Brawl Stars Season 6 Update Balance Changes

Brawl Stars is an online multiplayer combat platform and a third-person hero shooter game where players brawl against one another and AI adversaries in various game modes.

The timer in the Brawl Pass of Season 5 shows that there are only 30 days left for the current Brawl Pass Season to end which could mean that the new Brawl Pass with the New Season could be upon us in just 30 days.

The Season 6 of Brawl Stars is undoubtedly going to have lots of fresh features like Chromatic Brawlers, themed skins, fresh Brawl Pass and it is also widely speculated that there would a new game mode, “God Mode”, added in it.

Well in this article we will be talking about the various Balance changes that the Season 6 of Brawl Stars will be bringing in for us.

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Brawl Stars Season 6 Update Balance Changes

All throughout the course of history, Supercell has tried to introduce repair patches to Brawl Stars that resolve bugs, balance events, and/or incorporate fresh Brawlers or features. Season 6 is going to be no different than that.

Season 6 of Brawl stars also has a ton of balance changes to offer to its players in order to make gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

Bea’s honeycomb star power is being replaced by Honeycomb. This star power gives Bea a 20% damage-reducing shield whenever her main attack shot is supercharged.

So, she attacks an enemy, it charges up her shot before she fires off that charges shot, she gets a shield. While she is under her shield enemies will have to deal a total of 4200 damage to take her out instead of her normal 3360 health.

Carl’s heat ejector gadget is getting remastered. It is now going to set targets who touch the trail on fire. This fire will take 300 damage per second for 4 seconds which makes a total of 1200 damage just by the trail of fire.

Source: KairosTime Gaming
  • Barley’s extra noxious star power is getting a 43% buff to its additional damage. It is going from 140 damage per attack to an additional 200 damage per attack.
  • Bo is getting an 8% buff to his attack damage. At max level, his attack damage is being increased from 728 to 784 damage per arrow.
  • Brock’s attack damage is getting an 8% buff as well. At max level, his damage will be increasing from 1456 to 1568 damage. He will now be able to take out 12 of the 45 brawlers in the game with one less ammo.
  • Carl’s protective pirouette is getting a buff to the amount of damage it shields while carl is using his super. It is going from a 30% damage reduction to a 35% damage reduction.
Source: KairosTime Gaming
  • Tick’s attack is also getting a slight rework. The mines he sends out are going to be either more or less spread out depending on how far he throws them. Throwing closer makes the mines land close to each other and if he throws them further, the mines land farther apart from each other.
  • Tick’s backup mine gadget is being replaced by his new mine mania gadget. Upon activation, this new gadget his next attack will throw 3 additional mines dealing a considerable amount of additional damage.
  • Crow is getting a buff to both of his star powers. For extra toxic, the amount of reduced damage that poisoned enemies will deal is going from 20% reduced damage to 25% reduced damage. For Carrion crow, the additional damage that crow deals against low health targets is increasing from 120 to 152 additional damage.
  • Gayle’s super is getting a 140% damage buff. This means the damage from his super is going from 140 to 336.
  • Gene is getting a 12.5% health buff. At the max level, he is going from 4480 health to 5040 health. This means it will survive one additional ammo from 11 of the 45 brawlers in the game.
  • Lou is getting 3 decent buffs. Firstly, it will be getting a 3% health buff, going from 430 to 4480 health at max level. Lou’s super is now going to deal 56 damage per second. Beforehand it did not use to deal any damage. Lou’s Hypothermia is getting a buff.
Source: KairosTime Gaming

The max reload speed debuff that enemies will get depending on how cold they are is increasing from 35% reload speed duff to a 50% reduction in their reload speed.

  • Amber will be getting a 10% damage to nerf to her attack. Each take of damage is decreasing from 308 to 280. Her Damage per second has been reduced from 3080 dps to 2800 dps. However, the damage from her Super is getting a 7% buff. It is going from 2520 total damage to 2688 total damage.
  • Edgar will be getting a 7% nerf to his health. His health will be decreasing from 4480 to 3920.
  • Jesse and Mr. P will both be getting a 6% Health nerf. They both will be going from 4480 health to 4200 health.

Well, these are some of the highlights of the balance updates of Season 6 of Brawl Stars. Supercell has really gone above and beyond to make sure the dynamics and the attacks of the game are really balanced and every player gets a fair chance of winning.

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