How to Reset Achievements in Minecraft

The release of Minecraft, a massively multiplayer online game, altered the landscape of the genre forever.

No one could have predicted how enticing it would be to engage in the creative process in the face of so much suffering and death in our world today, could they?

This essential idea has become a classic as a result of its widespread use. It’s possible to construct anything in Creative mode since all the parts are available.

Investigation of relatively uncharted areas on other worlds is feasible.

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Building a stronghold or equipping yourself with a powerful weapon are two possibilities you have when faced with an attack by monsters.

The fact that you’re not dealing with this on your own is a lifesaver. If you’d rather not join a server with others, you may play alone.

Throughout the game, there was always something new to discover.

It’s also feasible for players to update the game’s code so that they may modify the way the game is played. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to be sure.

The game may be played on a wide range of devices. In order to make your objective, you may use the following strategies: Only a few of the most popular game consoles, including as the PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox One, and the Raspberry Pi, are now available for purchase.

Minecraft enables you to explore and interact with blocks that are exactly one cubic meter in size. “Ecology” covers a wide range of subject areas.

Students in elementary and middle school have a lot of competition for their services. There’s something for everyone in this selection of  15 amazing games like Minecraft.

Achievements Minecraft

Achievements (they are often dubbed as Trophies in PlayStation editions) are a method to progressively direct fresh players into Minecraft by offering them obstacles to finish.

They also serve as a tool for other players to know which objectives have been accomplished. Since Java Edition 1.12, a mechanism called advances has been in place to do this.

Achievements/trophies are recorded by user account and edition. They aren’t kept individually for each world, so any achievements you earn in one world will carry over to all the worlds you access with that edition and user account.

Awards are recorded to an Xbox Live account on most Bedrock Edition platforms, save for PS4 wherein accomplishments are recorded to a PSN account instead.

They are autonomous of one another, enabling players to gain them in just about any order. When achieved, they can indeed be reset.

How to Reset Achievements in Minecraft

We are afraid there is No method for achievements to be reset on an account. Your Xbox Live Account would not earn access to the achievements if your gamerscore is reset (an enforcement action).

The only method that’d function is to invent a fresh Xbox Live Account and start from zero, this would be the same for any game, additionally bear in mind that digital purchases are also related to accounts.

How to Obtain/Earn an Achievement

In the Bedrock version of Minecraft, obtaining an achievement is a piece of cake. Other of them are very simple and it’s tougher to avoid gaining the achievement in some circumstances.

Opening your inventory is one of the first achievements you’ll earn when you start a new Minecraft world.

Most achievements merely need you to meet their requirements. For instance, the “Top of the World” demands you to erect a structure at the global height limit.

Although users do not have to build a tower of scaffolding, this does make the task simple as you can swiftly tower up to the top and come down securely.

Once you arrive at the bottom you may clean up the tower by merely destroying the scaffolding.

Instead, you may tower up with any brick and then put a scaffolding at the world height limit. Both would score for your achievement.

You would have to be operating on survival Minecraft in order to become qualified for achievements in the very first place.

They just wouldn’t signify much if you can somehow scam your way through every one of them.

How to See your Achievements

Achievements are located in the Game Menu in Minecraft. You may go to the main menu in Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) by using the Esc key.

Then examine your achievements by tapping on the Achievements icon in the Game Menu.

The Achievements pane depicts a type of tree structure with arrows indicating the achievements that you may earn.

If you linger over an achievement, you could view the achievement title and the criteria to acquire the achievement.

With Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac), the Achievements pane has become zoomable.

Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Alternatively, you may utilize the Achievements window’s focus point switcher by holding down the left mouse cursor and dragging.


1. Why am I not receiving Achievements on Minecraft?

Several achievements take time to become apparent. Waiting for a reasonable length of time (no more than 2 minutes) may have revealed an internal problem.

You might have not acquired the requirement for the achievement, your internet may be experiencing troubles, or your game may not be up to date.

Do a little debugging and attempt to put up the achievement once more.

Also, keep in mind that you can only get this achievement in Minecraft’s survival mode.

If your universe has indeed been configured to generate at least once, you will be unable to earn achievements.

You would have to build a fresh world and guarantee it remains in survival.

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