Top 10 Best Brawlers for Showdown Skull creek in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a pioneering Android and iOS mobile video game. Users interact with multiple characters in this exciting game! The goal of the game is to collect the highest possible points for the squad.

It’s one of the trendiest games in Supercell. Brawl Stars is also the fourth Supercell title to already have produced more than a billion dollars in profits. Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hay Day are the other three games.

There are various modes in this game. Users can play this game in forms like bounty, heist, smash & grab. The most famous characters for the game have to be selected by brawl mode.

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Top 10 Best Brawlers for Showdown Skull creek in Brawl Stars:

Skull Creek is an official map for the Showdown. The map has a labyrinth-like center with large clumps of shrubbery on the left side of the map. The bottom and top right both include stumps scattered unequally much like the bushes.

The 2×2 walls in the bottom left area of roughly equivalent distance from each other, creating a grid-like structure, with a giant lake to the top right of them. Skull Creek has no symmetry.

Well to help you win Showdowns in Skull creek we have put together a list of some of the best brawlers which are the most suited for Skull Creek Map.

  • 1. Colonel Ruffs:


Top 5 Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars
Source: Supercell

Colonel Ruffs is a Chromatic Brawler. His attack usually deals considerable damage which also has a quick reload speed and also a fast unload pace. He blasts two parallel lasers that ricochet off walls and deal serious damage to opponents. With his Super, he invites a supply drop from the sky, which deals a great deal of damage to enemies and tends to leave behind a power-up on the floor.

Upon picking up the power-up, allies will obtain a damage jolt as well as increased maximum health. His Gadget, Take Cover, resurrects three sandbags that obstruct non-piercing enemy fire. His first Star Power, Air Superiority, enables his Super to blow walls and deal more injury to opponents. His second Star Power, Field Promotion, raises the maximum health of his teammate every second.

These abilities of his make Colonel Ruffs a very competent brawler in the maze-like skull creek map. Players with an aggressive gaming style can definitely go for it.

  • 2. Shelly

Source: Pinterest

Shelly is a Common Brawler that is unlocked upon beginning the game. She has reasonable health and damaged output. Her shotgun deals more damage the closer she is to her target, rendering her pretty good for short to mid-range battles. Her attacks have a broad spectrum as well. Her Super could overcome multiple hurdles and knockback enemies.

Her first Gadget, Fast Forward, enables her to bolt a few tiles in the path she is facing. Her second Gadget, Clay Pigeons, shortens and enhances the range of her next shot. Her first Star Power, Shell Shock, makes her Super temporarily slow down enemies. Her second Star Power, Band-Aid, gives her a bar that temporarily heals Shelly when her health begins to fall just below 40%.

Shelly is quite the brawler and is very useful in Skull Creek. Be sure to choose her if she fits your gaming style.

  • 3. Lou

Source: Twitter

Lou is a Chromatic Brawler. Lou has considerable damage and health but has support mechanics for both his attack and Super. Lou throws destroying snow cones at enemies, that also apply Frost which stuns the enemy when filled to capacity. His Super forms a very wide region of frost, which slows down opponents and makes maneuvering more difficult.

His gadget, Ice Block, makes him for a short time immune from any injury. His first Star Power, Supercool, makes adversaries’ Frost meter load up when they’re in Lou’s Super area of impact. The second star, Hypothermia, reduces the reload speed of enemies in accordance with their frost.

Hence, why he is on the third spot of our list. Lou is really a good choice for a showdown in Skull creek given his attacks and supers.

  • 4. Rosa

Source: zedge

Rosa is a Rare Brawler who damages in a fusillade of three short-ranged punches with her boxing gloves which can penetrate through enemies. Rosa’s health is high and the damage is reasonable. Her Super gives her a shield, which reduces damage for 3 seconds by 70%. Her first gadget, Grow Light, creates bushes where any Brawler can hide.

Her second Gadget, Unfriendly Bushes, harms and slows down all opponents taking cover in the bushes. Her first Star Power, Plant Life, cures her gradually over time when she’s in bushes. Her second Star Power, Thorny Gloves, adds extra destruction to her main attack whilst her Super is active.

Given her abilities, we believe Rosa is really competent in Skull Creek. If you click with Rosa’s style then you along with your brawler will become a force to be reckoned with in Showdown.

