mobs called Drowned.

Trident drops are possible if these guys appear from time to time with a trident in their hands, although the likelihood of this happening is very low (8.5 per cent).

Nevertheless, if you’re playing in Bedrock or Pocket Edition then there is a slight chance that a trident may drop from Drowned that are not carrying a trident, thus it’s worth murdering every Drowned you come across when hoping to get your blocky hands on one of them.

Users may also utilise Minecraft seeds to construct aquatic worlds for a chance to spawn Downed zombie mobs.

Only 6.25 per cent of Drowned in Java Edition spawn with a trident, compared to a chance of 15 per cent in Bedrock Edition.

One could enhance their chances if they have the Looting enchantment, so make sure you walk out with it loaded to make your production more efficient.

Drowned are capable of reproducing in a variety of water environments, including rivers and the ocean.

Players have a larger chance of locating these uncommon mobs in oceans than rivers.

To spawn, drowned like to lay their eggs in deep, dark oceans. Drowned are easy to come by in the deep ocean environment.

The efficient method to obtain tridents in Minecraft is by creating a trident farm. There are farms for practically all things in this game.

How to create a trident farm in Minecraft

The drowned mob in Minecraft, a nasty species that may be tough to fight underwater, is the only place you’ll find tridents.

In addition, gamers may have difficulty obtaining a significant number of tridents since the weapon cannot be made. Trident farms might be an answer to this issue.


Luckily, aerial platform trident farms do not need strange materials. Those who want to construct one must first acquire a large number of common resources, including:

  • Cobblestone
  • Glass
  • Slabs
  • Wooden buttons or signs
  • Water
  • Hoppers
  • Chests

This Minecraft trident farm operates by generating drowned on a platform just above the user, who sits beyond the spawning range of other locations.

Drowned are then channelized into a location and dumped into an enclosed death chamber to be slaughtered by the player.

  • Step 1) Pick a decent site for your fresh trident farm

  • Step 2) Construct your climbing tower

Finding a site where kelp grows near the ocean’s surface is the quickest method to achieve this goal, of course.

Rather than starting from the ocean bottom and working your way up, you might start at the top of the kelp.

Build this segment of your trident farm as far up in the air as you’d like. We suggest constructing yours over the ocean for safety in case a player slips over.

  • Step 3) Construct your killing platform

The following are the system requirements for this platform:

Ample room for movement
A chest
A hopper perched on a chest

For the sake of player safety, there should be one half-block of space between each of the landing blocks and the drop shafts above each of those blocks.

A source of light; this helps prevent mobs from accidentally appearing on the platform.

The height of this specific platform should be beyond spawning distance from the ocean bottom and any surrounding land.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, the max spawn range for mobs is 44 blocks from the player.

  • Step 4) Construct your drop shaft

The drop shaft is a steel tube for drowned to descend down after being forced towards the death level.

The height of this specific construction isn’t critical. The drop shaft should be roughly 21 blocks high, if possible.

The drowned would become more vulnerable to attack if hit by falling objects at this altitude.

  • Step 5) Construct your spawning framework

The ceiling of the spawning platform should be built of glass one block thick. Cover the area just above the glass with water and cover it with a small stone barrier.

Trident farming is simple in Minecraft Bedrock Edition since every drowned weapon has a chance of dropping it, but in Java Edition, the task becomes much harder.

This is because, in Java Edition, tridents may only be thrown by naturally-spawned drowned, and not those who were turned into zombies.

Minecraft Trident Enchantments

The second fascinating aspect of the trident is that it may carry unique enchantments. Here’s the entire list of Minecraft trident enchantments:

  • Loyalty – flung tridents come back to the player after some seconds.
  • Channelling – if a thrown trident strikes a mob throughout a thunderstorm, then just a lightning bolt is summoned, causing loads of harm.
  • Unbreakable – improves toughness.
  • Mending – whenever the weapon is prepared, each and all gathered XP orbs restore the trident rather than boosting the player’s XP.
  • Curse of Vanishing — trident vanishes upon death.
  • Riptide – flinging a trident underwater or even in rain shuttles the player, negotiating splash harm.
  • Impaling – increases the damage dealt with aquatic mobs by melee and ranged attacks (not Drowned). In Bedrock Edition this boon applies to all mobs that are in rain or submerged.

How to use trident

Tridents are incredibly useful weapons that may be further enhanced by applying special enchantments to them. They may also be utilised as a distant or melee weapon, which makes them one of a kind!

  • Melee Weapon

In all versions, tridents do greater damage in close quarters than a diamond sword as a melee weapon.

Tridents in the Java Edition of Minecraft are even more damaging than a Netherite blade in terms of damage.

The Netherite sword in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, on the other hand, inflicts the same amount of damage.

  • Ranged Weapon

Tridents may deliver greater damage when charged over a longer period of time. When thrown, tridents stick to the ground after bouncing off other players or mobs.

Like an arrow, it will stick to a block if thrown at it, making it easy to gather.

To activate Redstone components like buttons, wooden pressure plates, and target blocks with thrown tridents is possible.

Minecraft Trident Repair work

Those drop rates imply the Minecraft trident is quite tough to acquire hold of and you’ll likely spend many hours digging around in pursuit of one.

You would like to farm a couple of them, too, since the random durability means it’s just a matter of time before one break.

To fix a trident in Minecraft you just join two tridents at an anvil.

Every time you use your trident in Minecraft, it loses one of its durability points, making it as durable as an iron sword (which has a durability of 250).

If you don’t want to invest any time farming for tridents then try upgrading it with Mending so that the durability takes good care of itself.

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