Top 10 Best Brawlers for Boss Fight ‘Danger Zone’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is currently approaching its sixth season in just a few days. The action hero shooter mobile game is one of the most popular and successful games right now and there is a lot to explore in this game.

Brawl Stars has a lot of game modes that players can participate in. This is what makes the game so interesting and regular updates are what attracts people back again and again to this game. One of the modes is the Special Event Boss Fight, which is a three vs a giant robot mode.

There are also several unique playable characters called Brawlers that you can use in the game. Each Brawler has different attacks and Star Powers and Super. Knowing which brawler functions best on which mode always gives the players an advantage over enemy players.

This article will discuss the top 10 best brawlers that you can use in Boss Fight ‘Danger Zone’ in Brawl Stars.

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Top 10 Best Brawlers for Boss Fight ‘Danger Zone’

Boss Fight is another interesting event in Brawl Stars which is pure fun when you play with friends. In a single match, three brawlers play to knock down the big-robo on the other side. Well, it’s not your usual robo, it’s a giant one called Boss Robo.

The Boss Bot has been programmed to knock you and your team members. Well, the Boss doesn’t come with bare hands or just boxing gloves. You will be attacked by a wide range of attack types.

Well, it’s definitely not easy to knock out the boss as it has got a colossal amount of HP, which can only be defeated when you and your friends play together as a team.

Also, with every win, the level of the game gets tougher and tougher. Boss gets more lethal, used dangerous attacks more frequently. But, you can play as many matches as you want to defeat the boss, as you won’t lose any trophies. You won’t earn any either.

Well, there is nothing special to talk about the map of the Boss Fight. The map is called Danger Zone. It’s a comparatively bigger map that has got a fair amount of cover here and there. If played strategically, you can easily save yourself from any kind of lethal attack.

Now, let us look at the top 10 best brawlers to use in this mode.

  • 1. COLT –colt

Colt has very high damage and can shoot from a long distance, so he can safely avoid the boss’s melee attack, not to mention with his Slick Boots Star Power, he can avoid the boss’s laser attack and long-range rockets even better due to his increased movement speed. Colt’s Super deals massive area damage, making it great for defeating smaller robots along with damaging the boss. A Colt with Slick Boots should collect the Power Cubes to maximize his damage and keep him alive for the duration of the match. In the situation that Colt needs to deal more damage, his Gadget Speedloader can be used to instantly reload two ammo slots.

  • 2. MAX –max

Her high speed gives Max an excellent advantage in dodging attacks from the boss and minions, as well as enabling her to move out of range when she needs to heal. Her Super is beneficial to the entire team, especially when employed while being attacked from multiple directions, or when a teammate will not otherwise be able to run away quickly enough. If she takes the Power Cubes, she can function as an even faster version of Colt while still doing sufficient damage to pass advanced challenge levels. In addition, Max can also support her teammates using her Gadget Phase Shifter’s immune shield to block an incoming laser attack. Her Star Power serves different purposes: her Super Charged Star Power can constantly give teammates a boost, and her Run N’ Gun Star Power can make Max do constant damage to the boss.

  • 3. GALE –gale

With the boss robot’s large hitbox, Gale can hit the boss with all of his snowball attacks, doing maximum damage. With a relatively long range and his Spring Ejector Gadget, Gale can excel in keeping distance between himself and the boss. Gale’s Super and interrupt and stop the boss from firing his laser attack and with his Blustery Blow Star Power, give Gale and his teammates time to attack/retreat.

  • 4. RICO –rico

With his Robo Retreat Star Power, keeping Rico’s health below 40% is a viable strategy. The speed boost he gains when at low health can buy time for his teammates to respawn. Rico needs to find a wall and a suitable angle to maximize the damage from his Super.

  • 5. EDGAR –edgar

Having an extremely fast reload and the ability to heal per hit, Edgar can continually damage the boss despite his short range. His Super is particularly useful as it charges automatically and its speed boost can help Edgar avoid long-range attacks; for this, he can also use his Let’s Fly Gadget in emergency situations. It is best to use his second Star Power, Fisticuffs, for Edgar to maintain the offensive, as the extra healing will keep him in the game longer.

  • 6. LOU –Lou

Firing a range of snow cones at once, Lou can prove to be a great support in Boss Fight. If all snow cones are landed, the boss robot will freeze for some time, enabling your team to recover health or even collect Power Cubes more safely and delaying any boss attacks that were incoming. Lou’s Super is also very effective, as the slippery ice makes the robot struggle to launch an attack. Try using the Supercool Star Power for extra freezing value.

  • 7. BELLE –belle

Belle can use her Super to permanently increase her teams’ damage to the boss robot. However, she can’t do much damage to the boss robot herself and get overwhelmed by the boss’s minions due to her inability to damage multiple enemies with a single attack.

  • 8. 8-BIT –8-bit

8-BIT can provide solid support to a team that is capable of doing extreme damage in the first few minutes of the Boss Fight match. If his turret is well-placed where everyone can take the advantage of the damage boost, it is nearly as good as having a fourth team member. His long range and the tight focus of his projectiles are especially well-suited for sniping minions before they can get close to his team members. he might get defeated often standing mid-game in later levels due to his slow movement speed, but he can still provide good support when he regenerates.

  • 9. PAM –Pam

Pam has exceptional close-range damage and high health, allowing her to stick close to the boss. During the earlier anger levels, her Super and Mama’s Hug Star Power help the team shrug off damage from the smaller robots and focus on damaging the boss as much as possible. She will inevitably die late-game in harder levels however due to her inability to dodge a chain of missile strikes while also dealing with other attacks from the boss and minions.

  • 10. BEA –bea

Despite her low health, collecting the Power Cubes allows Bea to deal devastating amounts of damage to both the robot minions and the boss with her supercharged shot, further helped by her slowing Super and Rattled Hive Gadget, which can defeat multiple robot minions more easily.

Well, here are the top 10 brawlers that you can use in the Boss Fight ‘Danger Zone’ match. Be sure to read each brawler’s description before equipping them in this game mode.

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