(2023) 7 best Hunger Games servers in Minecraft

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:39 pm

The debut of Minecraft, a massively multiplayer online game, transformed the landscape of the genre forever.

In the middle of all the harm and death that we observe around us these days, who would have believed that creating and discovering would be so appealing?

Because of its broad use, this fundamental notion has become a classic. It’s possible to build anything in Creative mode as all the elements are accessible.

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Investigation of relatively unexplored regions on other planets is feasible.

Building a fortress or arming yourself with a formidable weapon are two alternatives you have when confronted with an onslaught by monsters.

The fact that you’re not dealing with this on your own is a lifesaver. If you’d prefer not to share a server with others, you may play alone.

There was a continual supply of new content throughout the game.

It’s also feasible for players to update the game’s code so that they may change the way the game is played. It’s actually a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

The game may be played on a broad variety of devices. In order to attain your goal, you may make use of the tactics described below: Only a handful of the most popular gaming consoles are currently available in shops, such as the PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox One, and the Raspberry Pi.

Minecraft allows you to explore and interact with blocks that are precisely one cubic meter in size. The word “ecology” includes a large array of fields.

Students throughout their elementary and middle school years are in high demand. This collection of 15 amazing games like Minecraft for Android and iOS delivers something for everyone.

Minecraft Hunger Games Server

The renowned survival-based Minecraft mini-game, called “Minecraft hunger games,” borrows significantly from the successful books.

The main premise of hunger games servers often revolves around a battle royale-style play mode.

The objective is to be the final guy remaining inside a free-for-all PvP-enabled map, interspersed with strong and useful resources throughout.

The finest Minecraft hunger games servers typically put their own touch on the traditional game mode.

They leverage custom-made server plugins to provide unique elements that may liven up basic gameplay with novel mechanics, ideas, maps, and goods.

This list discusses the absolute finest Minecraft hunger games servers to play. All servers featured below feature a lively community, distinct functionality and are continuously updated and famous in 2022.

(2022) 7 greatest Hunger Games Server in Minecraft

Selecting the proper one could be a challenging challenge, but this article should take you to the ideal one.

Following is the explanation of several of them, with unique characteristics for your comfort.

The following list discusses the absolute finest Minecraft hunger games servers to enjoy:

  • 1. Hypixel

IP: hypixel.net


Hypixel is now the largest Minecraft server in existence by a margin, many times bigger than any of its runners-up.

The server gives its own distinctive take on the traditional hunger games game type, dubbed “blitz survival games.”

Blitz survival games retain loyal to many of the essential characteristics that have rendered the traditional hunger games gameplay so successful with players over the years.

Nevertheless, blitz survival games also set out to improve and perfect several less appreciated and tiresome characteristics prevalent in the old game mode.

Another novelty in Hypixel has brought to the conventional hunger games game mode is incorporating a distinctive option called a “blitz star.”

This object appears arbitrarily in a box at a certain point in a game, and the person who discovers the blitz star gains access to unique “blitz attacks.”

This gameplay mechanism has subsequently been renowned for leading to very unique, intense, and dramatic end-game conflicts among players.

  • 2. MC Central

IP: mc-central.com

minecraft centralMC Central is a Minecraft server system that has fairly recently implemented the Minecraft hunger games game mode.

Nonetheless, the server network has indeed been active for some years and is presently one of the most popular destinations amongst devoted players of Minecraft PvP.

The server includes various unique hunger games maps as well as its own enchantment system inside the game.

Yet, the major lure of MC Central for several gamers is that groups are permitted in the game mode.

This feature adds an altogether unique wrinkle to the normal hunger games encounter as players may now collaborate with one another to succeed, rather than their simply being one last guy remaining as the victor as formerly and most commonly seen.

Basically, this makes MC Central a lot less hospitable environment for lone players since it’s harder to hold up against huge teams.

  • 3. MC Prison

IP: mc.prisonfun.com

mc prisonMC jail is not a specialized Minecraft hunger games server. Nevertheless, it deserves strong consideration as an honorable mention owing to amazing and regular hunger games going on the server.

MC jail is a good server for people not seeking a dull, run-of-the-mill devoted hunger games server that has no real repercussions to wins and losses.

In MC jail, while hunger games are conducted as special events, they have considerably more weight results-wise, with granted rewards that represent something and are therefore valuable inside the core prison game mode.

This seems to be the only non-dedicated hunger games site on this selection, but the primary jail game mode demonstrates the great quality and would fit anyone searching for just some hunger games pleasure combined with a longer-term and enduring game mode.

Not to add the server has indeed been embraced by some significant figures, like even PewDiePie himself.

  • 4. The Hive

IP: hivemc.com

the hiveThe Hive is now one of the top Minecraft server systems in terms of sheer appeal and user count. It has hundreds of active players, which is an evident testimonial of its greatness.

The Hive’s hunger games type is called “survival games,” which is merely an alternative moniker for the hunger games gameplay mode utilized by certain players and servers.

Approximately 6 million different players have participated on the hunger games server hosted by the Hive network at some point.

The game mode’s popularity is largely due to the incorporation of various exclusive and original elements such as treasure drops, cache cows, and even a bespoke hunger system, which provides a unique twist onto how the traditional game is played.

  • 5. Mineplex

IP: mineplex.com


Mineplex is yet another immensely popular behemoth of a Minecraft mini-games server that supports the hunger games game mode.

The Mineplex moniker is a national name amongst Minecrafters, and the server has hundreds of players at any one moment on the network, allowing arranging matches relatively simple.

Hunger games on Mineplex notably have the unique twist of supplying kits that players join the game with.

These kits are accessible using Mineplex’s global ‘gems’ money; gems are gained by enjoying games on the site.

The eventual consequence of these bought kits is that certain gamers would merely start with a big edge over others.

This would attract certain players but it is not an appeal for everybody, notably inexperienced users who might be fresh to the Mineplex network and therefore unable to acquire appropriate kits owing to a lack of gems.

  • 6. The Archon

IP: org.archonhq.net

The greatest Minecraft servers are those which allow you to play whatever you choose. The Archon is another popular multi-faceted server with a multitude of game types, including standard old survivor and Skyblock!

With a delightfully no-nonsense approach, the initial few seconds after joining will enable players to get directly into anything they want in PvP mode which stresses it more than others.

One could possibly need some support from our collection of texture packs if you want to fight head-on against other individuals!

  • 7. ExtremeCraft

IP: play.extremecraft.net

This is one of the most respected servers available in the complete servers’ market. Also conducts a multi-efficient task.

It generally contains both the prior old and all the upgraded features at the same time.

Nevertheless, it controls all the survival modes in an incredibly dependable fashion and keeps the usefulness at the high-profile end.

Not just survival mode, but that also performs the same in the best manner for all Skyblocks, Hunger games, and other minigames.

It customizes the players from constructor to combatant. With every succeeding phase, it is assumed to be more uncompromising in its action.

Various radicals maintain the running of this server; it continues on supported by multiple leaderboards and experts.

Thus, finally under experts’ main supervision, it should last for even longer with a lifetime guarantee.

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