Best Coordinates for Diamonds in Minecraft

Minecraft is a straightforward game with rudimentary building and crafting elements that are reminiscent of those seen in prior Lego games, such as Lego Dimensions.

Because there are so many different building blocks and materials to pick from in Minecraft, you have the ability to create a whole new world.

It seems that there are two game types available: Survival and Creative, based on what I can determine thus far. It is necessary for the player to employ all of his or her imagination in order to construct, explore, and survive in video games.

The game’s three realms are referred to as the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. On any of these planets, players have the ability to build their own aliens.

This was despite the fact that massive volumes of new content were being generated on a regular basis as the game progressed.

Minecraft’s world, which is made up of 1 cubic meter blocks, is ideal for exploration and modification. All of these occurrences may be classified as being a component of ecology, which is a broad classification.

Even now, the game continues to get thorough updates, with each new release adding something new to the table. One of Minecraft’s most distinctive characteristics is the ability to code/mod the game, enabling users to take charge of the game and even rule the environment.

Playing the game is possible on a broad variety of various platforms. One of the following techniques should be used: The PlayStation 3 (PS3), Microsoft Xbox 360 (X360), Windows PC, Apple iPhone, and Raspberry Pi are all examples of gaming consoles.

Minecraft fans will not be disappointed by this collection of 15  amazing games like Minecraft Android and iOS applications that are very similar to the popular video game Minecraft.

Best Co-ordinates for Diamonds in Minecraft

One of the greatest things in Minecraft is diamonds. They may be utilized to craft great tools, and they also drop a lot of XP orbs.

It’s not clear where to look for diamonds in Minecraft or how to go about finding the finest mining locations.


Before you start mining for diamonds in Minecraft, you’ll need the following tools and equipment:

  • Pickaxe

To dig for diamonds, you’ll need a pickaxe made of iron or diamond. Making an iron pickaxe is simple because of the game’s abundance of iron.

  • Light

For illumination in your tunnels and exploration of caverns, you’ll need candles.

  • Food

Food is critical since mining will eventually leave you hungry.

  • Weapons

Armor and a weapon will come in handy if you come across any mobs.

  • Shovel

When there’s dirt or gravel in your path, a shovel comes in handy.

  • Sticks

In order to generate extra torches while mining coal, you’ll need sticks.

  • Water and Bucket

To transform lava into obsidian, add water to a bucket and stir with a spatula.

  • Enchantments

Using enchanted pickaxes increases the number of diamonds you’ll get from mining.

Venturing Underground

Underground, between the “y-coordinates” of 1 and 15, diamond ore is exclusively discovered. The y-coordinate indicates how many vertical blocks up the map you are.

For the uninitiated, this simply implies that diamonds can be discovered only in the world’s 15 deepest layers of sedimentary rock.

Users may check their current y-coordinate by hitting F3 on PC or by accessing an in-game map item.

Start mining underground but be cautious not to dig too far since a major fall or landing in lava might quickly kill you.

If you start digging down in a staircase style, you can simply walk back up when you’ve finished mining.

In Minecraft, 11 or 12 is the optimal coordinate for finding diamonds. For obtaining diamonds in Minecraft while avoiding lava lakes, these y coordinate levels are ideal.

Best y coordinate for Diamonds

Diamond ore generates below Y level 16. Y 11 is the best y to mine diamonds. If you’re seeking diamonds, don’t mine at the incorrect altitude.

Diamond ores may now be found below Y level 0 thanks to the caverns and cliffs change. In order to see the coordinates in Minecraft, use the F3 key.

Diamond coordinates for Y levell
Image Source: Ender-chest

Before you begin digging the branches, make a list of everything you have on hand. Mining in two-by-two tunnels for each horizontal direction is the method used in branch mining, which digs down to a Y coordinate between 16 and 5 feet.

The more the surface you encompass, the more likely users are to arrive across diamonds. Any mineral (such as iron or gold) melted in a furnace may be used to produce pickaxes indefinitely (as long as you have a furnace).

Table for crafting – needs four wood planks to build (one wood log). As you dig, keep a crafting table in your base to make additional tools and support structures.

Doors: six wood boards are needed for each door. Your home base will remain safe while you are asleep if you install a door.

Wood logsWood is among the two assets users probably won’t find in their mine. You’ll be able to make tool handles and other structural replacements using it. Get as many wood logs as possible.

Map (console and PE only) – Necessitates eight sheets of paper and a compass. As you go further, the map would change based on your current location.

Meat: The other material you won’t be able to locate in your mine is raw meat. Keeping your hunger and health bars filled is easier if you have access to cookable meat while in your mine.

At most, you can go down to a depth of 16 blocks. So, in this segment, you could see some of the best y to mine diamonds in Minecraft.

When it comes to diamonds, the Y-coordinates range from 5 to 16, with the vast majority of diamonds found between layers 5 and 12.

