How to Use Treasure Maps in Minecraft

Minecraft has long been regarded as one of the most popular video games in the world. The game’s popularity has steadily increased since its debut in 2009.

“Sandbox” games allow players to investigate and tinker with a wide range of possibilities.

Not simply a game to keep you amused or engaged, this is a serious endeavour.

In Minecraft, you may construct an infinite number of worlds with just the simplest of building blocks.

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In order to survive in a hazardous environment, you must utilise the tools at your disposal in the game Minecraft. The game’s predators and the surrounding environment must be taken into consideration by players.

With the “creative mode” option, players are given access to an infinite number of worlds and creative resources.

In Survivor mode, you’ll unleash your inner warrior by crafting weapons and armour to protect yourself.

It’s a huge advantage to be able to collaborate with others. Even if you can’t play with a friend on the same server, you can still do it alone.

New content was added on a regular basis to keep things interesting.

Gamers may alter the game’s code to alter the experience. This is the best game ever made on the video game console.

Minecraft is great for kids and people of all ages since it’s so simple to get started.

Our collection of 15 amazing games like Minecraft for Android and iOS has something for everyone.

How to Use Treasure Maps in Minecraft

For those players who have learnt how to locate buried treasure maps in Minecraft or have somehow stumbled across one, but don’t know how to use it, then they have come to the right place.

In the following segment, we will be discussing how players can use the treasure maps in Minecraft to look for and find the buried treasures spread all across.

  • Step 1: Equip the map

Choose the buried treasure map from the hot bar. You’ll be able to hold the map in your hand.

If you’re carrying an off-hand item, like a shield, the map would indeed be slightly smaller.

  • Step 2: Head over to the X

To go to the red X, just implement the directions on the map. Also on the map, your present location is shown by a white dot.

If you’re not in the viewing region of the map, you’ll register as a dot on the map’s edge. To get “on the map,” you must go in the completely opposite direction of the dot’s position.

As in the instance above, if you eventually emerge on the bottom (southeast) side of the map, then you should move to the Northwest.

  • Step 3: Commence digging once you reach

You’ll have to begin excavating as soon as you get at the indicated location. It’s difficult to locate the precise spot on the map, therefore dig in a large region to find the treasure.

  • Step 4: Find and open the chest

A single chest may be found at the Buried treasure location. Materials like sand or gravel are often used to cover it.

Even coal ore and diorite might be used to hide up the treasure if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon it.

Loot from a shipwreck may be found in three separate holding boxes, spanning from necessities like food and armour to priceless resources like gold ingots and diamonds.

There is a treasure map hidden in one of the shipwreck’s boxes that you need to discover.

buried treasure Minecraft

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How to find Treasure maps in Minecraft

Some players might still be confused as to how they can go about and get their hands on a treasure map in Minecraft.

So, to clear all doubts, in this segment, we will be telling you guys how to find treasure maps in Minecraft.

The treasure maps may be found in shipwreck chests and underwater ruins chests. They are represented by a little yellowish-coloured paper icon.



Whenever looking for shipwrecks in Minecraft, players have a few options. Shipwrecks are common in ocean biomes; hence it is best to construct a boat for speedy water transit.

Gamers that are unable to employ potions in their quest for shipwrecks may utilize the first approach.

In order to find shipwrecks, users may sail their boat along the beach till they stumble upon a shipwreck, which is frequent.

Using potions of night vision is by far the greatest technique to find Minecraft shipwrecks.

The user would be able to observe more shipwrecks with the use of these potions, which improve the player’s perspective of the ocean bottom.

Ocean Ruins

Ocean ruins, as the name implies, can only be found in ocean environments. It is possible to produce them above ground as well as bury them in the ground.

It is possible to find cold and warm ocean ruins in lukewarm and deep lukewarm ocean biomes, as well as in typical ocean biomes.

So, shipwrecks and ocean ruins are pretty much where you can find buried treasures in Minecraft.

Get to following the methods mentioned above to find your much-awaited Buried Treasure.

That is all there is to know about how to find a treasure map in Minecraft. Follow the suggestions mentioned in the sections above to locate a treasure map easily in Minecraft.

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