Top 16 Best Minecraft Mini-Games to Play with Friends (2023)

Minecraft is possibly the most intrinsically adaptable video game of all time. You can practically shape it into whatever form, and that’s what hordes of individuals have done on their creative servers.

There is a multitude of mini-games that players have developed inside the principles of Minecraft. While these games are little in scale, the enjoyment they produce for all individuals involved in anything from dull.

Although quarantine and social separation aren’t as big of a concern as it was a year ago, it hasn’t impacted players’ wants to engage with their pals electronically. Minecraft has been one of the games that have got players through this dry period, with no bashful credit to its simple multiplayer capabilities.

Whilst working in a group survival environment is wonderful and well, players frequently run out of things to do together. This is where the short, entertaining minigames run their course.

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If you attempt to find out which Minecraft mini-games to start playing, you can end yourself confused. In this post, we list down our best mini-games of all time.

We’ve produced a list of 15 amazing games like Minecraft for you that are popular among elementary school children.

Top 16 best Minecraft mini-games to play with friends

  • 16. Challenge Courses

Players have the ability to display their mastery of Minecraft in challenge courses. The difficulties in the courses can be completed by players at their own speeds. Being able to develop your own is much better than playing them.

Minecraft Ice Minigolf is among the simplest difficulty courses to construct at yourself. The same rules apply to ice minigolf as to traditional minigolf, except packed ice is used in place of the greens.

  • 15. Arena Minigames

In Minecraft, there are several varieties of arena games. In addition to barriers, starting gates, and other things, these games are played in an arena. These games feature a wide range of objectives.

PvP or PvE combat is the main feature of certain arena games. Players are given weapons like swords, arrows, armor, or sticks for PvP (Player vs Player) warfare.

  • 14. Quakecraft

If you’ve ever experienced Quakecraft before, you surely recognized this is a fast-paced mini-game! The action simply continues to come, which makes for some incredibly thrilling gaming.

This is wonderful when you’re playing with pals – particularly when you get to hear a witty response to something unexpected! Quakecraft was inspired by a game mode in the Quake series and we hope that this mini game would have you trembling for more!

  • 13. The Blocking Dead

In this fascinating mini game, players are hunted by zombies as they wander around investigating chests while waiting for aid to come.

A lot of people believe that it’s easier to survive if you break away from your buddies and spread around to evade these zombie predators, but it’s really all about how you want to play the game.

  • 12. SkyWars

SkyWars is a very easy mini-game where players start on an independent island of their own, which is hanging high in the sky.

The major purpose is to survive with the little resources you have on your island, while also making sure that you don’t fall over to your Death while digging your way further down a tunnel.

SkyWars is also a PvP combat, where players must bridge their way over to other islands and kill all players.

  • 11. BedWars

BedWars is another Minecraft mini-game that has achieved great popularity throughout the years.

Designed in a PvP kind of fight, players spawn on separate portions of a battlefield and must demolish the beds of adversaries to win.

Players may re-spawn a limitless number of times until their bed is destroyed, which also implies that safeguarding your own bed is of the utmost concern.

  • 10. Parkour

If you’re the sort of player who appreciates a good laughing binge while enjoying Fall Guys, then Minecraft’s Parkour mini-games are for you.

Parkour is a mini-game that is constructed like a course that every participant must traverse. You must hop about, from platform to platform, and survive everything that the course throws at you.

However, it may be extremely tough and can frequently end in a comical death for you. The finest element of the mini-game is that it can be played both in single-player and multiplayer versions.

  • 9. Hide and Seek

Almost everybody plays hide and seek as a youngster. It’s wonderful! The excitement of hiding from your buddies and then being hunted around trying not to be labeled “it” yourself — who doesn’t enjoy that?!

Well now, Hide & Seek is returning in a whole new manner! This cute mini game will enable you to play Hide and Seek on a customized map (that you and your friends may vote on!) with all of your favorite individuals from all around the globe.

And this time, you get to fend off your prospective “seekers” with a wooden sword. What might go wrong?