You should be able to see your Y-coordinates by accessing your map (on PC or console) and hitting F3 (on PC) or by pressing Alt+Fn+F3 (Mac)

To avoid tumbling through a subterranean ceiling, a mob chamber (with two tiny chests, a torch, and a mob spawner), or perhaps even lava, it’s best to excavate in zig-zag patterns.

The bedrock layer (unbreakable) is the lowest point you can go if your map isn’t functioning, or you can’t construct one.

This layer has a height of 4, so your character is between the numbers 5 and 6 while standing on bedrock.

Finding Diamonds

There are two primary ways to locate diamonds when mining: mining tunnels or investigating caverns.

If you’re mining for diamonds, we suggest visiting all of the deep subterranean caverns you come across.

You should mine tunnels at a y-coordinate of 11 or 12 as indicated in the picture below if you’ve exhausted your options for exploring caverns or dug too far and still haven’t located one.

Various Other Methods for Obtaining Diamonds in the Game

The easiest method to get diamonds is via mining, although you may also discover them in certain treasure boxes as a bonus:

  • Nether Fortresses
  • Woodland Mansions
  • Villages
  • Jungle and Desert Temples
  • Strongholds and Abandoned Mineshafts
  • End Cities

Tips and Tricks

The easiest method to gain more diamonds is to use the fortune enchant on a pickaxe.

This enchantment increases the number of diamonds you get from each ore you mine by 2, 3, or even 4.

Make certain to mine all the surrounding stones if you come across any diamond ore. You never know whether you overlooked a piece of ore nearby.

When mining coal, it’s possible to unearth diamonds hidden under the coal if you dig all the way down instead of skipping any.

Only if you’re buried deep enough will diamonds emerge will this method work.

What coordinates do Diamonds Spawn?

Instead of just digging down and hoping, the world creation in Minecraft uses a set of laws that may teach us how to do Diamond digging most efficiently.

You can still discover diamonds in Minecraft 1.17 if you know how to look for them in version 1.16.

Diamond Ore can be found in every biome from 1 to 15, however, they’re most common between 5 and 12 levels.

While the Caves and Cliffs upgrade was supposed to be included in version 1.17, Mojang chose to release it in 2 components.

Since the world generation patch was going to alter where players may locate Diamonds, this has caused considerable misunderstanding.

The coordinates indicator will appear when you press F3 to see your current level.

The second number after “XYZ” represents your body’s current lower half level.

There would be a tweak in the world generation in Minecraft 1.18 that would allow you to descend into negative numbers below Y-Level 0.

For some reason, Deepslate blocks, rather than standard Stone blocks, contain all the typical ore, including Diamonds, below Y-Level 0.

Minecraft 1.18 allows Diamonds to spawn between levels 14 and -63 in any Overworld biome, with a higher spawn probability as you go deeper.

Levels -63 to -53 in 1.18 have the most Diamonds (although you might not get enough to make an entire tower or castle with Diamonds).

Best Diamond Mining Techniques

  • Strip mining

Diamonds may be found in a variety of methods in Minecraft, but users must really focus on the most effective and expedient mining technique.

Strip mining is among the most dependable mining techniques. In Minecraft, it’s utilized for resource hunting of various kinds.

Strip mining may be used to go vast distances and discover additional diamonds for the players.

In strip mining, gamers have to extract a straight long line at Y level 11. Then, mine the sides to the left and right of the line you just dug. 10-20 blocks of mining may be done side by side. Afterwards, return to the main lane, leave a two-block gap, and begin mining once again.

Players may simply locate a large number of diamonds by using this strategy. To obtain the most diamonds from ores, use a Fortune III pickaxe.

  • Cave Exploration

Diamond ores may be found on the cave walls if you explore the caverns below Y level 16. In caverns, diamond ores are often found near lava lakes.

Players could uncover a plethora of diamond ores with the caverns and cliffs upgrade.

  • Opening Loot Chests

While playing Minecraft, finding hidden chests is a common occurrence. The contents of these containers might range from simple but pointless objects to valuables such as diamonds and money.

Diamonds are found in 59.9% of buried treasure boxes. Loot chests should constantly be checked by players in the hopes of finding some free diamonds.


1. Best coordinates to find diamonds in Minecraft

Below Y level 16, diamond ore is the only resource that produces. The finest y for diamond mining is Y 11. Don’t mine for diamonds at an inappropriate height if you want to find them.

Due to the caves and cliffs modification, diamond ores may now be discovered below Y level 0. You can view the coordinates in Minecraft by pressing F3.

2. Best coordinates to find diamonds

Between layers 5 and 12 are home to the bulk of diamonds, with a Y-coordinate range of 5 to 16.

3. Minecraft best layer for Diamonds

It’s unclear why Deepslate blocks include all of the normal ore below Y-Level 0, instead of regular Stone blocks, including Diamonds.

As you move further into the Overworld in Minecraft 1.18, the likelihood of seeing a Diamond increases.

The most Diamonds may be found in 1.18 at levels -63 to -53.

4. Best y level to mine diamonds 1.17

Once you factor in what y levels generate lava lakes, Y11-Y12 are the best for mining diamonds in 1.17.

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