(2023) Best Pokemon GBA ROMs (GameBoy Advance)

The Gameboy Advance ran flawlessly, and like any Nintendo system or portable, it had its share of Nintendo-developed games, including Pokemon.

The GBA has a number of Pokemon games, and it’s wonderful to see that there are various variations. We have games from the main series as well as a few spin-offs, including the Mystery Dungeon and Pinball series. You can also check our list on Top 26 Pokemon Games for Wii U.

Be at ease; we have a list of the top Pokemon games on the GBA. We’re just adhering to the structure utilized in the classic Pokemon video games. Yes, these Pokemon games for the GBA will excite and please lovers of the franchise. They range from updated versions of old games to brand-new adventures based on improved editions.

Here is our list of the Best Pokemon GBA ROMs. So, let’s get started.

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Best Pokemon GBA ROMs

  • 1. Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen

Firered and Leafgreen

The storyline of FireRed & LeafGreen is the same as that of Red & Blue. Professor Oak gives you the option to start off in Pallet Town with one of the three Pokémon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Following are the customary eight gyms and the Elite Four while battling Team Rocket.

The EV system, abilities, natures, genders, and other modifications made to Pokémon and game mechanics in Ruby and Sapphire are still in effect today. Even if Crobat does not appear in the Kanto Pokédex, Golbat will develop into it with high friendliness since evolutionary lines are preserved.

After defeating the Elite Four and Champion, entrance to a brand-new collection of locales known as the Sevii Islands is made possible. Here, a number of Pokémon from the second generation may be captured, and a Team Rocket-related post-game narrative takes place.

  • 2. Pokemon Ruby/Saphire

Ruby and Sapphire

The GBA games had to step up their game after the popularity of Gold and Silver on the GBC. And they didn’t let us down. They continue to be the console’s biggest success. The world of Hoenn seemed new and thrilling, a new universe with endless possibilities.

They were the first game where you could choose a boy or girl as your character, and even though the formula was the same one that we all know and love. 350 brand-new Pokemon to catch, new bad people, to defeat, and a race against time to stop Groudon from wiping all humanity.

However, your Pokémon are more than simply capable combatants. Enter them in competitions where they may wow judges by doing unique movements in front of them. Feed the Pokémon Poké Blocks manufactured from Berries you harvest nearby to increase their stage attractiveness.

  • 3. Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon emerald Version

There are improved versions of all the major dual-Pokemon releases. We’ve witnessed everything from beginning to end, and Emerald is among the best instances of them all.

Rayquaza, a brand-new Pokemon, played a significant part in Emerald. As you try to defeat the Elite Four once more, take a trip back to Hoenn. There were new places to explore, such as the Battle Frontier, an island with arenas for combat where you might prove your mettle.

Grab a copy of Emerald and improve your Ruby and Sapphire adventure if you liked Yellow and Crystal and the unique aspects they added to the table to make the main games even more fascinating.

  • 4. Pokemon Flora Sky

Flora Sky

In Pokemon Flora Sky Download Version GBA rom, the legendary Pokemon is once again accessible. This Pokemon will soon be performing some weird actions in the game.

The addition of a few special characters significantly improves the gameplay while also improving the game’s plot. Everyone wants to play the game all the way through because of the captivating overall storyline.

You may have already played the series’ centrepiece, the Pokemon Emerald Version. This is one of Emerald’s trickiest hacks where you may take pleasure in a unique plot.

The introduction of both new and old characters has successfully made some significant adjustments. The game’s Pokedex has also been advanced with the inclusion of a few additional strange Pokemons and characters.

  • 5. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team

Best Pokemon GBA ROMs

A personality test done at the start of the game determines which of the sixteen Playable Pokémon the player will start the game as after being transformed from a human into a Pokémon. One of ten Pokémon is available for the player to pick as a companion Pokémon.

The game is mission-based and offers a variety of tasks, such as rescuing Pokémon, delivering goods, or escorting customers. These tasks may be located on the notice board, requested by mail, or started by plot events. If a player completes a task successfully, they are rewarded and earn Rescue Points, which raise their team’s ranking.

These tasks are performed in dungeons, the layout of which is unpredictable. Either completing a task or navigating all floors to reach the exit, is the goal. Wild Pokémon that are in the dungeon fight with the player’s squad. The dungeon map is where this turn-based combat takes place.

  • 6. Pokemon Mega Power

Best Pokemon GBA ROMs

In a departure from how things usually work in Pokemon video games, individuals have been experimenting with pocket monsters to make them stronger.

Your research is being funded by a wealthy character, but it’s unclear if the studies are truly scientific or whether the funding source simply wants a strong Pokemon squad to increase their winning percentage.

Catch every Pokemon that existed from Gen 4 to Gen 7 by traversing three thrilling new locations made especially for Mega Power. As you go, you’ll see familiar individuals and capture familiar Pokemon while attempting to understand the true nature of the game.

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