(2023) Top 13 Best Games like Sky: Children of Light on Android/ iOS

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Sky Children of the Light is a giant multiplayer open game intended to establish benevolence amongst participants.  From the development team of Flower and Journey, it tends to take you on a cultural excursion in an ever-expanding universe with up to eight other gamers.

The game leads users through an exciting, surprising, and enjoyable voyage This game comes with a wide range of ground-breaking social expeditions to warm one’s heart and soul. It takes place entirely through a captivating universe of the sky, providing a gorgeous empire.

In the game, you handle the children of Light with the objective of propagating optimism all throughout the deserted empire and attempting to fetch the fallen stars to their constellations. There are seven utopia-like realms accessible and everyone is providing a distinctive wonder to traverse

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In this article, we will be jotting down a list of some of the most similar games to Sky: Children of Light.

Top 13 Best Games like Sky: Children of Light on Android/ iOS


Make changes to the environment and see the results. Create a forest by planting trees. Go up a mountain and take in the scenery. Gather edibles and give to the various animals.

toca nature

Find out what animals eat what, and how much it costs to draw a bear out of hibernation. You and a fox may be walking best friends as you explore a variety of environments. Watch the day change to darkness as woodpeckers flit from tree to tree in slow motion.


The goal of Wilderless, a game focused on movement and exploration, is to let the player to explore a fantastical world at their own speed and without the typical obstructions. You’re running, leaping, and gliding your way over a breathtaking environment.

It’s notable not just for its visual quality, but also because it lets players explore a landscape reminiscent to The Legend of Zelda or Skyrim, only there are no adversaries or missions, just miles and miles of unspoiled nature.

Rather than the typical fare of interactive entertainment, this game focuses on providing a relaxing environment in which to play or reflect. You’re left to your own devices to take in a world of tranquility and beauty, from golden sunsets against towering mountains to flower-filled verdant hills and more sceninc places.


In Shine – Journey of Light, you play as a sphere of light that must navigate a world of light and dark. You uncover a long-lost civilization and its history as you go further into the planet.


To play, you must direct your glowing orb toward your misplaced pals. As you find more and more lights, they will join you and guide you. You’ll have to dodge spikes and falling rocks, in order to continue and survive.

  • 4. JOURNEY

journeyJourney incorporates discovery with adventure components with the viewpoint of a third person. The game appears to support both Single and Multiplayer mechanisms and occurs in the massive, prehistoric, and enigmatic universe. It casts you in the character of the robed figurine, and the main objective is to discover the massive atmosphere that incorporates hills, forests, and deserts.

Users can operate alone or support each other in gaming with their buddies. You must first navigate the infinite desert and achieve goals to get points to access other zones, functions, and things.

  • 5. CLOUD

cloudCloud is a Soothing, Riddle, and Single-player video game series formed by USC Interactive Media Division and submitted by Jenova Chen. The plot of the game centers across a small boy whose imagination flies to the sky as he sleeps in the clinic. Throughout this game, the gamer assumes the role of a fast asleep boy persona in fantasy land, and the primary aim of the player is to direct that kid to discover and obtain a tiny group of clouds. Mostly in-game, there really are 3 distinct clouds: white, black, and gray (neutral clouds).

It is a wonderful game that provides a spectacular ecosystem custom-built for all those who feel at ease while enjoying the game


meadowlandMeadowland is a Fictional, Single-player, and Exploration video game series created by Marten Jonsson compiled by AGM Playism. The game’s plot is all about fantasies, enchantment, and exotic worlds wherein the character is able to play a fairy-tale.

The player can experience the entire world effortlessly like the player does, and the sound and visions. The main purpose of the system is to encounter and to experience the thrill offered. There is no particular task, objective or assignment to fulfil, the gamer needs to explore the environment, to dive deep into the beautiful universe.


Shu’s Garden is a Jason RT Bond video game centered on imagination, discovery, and solo players. The gamer plays the part of Shu, who travels from planet to planet, investigates organic matter, and builds close acquaintances. The user is able to build a forest, interact with bees, and indulge a sprinkling in a pond.


It’s a video game with no difficult targets or objectives in the open world. The player uncovers the Space garden and creates new mates TO enjoy the game with each other.


Gretel and Hansel is an Action-Adventure, Riddle, Fictional, Point and Click, and Single-player video game series. The players will act the roles of a woman character throughout this game who will discover the world of the hand-drawn universe and gather all the secret things that will advance the story.

The gameplay comprises a series of tiers, but every level allows the player to accomplish a distinctive riddle to assemble items. The game provides an indication system that helps the player during the game.


alto's adventureStep into a breath-taking snowboard trip full of tranquillity and mysteries, down the slopes, glades, and cliffs. You have little else to think about than jumping to prevent gaps, storms, and other risks. It is easy and much better because of the amazing scenery and a sense of flow as you descend the mountains. Alto’s Adventure is an excellent first game in the sport since it is easy to handle but takes a profound comprehension.

Alto’s Odyssey follows up to Alto’s Adventure. This time there have been hot-air balloons, moving grind rails, rippling wind vortexes, crashing waves, and wall cruising. Visuals are enhanced by new dynamic lighting and by the weather.


Luxuria Superbia is an Action, Informal, Fairy-tale, and Single-player Visualization developed and released by Tale of Tales. It’s a soothing, vibrant, and harmonic experience to please the user. There are far more than 12 different flower-like passageways and the lawn with the shrine. In the garden, the player must change the knob to choose one of the many flowers.


The player’s job is to touch the flowers to enjoy the spell. Each flower always tends to start colorless, however, the color naturally infuses the petal whenever the player touches it



Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 are riddle labyrinths created from optical illusions. To alter the course, you communicate with every stage and bring your character to the exits. Its remarkable, serene graphic concept is used to construct ambiance and gradually expose a compelling story regarding parental involvement, sovereignty, getting distracted, and the bittersweet inevitable outcome of kids growing up.

  • 12. FLOWER

Thatgamecompany presented an amazing Art game dubbed Flower that is an Enjoyable Adventure-based and Single-player game. In that case, the user can regulate the winds by using the motion of the controller to blow flower petals into the sky. The game has six wonderful levels and the flowers in the city jar, the windowsill, are depicted on every level.


The game features a set of flowers from each level. The improvements are made in the game world when the player can enter a certain floral or party.

  • 13. SAMOROST 3

Samorost 3 is a Point and Click, Exploration, Riddle, and Single-player video game series established by Amanita Design. It’s really the third title in the sequence and the very first game that incorporates full-length and HD visual effects. The tale is of five planets and four moons. The game showcases comparable game experience to the prior incarnations and includes no readable discussion but narrated through gibberish and bubbles.


In this game, the player can regulate Gnome to interact with the environment and accomplish things. The user can explore various aspects of the game, obtain various objects and answer riddles throughout the game.

That was our compiled list of some of the most similar games to Sky: Children of the Light. Be sure to try these soothing games out and have fun while doing so.

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