How to use Tool Gun in SCP 3008 (Roblox)

Roblox user “Uglyburger0” created the survival horror game SCP-3008, in which players must use all of their wits to stay alive in a store with the same name as the Infinite IKEA.

On all appearances, the Tool Gun in SCP 3008 is a repurposed pistol-shaped machine gun consisting of an empty barrel and a single board to which a blackboard has been affixed. White gluesticks are wrapped around the blackboard’s edges.

The Tool Gun is a key item in SCP 3008, and in this article, we’ll learn how to utilize it.

How to use Tool Gun in SCP 3008

A left click on the Tool Gun will activate it and trigger the behavior associated with the specified mode. It may be used to ensnare players in any context. People who own the VIP Servers are the only ones who are permitted to utilize the Tool Gun.

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How to use Tool Gun in SCP 3008

The Tool Gun may be used in a total of 12 distinct ways. After equipping the Tool Gun, pressing the “ ’ ” key while holding it will allow you to switch between its various modes.

The 12 modes and their uses have been discussed below-

1. Rope Tool

Just bring together the two ends of the rope to join two locations and use this tool. Making a connection between two things is as easy as aiming the tool gun at them and pulling the trigger. This tool may also be used on players.

2. Anchor Tool

This tool gives you the ability to anchor to items with the assistance of the tool gun, as the name indicates.

3. Destroyer Tool

You may delete or remove any item or employee from the game with the assistance of this mode by selecting the object or employee with the tool gun.

4. Unanchor Tool

In the same way that the Anchor Tool enables you to anchor yourself to various objects, this mode of the tool gun enables you to unanchor yourself from various objects you had previously anchored yourself to.

5. Duplicate Tool

Using this tool, you will be able to replicate items that are present around the store.

6. Explode Tool

If you want to create an explosion in a specific location, you may do so by pointing the tool gun in that direction, using this mode.

7. Fling Tool

With this device, you can launch anything into the air and land it anywhere you choose. In this setting, the tool cannon may also be used to launch workers and other players.

8. Raise Tool

Using the Raise mode is similar to using the Fling Tool, however, the item or employee, or player will only be thrown upwards.

9. Pull Tool

This tool assists you in tugging or dragging an item in your direction, just as its name says.

10. Teleport Tool

You may teleport to any location you choose with this handy tool. If you’re looking for something or someone specific, this tool will be beneficial to you.

11. Biggify Tool

The biggify feature allows the user to increase the size of any item that you have selected with the tool gun.

12. Smallify Tool

The smallify tool allows you to reduce the size of selected in-game items by making them smaller.

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