MuTeX sets New World-Record in Call of Duty Warzone

In what has quickly become a competitive Battle Royale market, Call of Duty: Warzone stands out. Players have all of the “traditional” facets of a Battle Royale alongside innovative modern dynamics that further elevate the experience.

Call of Duty Warzone, since its release has become one of the most downloaded and played FPS Battle Royale games across various platforms. Players all across the world are always striving and competing against each other to set various kinds of records in the game. Today we will be talking about one such seemingly-impossible record set by a very talented Twitch Streamer.

COD Warzone Solo in Duos kill record broken:

The player/twitch streamer we are talking about is MuTeX (@FF_MuTeX). MuTex has managed to amass the maximum number of kills ever achieved by any player whilst playing solo in the Duos mode of Call of Duty Warzone. He got a vicious 50 kills in the match

cod warzone mutex 50 kills world record
Source: ModernWarzone

Getting 50 kills while playing solo, in the Duos mode is quite a difficult feat to achieve. Nonetheless, MuTex broke the previous record by eliminating 50 kills in the match.

In this record-breaking match, MuTex was using a DMR-14 and a Mac-10 for most of the time. Especially during the clutch moments at the last. The sheer accuracy of the shots will leave you speechless.

We have got to give it to him. Getting 50 kills while playing solo in the duos mode is a commendable job. His mad skills and ultra-fast reflexes sure must leave his enemies bamboozled wherever he goes.

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