  • 5. STU

Source: tech gaming report

He blasts two flames for his main attack, and his Super is a brief dash that shoves back any adversaries in the way and ignites them if they venture into the Super’s path of embers. His Gadget, Speed Zone, place a booster that boosts the mobility of all friendly Brawlers in a large area. His Star Power, Zero Drag, tends to increase his Super’s range.

His long-range attacks and rapid-charging super make him a devastating brawler for Showdown in Skull Creek

  • 6. El Primo


el primo
Source: brawl stars wiki

He is a rare Brawler who fights his fists, causing serious injury to opponents to which he is relatively nearby. He does have very high health, enabling him to endure a lot of damage. He can leap long distances with his Super and collide against his opponents, he can do damage and knock his opponents from his landing spot. His first Gadget, Suplex Supplement, enables him to seize opponents and hurl them over his shoulders.

His second Gadget, Asteroid Belt, invites a small meteor that engages immense damage on impact. His first-star power, El Fuego, puts Brawlers’ enemies on fire when his Super hits the targets of his foes. Meteor Rush, his second Star Power, gives his Super Speed Upgrade.

He is quite suitable for close-ranged combat. In skull creek, players can often find themselves in tight spots, where El Primo’s high health and good close-quarter combat abilities can prove to be useful.

  • 7. Amber

Source: brawl-nulls

Amber is a Legendary Brawler that destroys by shooting a constant flow of fire that can penetrate through enemies. She has a long wide variety with a consistently high damage outcome. For her Super, Amber dunks a jug full of fire liquid, which can be kindled and end up causing nearby enemies to be set ablaze.

Her gadget, Fire Starters, enhances her speed of movement and tends to leave the fire fluid for three seconds behind it. Her first Star Power, Wild Flames, allows her to have two fire puddles concurrently, as well as consciously charges her Super when stepping on them. Her second Star Power, Scorchin’ Siphon, enables her to recharge faster while she is near the fire puddle.

Her area damage can prove to be very beneficial in the Skull Creek map. Amber is quite a competent brawler for Showdown in Skull Creek.

  • 8. BULL

Source: brawl stars wiki

Bull is a Common Brawler. Bull has a large amount of health and thrives at short-range combat. These qualities make him great at assaulting and overpowering enemy Brawlers. His Super lets him charge opponents, smash obstacles and destroy them in his path. His first gadget, T-Bone Injector, cures him for a significant amount immediately.

His second gadget, Stomper, stops his Super and slows his opponents on the floor. His first Star Power, the Berserker, doubles the reload speed when he is at below 60% health. His second Star Power, a Tough Guy, grants him a shield when he falls below 40% health.

His toughness, high health, and decent damage make him an ideal brawler for Showdown in Skull Creek map. His shotgun can prove to be quite deadly if used appropriately.

  • 9. GALE

Source: Pinterest

Gale is a Chromatic Brawler. He has a respectable amount of health and reasonable damage but has a rapid reload speed and high burst damage potential. Gale uses a snow blaster to shoot pulses of damaging snowballs. Gale can generate a variety of wind and snow with its Super, which drives enemies back.

His Gadget, Spring Ejector, revives a launchpad underneath himself that can launch friends and enemies equally. His first Star Power, Blustery Blow, tends to cause enemies who are pushed back into hurdles in becoming stunned. Freezing Snow delays the enemies who have been struck by its main attack shortly.

  • 10. Jacky

Source: Brawl Stars Wiki

Jacky is a Super Rare Brawler. Jacky has high health, rendering her able to survive a huge amount of damage. She smashes her jackhammer to the ground and damages elevated areas in a circular field of impact as she strikes. Her super draws the enemy Brawler in a big circle and gives her a shield momentarily mitigating any damage during her Super.

Her Gadget, Pneumatic Booster, briefly tends to increase her movement speed. Her first Star Power, Counter Crush, reflects part of any incoming damage taken to surrounding enemies. Her second-star power, Hardy Hat, decreases all damage by 15 percent passively.

So, this was our list of some of the best brawlers which are the most beneficial during Showdown in Skull Creek. We urge you to try these brawlers out in a showdown. We are sure they won’t disappoint you.

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