How to earn Avenger in COD Mobile (Avenger Medal)

Season 2 Day of Reckoning of Call of Duty: Mobile brings in an abundance of new and exclusive content. The entire COD Mobile fraternity is busy grinding to their best to strengthen their operators in the new Pursuit event.

Call of Duty is an iconic name whenever it gets down to FPS games. COD Mobile was unveiled in 2019 and it has almost every aspect of the legendary COD titles. Both Battle Royale and Multiplayer game modes are available on the mobile platform.

The award system that rewards people based on their accomplishments is indeed one of the enjoyable elements of the game. There are several medals in the game and one of them is the Avenger medal. In this article, we will be talking about that in detail.

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How to earn Avenger in COD Mobile

The Devs of COD Mobile have struck once again and left the COD Mobile fraternity in shock and awe. Like previous seasons, they didn’t release the entire update of Season 2 in one go. They have done so over a period of a couple of weeks.

Also, like in every other season, Season 2 of COD Mobile also came along with some really exciting and intriguing seasonal events. The latest one being the Gold or Nothing Seasonal Event.

In this Seasonal event, players complete a series of tasks and missions to get various rewards like skins, XP, Credits, and more. What’s interesting is, the main prize of the Gold or Nothing event is a new melee weapon, the Shovel.avenger medal cod mobile shovel

One of those missions requires players to get the Avenger Medal in MP matches 10 times. The avenger medal can indeed be collected by eliminating an opponent who killed a team member from your team. There is no structured way to obtain the medal. It has been one of the simplest medals to get in the match.

However, according to us, the most efficient way to go about collecting the avenger medal in COD Mobile would be to choose a small map like Shipment, Nuketown Russia.

Also, modes like Domination and Hardpoint will help in getting the Avenger medal faster as you can acquire a lot of kills in these modes. Thereby increasing your chances of getting an avenger medal in the match.

Now you know how to get the Avenger medal, go out there and get on grinding to unlock the all-new Shovel melee weapon in Season 2 of COD Mobile.

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