(Top 10) What mob gives the most XP in Minecraft

In order to enchant their gear, players must continually level up by accumulating EXP in the competitive world of Minecraft. In order to help players efficiently level up, this article examines the top 5 creatures in Minecraft that award the most experience points.

As per Minecraft, EXP affects the levels that players achieve. When utilizing an enchantment table, which employs levels as an intermediary and fuel to apply the enchantment, the levels are helpful for enchanting the player’s gear. When you kill a mob in Minecraft, you gain experience points, although the quantity varies depending on the creature.

Only a few of the mobs in Minecraft provide the player with a significant number of experience points. These mobs are sometimes the most difficult and difficult to locate in the game. To get all the XP they want, players can look for these creatures or use them to build farms.

Here is our list of mobs that give the most XP in Minecraft.

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What mob gives the most XP in Minecraft

Short Answer: Elden Dragon is the mob that gives the most XP in Minecraft.  The last enemy in Minecraft. The first time it is killed, it drops 12000 XP, which is equivalent to 64 levels. After that, killing the Ender Dragon only awards 500 XP each time.

You probably anticipated The Ender Dragon to be at number 1 exactly. Amazingly, this monster drops 12,000 XP orbs. Although you would anticipate a lot since this is the game’s last boss, this mob far outpaces all previous mobs in terms of experience points.

What mob gives the most XP in Minecraft besides the ender dragon

Short Answer: Blaze gives the most XP in Minecraft besides the ender dragon. Due to his ability to drop Blaze Rods, an essential component of potions, The Blaze is a significant monster.

On death, he leaves behind 10 XP orbs. Even though his missiles don’t explode, his assault is quite similar to the Ghast’s. Make sure you can withstand flames.

Top 10 Mob with the most XP in Minecraft

  • 1. The Ender Dragon

The ultimate mob boss in Minecraft is the Ender Dragon. Of all the enemies in the game, this dragon drops the most experience points. When Ender Dragon is first killed, it drops 12,000 XP. The player’s level may be raised by a maximum of 64 levels using this.

After that, the Ender Dragon only drops 500 XP each time it is slain, although this is still more than any other creature in Minecraft. As a result, the Ender Dragon is the finest Minecraft creature to kill for the experience.

In Minecraft, there are several ways to slay the Ender Dragon. Creepers, TNT, swords, and other weapons have all been utilised by players to defeat the beast. It is simple to resurrect the Ender Dragon, which may be killed repeatedly for extra experience points.

  • 2. Magma Cubes

Magma Cubes are an uncommon creature that may be found in magma, Nether Fortresses, and Bastion Remnants in the Nether worlds, where they can spawn from a spawner.

When a large Magma Cube is destroyed, it splits into smaller cubes, each of which grants EXP. A Large Magma Cube will therefore award the players a total of 16 EXP orbs upon death.

  • 3. Wither

The Wither is the sole way for players to get Nether Stars; it is an optional side boss that they can summon and take down. The EXP and loot are worth it even if the Wither causes explosions and is quite challenging to defeat.

When slain, players will gain 50 EXP and always receive a Wither Star. The Wither may be the most hazardous creature in Minecraft, but it also gives out a tonne of experience points. When killed, Wither grants a whopping 50 XP, which is not very much for a mob this difficult.

In Minecraft, withers do not naturally spawn and must be created with certain items, such as wither skulls. A Wither star, a very uncommon and expensive Minecraft item, is also dropped when the Wither is slain.

  • 4. Ravagers

Ravagers are an uncommon mob that only appears when vindicators and pillagers raid villages. These enormous, ox-like enemies do knockback damage and have a big health pool. But when one is killed, the players receive 20 EXP orbs. They are not worth the challenge’s complexity, though.

However, the Ravager has a very large health bar, thus players need to exercise caution when battling it. Players must kill the guardian at a Pillager station and take the bad omen in order to launch a raid. The player must enter an active town after receiving the bad omen for the raid to begin.

The third, fifth, and seventh waves of the raid are often when the Ravager appears.

  • 5. Piglin Brute

One of the finest monsters to kill for XP is a piglin brute. Piglin Brutes are hard to kill, but the payoff is great. When slain by a player, an iron golem, or a trained wolf, piglin brutes drop 20 XP.

They could lose so much XP because they are so uncommon in Minecraft. Piglin Brutes are limited in quantity in each world since they only spawn around Bastion Remnants during world formation.

  • 6. Baby Pig Zombie

The only significant difference between this mob and the prior one is the severity of the penalties for murder. They drop the same number of experience points as the previous mob, but killing one makes every zombie pigman recognize you.

This is a wonderful mob to get experience from if your objective is to make the Nether even more hostile.

In Minecraft, the Baby Pig Zombie is a rather deadly monster. The catch with this mob is that when the pig zombie is destroyed, the full crew of zombie pigmen will also appear. The pig drops 20 XP orbs upon death, exactly like the Ravager.

Only found in the Nether, baby pig zombies are almost always together with another pigs.

  • 7. Guardian

Another challenging mob is The Guardian since you can only encounter them underwater. You already know that fighting underwater is difficult. Be careful since these creatures will spawn with pals and will drop 10 XP orbs upon killing.

  • 8. Evoker

They are a strong gang. He spawns Vex, who each drops 3 XP orbs, but only drops 10 XP orbs. When you explore a wooded house or engage in a raid, you will encounter these challenging monsters, who will make life difficult for you. You should not take the Evoker lightly.

  • 9. Blaze

Minecraft’s Nether is the only biome where Blaze, a hostile mob, may be found. They have a reputation for attacking people right away while ignoring other mobs.

Only in the nether are blaze floating mobs can be encountered. Since they are the only place to get Blaze Rods, they are crucial. A Blaze will start attacking you as soon as it spots you and will hurl three fireballs at you. The amount of harm a flame may cause varies based on the difficulty you are playing on.

  • 10. Slime

This gang is simple but crucial. Similar to the Magma Cube, they also drop experience points—4 XP orbs for the largest, then less as they divide. Get a few slime balls the next time you locate some slime since they are crucial for taming horses and using pistons.

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