Activision to Refresh COD Mobile Season Update Sequence

All right, ladies and gents, it is time again to bid farewell to one season in order to embrace the next one warmly. Season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile was a resounding hit. However, it is time for the season to conclude to make way for Season 14.

We know that the entire COD fraternity has been very excited about the upcoming update. But today we have got you some quite interesting news about the next update which is sure to blow your minds off. So, without keeping you in suspense longer, let’s dive straight into it.

COD Mobile: Season Update Refresh

It seems as if Activision is planning some kind of reset to Call of Duty: Mobile. The developers have officially confirmed that the next season of the game will not obey the numbering convention and would instead reset back to square one.

Source: Reddit (COD Mobile)

So instead of it being called Season 14, it will instead be called Season 1. The only information revealed over on the Reddit forum is that the team is preparing a “much larger” update for next week that will include an end to Season 13 and an introduction to Season 1.

This is the first time we have seen such a refresh in any of the games on the mobile platform. On other platforms, we have Fortnite which refreshes the Season count by adding Chapters to the game. And with every new Chapter comes a humongous, game-changing update.

We are speculating that it is going to be the same in the case of COD Mobile also. This sort of an unconventional refresh might mean a bigger update is lurking around the corner. So, get geared up for an interesting upcoming season.

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