Top 10 Best Brawlers for Hot Zone ‘Magnetic Field’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a very popular top-down hero shooter game for mobile devices that is developed by the creators of top games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Clash Royale, and more. The game has several modes to choose from and it is a non-stop action game that will leave the players wanting more.

There are several unique playable characters called Brawlers that players will come across in the game, and Brawlers will be unlocked as you move ahead in the game and win matches and rewards from Trophy Road and Brawl Pass.

These Brawlers are unique as each of them has special abilities that make them superior in some or the other way in different game modes. No one Brawler is superior to another indefinitely. Each Brawler’s characteristics depend on the environment they are brought to play in.

Today, in this article, we will discuss the Hot Zone ‘Magnetic Field’ event and the top 10 brawlers that can be used in this mode that will make sure that you have an edge over your opponents in this mode.

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Top 10 Best Brawlers for Hot Zone ‘Magnetic Field’

Hot Zone is one of the most interesting game mode in Brawl Stars. It’s Brawl Stars’ way of bringing ‘Capture the Flag’ mode. Well, Capture the Flag mode is a popular game mode that made appearances in almost all first-person shooter games like Call of Duty Mobile.

Well, Hot Zone comes with some changes in Brawl Stars. There are zones which are needed to be captured by the players. The number of zones varies from 1 to 3 and covers a tile radius of 3.33 units.

To capture a zone, the player needs to enter the zone completely or partially. And only player’s entry in the zone will be counted as valid, non-brawler entity like turrets, pets, won’t be able to capture and grab points for you.

The first team to capture and grab points to fill up the score bar will win the match. Well, a match will timeout after 3 minutes. And in case the match time outs, the team with more percentage of area captures will win the matchmaking.

Talking about the map now. The map called Magnetic Field is a special community-made map. Unlike other maps, Magnetic Field has got a single zone. The zone is situated at the very center of the map. For taking cover, there are walls on either side with a long bush patch cover the area behind the wall.

Now let us take a look at the best 10 brawlers for this map.

  • 1. FRANK –frank

Frank’s enormous health pool, stunning Super, and above-average movement speed allows him to control zones easily. His ability to attack enemies that are not capturing the zone using their medium-range makes him a great tank option aside from Rosa.

  • 2. JESSIE –jessie

She dominates both single and double-zoned maps, with her projectile bouncing effectively between closely clustered opponents standing inside of or approaching a zone. Her turret can be placed between two zones to assist both, and her Energize Star Power allows her to funnel extra shots into one zone while occupying the other zone. On single-zone maps, her Shocky Star Power can add some extra chaos into the midst of taking control of a zone or guard it against entry by opponents.

  • 3. TARA –tara

Tara’s range and spread of her cards are great for attacking opponents standing close together inside a zone, but she really shine when putting her Super to work. Her Super can frequently catch two or three opponents in it each time, drawing them together to make easier targets for her teammates and even managing to chain several of her Supers in a row to wipe out a team.

  • 4. SHELLY –shelly

Shelly is amazing in maps with lots of bushes and walls. Her Super is helpful in destroying these walls and bushes that the enemies use as cover to hide behind. The spread of her attack allows her to sweep bushes and expose any enemies hiding in them. This can come in handy when controlling a zone and expose enemies to take them down.

  • 5. 8-BIT –8-bit

8-BIT, with his high health and very high damage, if allowed to get control of a zone, has the potential to not let a single enemy come near the zone he is capturing, shooting down enemies at very long-range before they can get close. His supportive damage-increasing Super aids his and his teammates’ control abilities. His Cheat Cartridge Gadget can allow him to get a zone quicker by teleporting him to his Super.

  • 6. DYNAMIKE –dynamike

While Dynamike is more damage-oriented than his fellow throwers, he can deal with multiple enemies from a distance with his high damage attack and can force enemies out of zones very effectively with his very high damage and knocking back Super.

  • 7. MR. P –Mr P

Mr. P’s bouncing main attack allows him to charge his Super in modes with Zone barriers. This often pushes enemies back, forcing them to lose their position which overtime gives their team a higher capture percentage. Once Mr. P’s Super is charged, he can perfectly counter low-damage brawlers using a constant stream of porters to pressure them to lose position.

  • 8. POCO –POCO

Poco inflicts consistent low-level damage to multiple enemies at the same time, often healing his teammates in the process with his Da Capo! Star Power. His healing Super travels an even larger distance, allowing him to heal teammates from a different zone or while approaching/fleeing a zone. His Gadget Turning Fork paired with his first Star Power as well as his Super offers so much healing which allows teammates to stay alive longer.

  • 9. EMZ –emz

Emz with her spray attack and her Friendzoner Gadget can push enemies out of the zones as well as gain a lot of control with her Super. Her main attack is able to take hold of most of a zone for a few seconds. If an enemy has almost full control of a zone, her Super can help to hinder enemies for teammates with crowd control capabilities, such as Jessie.

  • 10. MAX –max

Max is able to hold a zone off from a distance, channeling her Super for teammates for opportunities of controlling a zone. Her movement speed, Phase Shifter Gadget, and Super allows Max to pick off potential sharpshooters and throwers that attempt to control a zone. Max is just what heavyweights and other shorter-ranged brawlers need in order to be viable.

Well, here is the list of the Top 10 best brawlers for Hot Zone ‘Magnetic Field’ event. Be sure to read the characteristics of each brawler before selecting them for this mode.

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