  • 8. Cops and Robbers

Have you really thought you could toss your buddies in jail? Well with Cops and Robbers, you could.

In this mini-game, police have the ability to let their inmates enter and go from their cells and may also give directives to them.

As a basic guideline of thumb, convicts, for the most part, follow the cops’ orders…usually. However, the captives are also continuously attempting to escape!

This surely adds a new aspect to the gameplay! Note, there’s no requirement for convicts to break any barricades because there are already concealed ways that will lead to escape!

  • 7. Trouble in Mineville

One of the best things we see in online games is when various games cross paths. We enjoy seeing Minecraft emerge in other games but we also love seeing parts of other games cropping up in Minecraft!

Trouble in Mineville is an MC spin on the famous Garry’s Mod game, Trouble in Terrorist Town.

The game begins with a player spending 60 seconds to select a firearm and ready for what’s to come.

Then the player is allocated a role: honest, traitor or investigator. What comes next? Well, we’d encourage playing for yourself to find out!

  • 6. Spleef

Spleef is another wacky Minecraft mini-game that is very addicting. Players start on a map in which the primary aim is to survive until the end, while also defeating other players by destroying the blocks below them and having them fall into lava and die.

Typically, a Spleef map is made with snow blocks, which are simpler to shatter. The author of the game could keep the map merely one block thick for a short match or add levels to prolong the game longer and more engaging.

  • 5. Death Run

Death Run is a mini-game that demands players to complete the game of Minecraft as soon as possible, while simultaneously avoiding the many death traps produced throughout the landscape.

While the Runners struggle to live and conquer, there is another squad of players, dubbed Death.

It is the goal of the Deaths to prevent the Runners from completing the game and setting many traps around the board to plan the death of all the Runners.

A novel mini-game to attempt, Death Run adds a certain surprising thrill to Minecraft. This is a parkour game with no lack of death and heart-racing situations.

If people are seeking to play this with only a few pals, there are options to obtain this minigame as an experience map so only those having the multiplayer code may join.

On the other side, there are a handful of public servers to play this minigame on. The most renowned, and popular, is the Hive. (ip:

  • 4. Draw My Thing

One person is randomly positioned at the front to sketch the suggestion provided to them. The participants must identify what the message is before the clock runs out.

There is nothing more rewarding than flooding the conversation with absurd guesses to the command provided to the person sketching. This one is a winner whenever it relates to repayable minigames to enjoy with everyone.

The most common public server to enjoy this minigame on is Mineplex (

  • 3. SkyBlock

Survival in standard Minecraft might become a bit boring at times, even with buddies. Why not spice up your group survival game by living in the sky with nothing but a solitary tree and chest of goods.

Skyblock may be played privately with friends on a downloaded map, and also on public servers such as Hypixel ( as well as Mox MC ( (

  • 2. Build Battle

Build Battle has its origins in the sorts of games that Pictionary and are, but it doesn’t exactly follow that similar framework.

Rather than letting one player make anything based on a question for the other participants to predict; this minigame has every player making something based on one prompt provided to everyone.

What’s intriguing is that despite the prompt for everyone’s building keeping the same, the final products are sometimes substantially different from one another.

At the conclusion of the time limit allowed to create the prompt, every single participant is presented with each invention and has to rate each of them based on proximity to the prompt, comedy, and overall awesomeness.

Minecraft Build Battle is most widely played on Hypixel (

  • 1. Survival Games

There is practically nothing more exhilarating than joining your buddies as tributes in an arena of players all battling to the death.

The Survival Games put participants in a ring surrounding a cornucopia of objects, wherein upon the count, they’ll be permitted to make the decision to flee for their life, acquire the goods in the centre, or fight.

There are goodies near the middle of the map as well as in secret chests strewn across the arena. Gathering buddies into a game is an effective method to team up and fully test how simple it is to survive and gain resources in Minecraft.

There is a variety of public servers to enjoy the Minecraft Survival Games. Hypixel (, MCCentral (, and JartexNetwork ( to mention a few.

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