How to get Kingslayer Medal in COD Mobile

COD Mobile is currently in Season 2 since the seasonal count has been reset. It is quite surprising that even after 15 seasons, the Devs at Activision haven’t run out of content to incorporate into the game to keep garnering the attention of players from across the world.

Call of Duty: Mobile has a multitude of aspects of capturing accomplishments, whether it’s the scorestreaks or numerous medals gamers can obtain along the way. There seems to be a total of 85 medals which the gamers can acquire in the matches. 42 of these medals can be acquired in the multiplayer mode

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How to get Kingslayer Medal in COD Mobile:

Call of Duty Mobile has once again refreshed the Seasonal Events section of the game. This new patch has brought new rewards like skins, weapons, Battle XP, and more for players all across the world.

The new Seasonal Event goes by the name – Gold or Nothing. This particular event is quite hyped up and players are really grinding to their best abilities as this event introduces a brand-new melee weapon – Shovel to the game.

You heard that right! The new Shovel melee weapon is available for free in the Gold or Nothing seasonal event. All players have to do to get their hands on it is to complete the series of missions/tasks associated with that event.kingslayer medal cod mobile

Now, there are 7 sets of missions that the players have to complete in order to unlock the Shovel. The 5th mission in the list involves getting a Kingslayer medal in Multiplayer matches 5 times.

If you’re wondering what the Kingslayer Medal is, don’t worry we have got you covered. In order to get the Kingslayer medal, all you have to do is Kill the enemy who has the highest score in the on-going match.

There are no shortcuts to complete this mission. However, we can suggest some of the most efficient ways to go about completing this mission so you save time.

Choose modes like Domination and Hardpoint as they give you a chance to kill more enemies thereby offering you more chances to get the Kingslayer medal. Now, choose less popular maps like Scrapyard, Cage, etc. This is because, in such maps, the probability of getting AI enemies (Bots) is higher.

Now, just check the stats of the match and figure out who the opponent with the highest score is and take them out in the match. Repeat this process 5 times.

Now you know how to get the Kingslayer medal, go ahead and grab that brand-new shovel at the earliest.

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